Cliques Bar and Grill / 22 Klicks Bar and Grill - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Libad's Bar and Grill Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Cliques in Hope Mills, North Carolina.

Cliques is owned by Todd, a marine who opened the dive bar in 2009.

Cliques was initially a success with the military crowd from close by Fort Bragg.

In 2011, Todd got deployed and the staff started misbehaving and hooking up.

In just six weeks the bar was different and Todd let his anger out on his employees.

They are losing $4000 a month and are $140,000 in debt.

Jon recons the bar with expert mixologist Peter O’Connor and expert chef Nick Liberato.

They see the name and exterior do not look like a functioning bar.

They think that it looks like a prom dress store.

They watch the surveillance footage and see the staff.

Lizzie and Jameson are bartenders and former lovers with a combative relationship.

Jon has Mac, Paul and Sam who are military and locals to the area as his spies.

They think the bar is not military themed.

The spies order drinks and they make one with a bit of bacon.

They ordered food but it took almost twenty-five minutes for the nachos to come out.

There is a punching bag machine in a corner.

Jon says it can incite violence and should be removed.

A customer cuts his hand on it and Jon decides to go in and meet the owner.

Jon asks why Todd why he named the bar Cliques and he has no answer.

Jon reveals he lost a lawsuit because of that machine and Todd could be at risk too.

Jon meets with staff at the end of the night and introduces his experts.

Peter inspects the bar and sees the soda gun is dirty.

There is a cockroach in the beer cooler.

In the kitchen, Nick sees bugs in the flour and in other places.

There is an infestation and Jon has an exterminator come in.

The next day, Jon tells them there were fourteen nests of bugs in the bar that were eradicated.

Todd does not want to take responsibility.

He refuses to apologise to his staff when Jon insists he owes it to them.

Jon plays some footage of the staff being unruly at the bar and they get embarrassed.

Jon reprimands the staff for dating then tells them to get rid of the machine.

Peter quizzes the staff on some bar tools.

He has them make whiskey sours and corrects them as they go along.

Nick in the kitchen finds out they make more of alligator meat.

He gives them tips on making it better.

Todd is resistant to the changes in the menu.

For the stress test, they set up but Todd is doing it his way and Nick steps aside.

The customers come in.

In the kitchen, Nick spots an order is too small.

Todd is not happy at the observation.

They bicker and Jon tells Todd to get thicker skin.

The bartenders are working too slowly so customers are left waiting.

Jameson is so nervous that he is being beaten by Lizzie.

Todd calls Jameson off the bar to serve some food.

Jon corrects Todd who does not want to listen.

Soon, food is sent back to the kitchen as the meat is raw in the middle.

The food has to be remade but it is only marginally better.

The night is so bad Jon has to shut it all down.

Only half the room has been served.

Todd is not happy with this.

At feedback Jon points out the bar has poor processes.

Todd has a bad attitude.

Jon meets with Todd the next day to find out why he is the way he is.

Jon explains he wants him to change his attitude.

Training continues and Todd apologies to his staff and commends them for working hard.

Jon introduces a website that helps gets Vets hired.

They hire two vets as a server and a cook.

Peter trains the staff on making some new signature cocktails.

Nick trains the staff on making some grit fritters.

Jon announces Kim, Todd and Lizzie will go to the George Dickle Distillery to gain some product knowledge.

They are walked through the process of making a whiskey at the distillery and a tasting.

After thirty-six hours of renovation and training, the staff are gathered to reveal the new bar.

The bar has been renamed to 22 Klicks Bar and Grill.

It is named after the base which is 22 kilometres away.

The sign is big and visible.

Inside the bar is finally military themed.

There are photos of Todd as a young marine on a wall and on the back bar.

There is a big tank-themed table for group hangouts.

They set up and open to the military waiting outside.

On relaunch, the bar is on top of the orders as they come in.

Lizzie and Jameson have no more tension working together.

Kim is working and showing leadership.

Todd is in helping running food.

Peter times Jameson as he makes cocktails and he has greatly improved being less nervous.

The customers are full of compliments for the drinks, food and atmosphere.

What Happened Next at Cliques Bar and Grill / 22 Klicks Bar and Grill?

One month later, it is revealed Todd’s military clientele have returned to the bar.

Sales at the bar have increased 50%.

Todd is on track to pay off his debt by the end of the year.

Cliques Bar and Grill / 22 Klicks Bar and Grill is open.

Jon revisited the bar in 2018.

They have kept Jon's drinks menu and the bar is doing well.

They temporarily closed in February 2024 due to moving the location of the bar.

Reviews are mixed after the episode.

There are positive reviews of the food but complaints about service.

This post was last updated in March 2024.

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