Myerz PourHouse / The Study Lounge - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Myerz PourHouse Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Myers PourHouse in El Cajon, California.

Myers PourHouse is owned by Jeremy Myers, a former coast guard.

He bought the bar in 2011 with money from his grandfather.

His mother co-signed on the business.

Business started off well and they made up to $38,000 a month.

Jeremy stopped paying attention to the bar.

He claimed it is haunted and that it scares him.

His staff have also experienced some things they cannot explain.

Jeremy has brought in ghost experts to find out if the bar is haunted.

Bar staff are drinking the profits away since Jeremy is not around to check up on them.

They are six months from closing and Jeremy’s family savings and home is one the line.

Jon recons the bar with expert mixologist Lisamarie Joyce.

They do not like the name of the bar as it sounds like Poorhouse.

The signage for the bar is also poor.

Jon fills her in on the situation and about the staff of the bar.

There are three bartenders, a doorman and one POS system.

They see footage from Jeremy that is supposed to prove there are spirits in the bar.

The spies are podcasters Matt and Jordan.

They sneak up on Jon and Lisamarie, scaring them.

The spies then go into the bar and order some drinks while asking for the ghost story.

The staff say in the 80’s someone may have died in the bar.

They claim that is the origin of the hauntings.

Most staff do not want to talk about their experiences.

The bartenders over pour and make inconsistent cocktails.

The spies find their drink too strong.

A bartender overpours by as much as three ounces instead of one ounce

The bar top is cluttered and is also dirty.

Jon is tired of seeing the bartenders over pour and goes in search of Jeremy.

Nicole and Nina say they are too scared to talk of the ghost issue.

They fear being alone there at night.

Jeremy shows up and he too says the haunting is the problem with the bar.

Jon finds their stories ridiculous.

The next day Jon meets the staff and they address the ghost issue.

The male staff tell of their experiences and Jeremy looks terrified.

Nina and Nicole say they do not have a choice and come to work.

Jon says Jeremy should come to the bar.

Jon shows them the Partender report and they gave away $6900 in just week of overpouring.

Jon introduces Lisamarie to them and she gives feedback on the overpouring in cocktails.

Lisamarie trains them on pouring the right amounts by eye.

They all over pour while Jeremy is the only one to get it correct.

Mia asks why he is not training staff.

Nina contests that she overpours and she is not damaging the business.

Lisamarie gets angry telling her the truth and how dirty they kept the bar the last night.

For the stress test Jon brings in Kettle One vodka and wants to send a staff to the brewery.

The bartenders will work thirty-minute shifts and a winner will be determined.

Customers are let in for the test.

Jeremy is interacting with customers in the bar to focus less on the ghosts.

Nina and Paul are first and the wait time is about ten minutes.

Derek the doorman and Nicole are next.

Derek reveals he knows how to bartend and he is calm.

The time is ended and the bar is shut down.

Nicole was the weakest link.

Jon brings in a medium that night to get rid of the ghost.

Jeremy will be the one to close the bar alone so he can get over his fears.

The medium leads a prayer circle to vanquish the ghost.

Jeremy feels like something left and he closed the bar alone.

The next day Lisamarie trains the bar staff on making some cocktails with Kettle One in a copper jug.

Carl, the owner of Kettle One comes to the bar to announce the winner of the tour of the distillery.

Paul and Derek are chosen for the trip along with Lisamarie.

Paul is grateful for the knowledge and believes it will help him bartend better.

The bar is renovated and the staff are gathered late afternoon to unveil the new bar.

The bar has been renamed to The Study Lounge.

They now have a bold, red sign that is visible from far away.

The bar interior is upscale, intimate and warm.

There is a mirror behind the bar that can show a spectral image to embrace their spirit.

There are two 2touch POS systems, a glass washer and a Manitowoc Ice Machine.

There is a rigged bookshelf that will throw a book off it to spook people.

The bartenders are excited to share their new knowledge.

The bar is opened for the customers.

On relaunch, the customers love the drinks.

The bartenders are moving so much faster and Nicole is much improved.

Derek is enjoying being a bartender.

Jeremy is his usual self with the customers.

What Happened Next at Myerz PourHouse / The Study Lounge?

Six weeks later it is revealed that sales have increased by 30%.

Nicole is pouring correctly and the ghost has stopped haunting them.

They kept the name and the concept at the bar.

Myerz PourHouse / The Study Lounge is open.

The bar was sold to new owners in 2018.

Reviews are mixed with some complaints about the bartenders.

There are compliments to the atmosphere in the bar with good bands and good drinks.

This post was last updated in March 2024.

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