Marley's on the Beach / St Michelle’s Beach Club - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Marley's on the Beach Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Marley’s on the Beach in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Marley’s on the Beach is owned by Kevin.

After working in IT, he got into the bar business with his wife Michelle in 2010.

Michelle cashed in her retirement savings of $170,000 in order to be able to open the bar.

They even got married at the bar.

The bar is close to a famous clam chowder house called Iggy’s.

They thought the success would rub off on them but their food is so bad they got a bad reputation instead.

They also have issues with bad service.

Kevin put the responsibilities onto his wife and their relationship became strained.

The assistant manger and the cook also have bad blood.

They are losing $4000 a month and in $250,000 in debt.

Jon recons the bar with expert chef Brendan Collins and Dave, who owns Iggy’s, the successful Chowder house next door.

Dave also owns their building and is leasing it to them.

He has given them concessions and is running out of patience, as he wants a tenant in that can pay on time etc.

The restaurant is basically empty while the sun is setting.

It is the golden hour as they have a patio but they are not using it.

Jon has 200 people slam the bar to see how they react.

The kitchen is just setting up and there is only one bartender.

They are understaffed and Kevin is sitting in backroom not helping.

Ticket times are over an hour and customers are getting annoyed.

Jon and Brendan enter the bar to confront the owners.

Jon makes Kevin help his wife while Brendan enters the kitchen to watch them cook.

They make soup incorrectly and are made to dump it.

Almost all the food are at wrong temperatures.

The cook Diana walks out as she doesn’t want to hear the criticism.

Jon begs her to stay but she drives away, leaving her son who also works in the kitchen.

The kitchen is shut down along with the bar.

Jon meets the staff afterwards at the back and tells them what he will be doing for them.

The next day, Jon meets with the staff and Diana is back and apologetic.

The staff say that she is disruptive and is bad at her job.

Assistant manager Elise says she cannot work with her.

She is asked to leave but she comes back to defend herself.

Michelle gives her a second chance for just twenty four hours.

Kevin says he does not help because he is taking care of the children and Michelle says that is untrue.

Michelle does not even want him at the bar but as a silent partner he doesn’t accept this.

They are left to talk it out and Kevin decides to be supportive by following her lead and staying away from the bar.

Brendan checks out Diana’s skills by asking her to make a cheese burger.

He corrects her and her son throughout the process as they struggle.

Diana drops a burger and the pressure gets to Joey, who almost quits.

Russel Davis is introduced at the bar as the expert mixologist and asks them to make a mojito.

The first bartender cannot make it at all and the other makes it incorrectly.

He trains them on how to make it properly using Captain Morgan’s Rum.

For stress test, Michelle is on her own.

The customers pack the bar and they are quickly slammed.

Ticket times reach a wait time of twenty five minutes.

Customers on the patio complain and leave because they are not being served.

The customers inside complain of no music or entertainment whilst they are waiting.

Diana makes the food in good time but no one is running it out to the customers.

When the food is taken out they cannot find the owners as the customers have already walked out.

Their process for food service is not good.

Elise is full of apologies for the customers and starts to cry.

Jon tells her to stop and get on top of the workload.

Elise and Michelle dropped the ball and they need to pick it up.

At feedback Michelle is made to fire Elise so they can keep the workspace peaceful.

Michelle is emotional and Jon asks her to be tough.

The next day, Jon tells the staff they need a new brand and their awning is being taken down.

Michelle wants to bring Elise back.

Jon has Dave recommend a new manager for them.

Melissa is brought in as a bartender and Sue Anne is bought in as a Server.

Jon has plans for the older demographic earlier in the day and much later in the night for the younger demographic.

Russell trains them on making some drinks for happy-hour and drinks for the night club side of the bar.

Brendan trains the staff on Caribbean based dishes they can make quickly that can be shared.

After thirty six hours of renovations the staff are gathered in the afternoon to unveil a new bar.

Chris is the new manager from Iggy’s there to help them and Kevin is present for the opening.

The bar has been renamed and is now called St Michelle’s Beach Club.

There are two concepts, happy hour for the older demographic and a nightclub for the younger crowd.

Inside, the bar is brighter and more colourful with a nautical theme and a large map on the floor.

For happy hour, food will be discounted instead of drinks.

The patio has been completely revamped with fire pits and chaise lounges.

There is an island bar with a POS system an outdoor food station.

Inside the bar, they have a dancefloor when some chairs are cleared away.

There is also an Orange Door entertainment system and nightclub lighting.

They have some time to set up both the outdoor and indoor space before the relaunch.

Kevin leaves and Michelle invites customers in.

On relaunch, the bartenders are on top of it and serve drinks.

The kitchen sends out great food and the customers are happy to eat something other than seafood.

People love the outdoor space while the nightclub opens and the young crowd love it, packing the dance floor.

Michelle is so happy with the changes and how her customers are reacting.

What Happened Next at Marley's on the Beach /St Michelle’s Beach Club?

Six weeks later, food and drinks sales have increased by 30%.

Kevin remains a silent partner and it has helped their marriage.

Elise went back to college and has not returned to the bar.

The bar was renamed to Marley's Beach Club as they disliked the name Jon proposed.

Marley's on the Beach / St Michelle’s Beach Club / Marley's Beach Club closed in November 2013.

The bar closed due to the owners personal reasons and wanting what was best for the family.

Reviews prior to the closure were mixed with praise for the food but some not liking the changes that were made by Jon and complaining of poor service.

This post was last updated in February 2022.


  1. I don’t believe there were customers complaining about changes Jon made! The place sucked before Jon came!

    1. After watching this rerun! I believe if you are Losing Money and wanting to sell, go with bar rescue change the brand name
      Get it remodeled And then SELL!! Publicity is Golden! What better way. Most bars fail! Jon Taffer knows his business!


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