Friar Tucks / Stein Haus - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Friar Tucks Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Friar Tucks in Pemona, California.

Friar Tucks is owned by Ivan.

Ivan married the owner’s niece and was handed the bar in the process.

The bar has a long history having been open since the 1980’s.

Ivan ran it successfully in the beginning making up to $60,000 a month.

His staff now like to party with the guests, which makes Ivan lose his cool.

Sami was brought on board as a manager to help keep things under control.

But now Ivan and Sami clash often and the open hostility is now part of the staff culture.

They are $100,000 in debt.

Jon recons the bar with Doug, a comedian who has experience being in bars.

They see the exterior of the bar and think that it looks like a kid’s amusement park.

He breaks down the situation of the owner and management of the bar.

Trista is a bartender and Sami’s fiancĂ©.

Lonnie and Anjuli are also bartenders and they are playing pool with customers and drinking on the job.

Jon has his experts, expert mixologist Jason Bran and expert chef Aaron McCargo to act as his spies to sample the bar service.

They enter and order a martini and a Manhattan but they do not have any popular brands of spirit.

They order some burgers and Ivan is the cook, he is in the kitchen throughout.

They see he knows how to cook and has skills but he seems to not care.

The food delivered is way over cooked and the chicken is sour and raw.

The food is sent back and Ivan is angry at the feedback.

He rings for pick up and the customers can hear him.

Staff do not want to go to the kitchen and he seems to be feeding the tense atmosphere.

Ivan closes the kitchen and proceeds to initiate fights with his staff.

Jon has seen enough and confronts him.

He lets him know he is the main problem at the bar.

He is rude and does not setup the place to work properly, that is why he is losing money.

Ivan insults Jon and he begins to walk out.

Ivan does not care so Sami is the one who begs Jon to come back and explain the bar is in dire need of his help.

Jon agrees to do it for the staff and Sami but not for Ivan.

The next day, Jon comes in to have a staff meeting.

Ivan is problematic and refuses to accept responsibility.

All the staff are owed their wages and Sami is owed up to 250 weeks of pay.

Ivan complains he has too many responsibilities and he is not being supported.

Jon has a quiet chat with him and Ivan calms down.

Something gets through to him because he apologises to his staff and promises to do better.

Jon introduces his experts to the staff.

Ivan and Sami are trained by Aaron on making a good burger patty and a burger and fries.

Jason trains the bar staff on making a vodka cocktail and a martini properly, with the right size bottle size and with a pour spout.

He has Trista and Anjuli make a cocktail while one is blind folded and the other has to direct them.

For the stress test Ivan is to help in the kitchen and in the front house.

The customers are let in and bartenders make small mistakes and work too slow.

In the kitchen Ivan is problematic but takes some time to check on the bar.

The bar is in chaos and he is confused on what to do or where to be.

Sami is called from the kitchen and he helps at the bar.

It is looking promising but he still has to go help in the kitchen as some orders are waiting up to forty-five minutes.

Ivan is less confrontational in the kitchen but they are all too behind and the stress test is shut down.

For feedback, the experts say all the training went out the window except for Ivan, who stayed calm at least.

The next day Aaron trains Ivan on making some Bratwursts with beer.

Jason trains the bar staff on making a cocktail inspired by the Castle their building is made to resemble.

Jon meets with the staff afterwards and they love all the drinks and food introduced during the training.

The bar is renovated for up to two days and the staff are gathered along with Ivan who is dressed like a proper owner.

The bar has been renamed and the new name of the bar is Stein Haus Brau & Brats.

The bar is now German themed and the castle has been kept but made to look less like a children’s play area.

The interior has been made more classy.

The German beer garden and castle theme has been extended inside with stone walls, wooden bar top and wooden picnic benches.

There are three Revention POS systems, BAR HQ for promotions and a lifetime subscription to Partender.

The staff set up the bar and it is opened for the relaunch.

On relaunch, orders come in fast and the bartenders are reminded to slow down so their nerves do not get the best of them.

The kitchen is doing great and food is going out fast.

Jon points out to Ivan that he can train someone so he can be free enough to be the owner.

Jon and Ivan are happy at the way things are going.

During the relaunch they made $1100 in one hour.

What Happened Next at Friar Tucks / Stein Haus Brau & Brats?

Six weeks later, it is revealed sales are up 15%.

Ivan and Sami are still working together peacefully.

Ivan still loves cooking and is training a chef to work under him.

Friar Tucks / Stein Haus Brau & Brats closed in December 2015.

Reviews after the episode were mixed, with praise for the new food and drink on offer.

Many locals did not like the new paintjob on the castle.

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