Pat’s Cocktails - A Mixology Bar - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Pat's Cocktails Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Pat’s Cocktails in Los Angeles, California.

Pat’s Cocktails is owned by Ray Suruli.

He is a millionaire who bought the bar many years ago.

He has quintupled the business in twenty year.

In his 70’s he stepped back to retire in order to go hunting.

His manager Jimmy took over and he met his wife Monique.

Jimmy is distracted by her and neglects the business as well.

The bar has signs of neglect.

They are losing $4000 a month and the staff are fearing for their livelihood.

Jon recons the bar with expert mixologist Russell Davis.

They see the bar is in a great area with lots of young people and traffic.

From the outside the place looks closed.

Inside, the decor is cheap and off-putting.

They see the manager Jimmy making out with his wife and drinking at the bar.

Jon sends in three locals as spies and they are greeted properly and served by Vivian.

They order some drinks and water with a lemon.

They do not have any lemons and the drinks are too strong.

To order food the customers have to walk to the window they share with the barbecue place next door.

The spies do so but are scared for their drinks to be left unattended.

They get the barbecue in takeaway boxes which is cheap looking.

However, the taste of the food inside is great.

Jon decides to get Vivian to give out free drinks.

He wants her to take a free one herself in front of Jimmy to see how he reacts but he does not react.

Jon asks her give to out a lot of drinks to the whole bar for thirty minutes to see if Jimmy reacts.

The bar is hyper and happy with the free drinks being handed out.

Jimmy is going behind the bar still does not react.

Even after being thanked openly and loudly for the freebies.

Jon has Vivian pour the biggest bottle to liquor and fill up everyone’s glasses in front of Jimmy.

Almost 100 free drinks are given out in an hour with nothing paid for.

Jon has seen enough and confronts Jimmy.

Jimmy is resistant and admits he is not very observant.

Jon says he wants the owner and Jimmy there the next day.

Jon comes in the next day and Ray is around.

Jon admits this rescue was called for by the bar staff rather than the management and owner.

The staff have complaints.

Ray is so removed and stingy with cash that Russell cannot do his job so he gave up.

They have not bought lemons at the bar for up to six months.

Monique is a GM in a restaurant.

She is asked to contribute to the bar rather than distract Jimmy.

Jimmy is still upset about the previous day and asks Jon to leave.

Jon demands respect and gets it.

Jon introduces his experts to them including barbecue expert Kevin Bludso.

Kevin goes next door and samples their food which is excellent.

All he has to do is work on their presentation.

At the bar Russell trains the staff on accurate pours using regular sized bottles.

This will stop them wasting liquor with bigger bottles and making inaccurate pours.

They will be using a ticket system with the barbecue place.

They will exchange these for cash at the end of the night.

The customers are let in for the stress test.

The staff are struggling working out of one well.

The process of picking up food from the food window is bad as food is left sitting.

The bar is hot and the credit card machine is not working.

Jimmy does not know what to do but Monique is the one who solves the problem.

Ray is watching all that is happening.

Vivian is so overwhelmed she is no longer sunny with customers.

She soon breaks down and leaves the bar to cry.

Jon talks her into coming back and giving it her all.

The stress test ends.

Jimmy has been exposed to be incompetent and uncaring.

He apologises to Vivian for not stepping up.

The staff do not believe in Ray but Jon still continues the rescue for the staff’s sake.

Jon and the experts settle on barbecue being the sole focus of the bar.

The drinks will be smoke themed.

The next day, Ray comes in with a basket of lemons.

He has fixed the air conditioning to set the place up for Jimmy to be more effective at managing the bar.

Russell trains the bar staff on making some smoky cocktails that taste great.

The bar is then renovated over thirty-six hours and the staff are gathered for the bar reveal.

The bar has been slightly renamed and is now Pat’s Cocktails - A Mixology Bar.

The name is the same to recognise its 70-year history.

The sign has been made bolder with lights so it is more visible.

Inside it is looking more upscale and modern with an arrangement for more space.

There is a service area by the food window with its own POS system.

There are two works stations with a food and drinks menu.

The staff set up the bar and customers are let in for the relaunch.

On relaunch, the bartenders are in top form making drinks.

However, they are neglecting the floor and people are still waiting outside.

Jimmy is reminded to take control and support the staff and it facilitates a turn around.

Customers love the drinks and the food.

Ray is happy with how well the night is going.

What Happened Next at Pat’s Cocktails - A Mixology Bar?

Six weeks later, it is revealed sales are up 39%.

Ray and Jimmy support the bar with the resources they need.

New customers are coming into the bar daily.

Pat's Cocktails is open.

Reviews are mostly positive with the odd complaint of poor service.

Patrons enjoy the live sports, BBQ food and chilled atmosphere.

This post was last updated in March 2024.

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