Kid Chilleen's / Chilleen’s on 17 - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Kid Chilleen's Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Kid Chilleen’s in Black Canyon City, Arizona.

Kid Chilleen’s is owned by husband and wife Scott Chilleen and Donna Chilleen.

They took it over from their family of restauranteurs in 2003.

After a successful four years, Scott and Donna got complacent.

They went off celebrating while leaving their daughter to run things.

They both drink and party at the bar and it is impacting their business.

They are $180,000 in debt.

Jon recons the bar with expert mixologist Russell Davis.

They have some trouble finding the bar and when they do the exterior looks abandoned, dark and dangerous.

Jon shows Russell the footage of the bar as they rev a motorcycle inside the bar.

They watch the owners drink at the bar while they send a spy in.

The owners give out shots and the spy is not comfortable with the party atmosphere.

She orders a barbecue chicken dish and some staff join the owners in drinking.

In the kitchen they douse the chicken in barbecue sauce which is just barbecue flavour and not real barbecue.

The spy hates the taste and could tell it was all sauce.

Donna decides to give the spy some shots to compensate for the bad food.

Out of nowhere a horse is brought into the bar and falls, poops on the floor and is taken out.

Jon meets the owners and they are drunk.

Their daughter Aleah is asked to explain their situation but they try to talk over her.

Donna and Scott are in trouble with a bank.

They are mostly incoherent, not letting Jon get a word in.

Aleah explains they defaulted on their property tax so the bank can take their business.

They have also filed for bankruptcy.

Jon tells them not to take another drink or he will not rescue them.

The next day, Jon has a meeting with the staff.

Donna has no recollection of their meeting the night before.

They notice that bartender Yumyum is not at work.

Jon introduces his experts including Barbecue expert JB Brown.

They inspect the bar and see a dirty and grimy ice-bin.

The staff are made to clean the bar while JB trains the kitchen staff on making real barbecue.

Russell trains the bar staff on using jiggers and making a basic whiskey sour.

Jon teaches them on using a better menu that is less busy.

Jon gets a promise from the owners not to drink and he breathalyses them on the spot.

They are both zero.

Just before the stress test Yumyum appears joining them without training.

Russell takes five minutes to run her through training.

Donna is the host, Scott is running operations and Aleah is the head bartender.

The customers are let in and the bar is swamped.

Yumyum is immediately confused by a whiskey sour order and Russell has to walk her through on the job.

The kitchen is also buried in orders but are trying their best to meet up sending drinks out.

After Yumyum is corrected while making a drink and seeing all the customers she walks out and quits.

The food is sent back with complaints of poor seasoning and incorrect portions.

Some food is raw in the middle and they run out of wings after just thirty orders.

Scott has the shakes at the bar.

Donna is tempted when customers call for her to take shots with them.

She resists and walks away.

After the kitchen is shut down they have to shut the bar down as well.

Jon commends Donna and delivers the news of Yumyum to the staff.

The next day, the owners are breathalysed before training starts.

Jon gives them an early gift of a smoker so they can make perfectly smoked barbecue.

JB trains them on using the machine to smoke barbecue.

The menu has also been simplified to brisket, chicken wings and St Louis style ribs.

Russell trains the bar staff on a moonshine cocktail and a mocktail for the non-drinkers.

Jon also takes Scott and Donna to an addiction counsellor for their drinking problem.

After thirty six hours of renovations Jon has gathered the staff at night to unveil the new bar.

The bar has been renamed and is now called Chilleen’s on 17.

It is named after the highway passing by.

The sign is facing both directions and bright so people can find it.

The exterior has been brightened up so its eye-catching.

Inside is warm and upscale for a saloon with lots of wood and cow hide.

Behind the bar there are cowboy quotes on the wall and a potbelly stove in the corner.

There is moonshine pour assistant and a clean modern menu.

The staff quickly set up for the relaunch.

Scott and Donna let the customers in.

On relaunch, the bar is instantly busy and the bartenders get flustered.

They start by making mistakes but soon find their rhythm.

The kitchen is also slammed with tickets and the staff are doing their best with two minute ticket times.

The customers love the food coming out hot, fresh from the oven.

What Happened Next at Kid Chilleen's?

Two months later, it is revealed sales have increased by more than 30%/

Their bankruptcy decision is still pending.

No more horses or motorcycles have been to the bar.

Kid Chilleen's / Chilleen’s on 17 is open.

Reviews are positive with compliments about the food, friendly staff and location.

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