Six Point Inn / Over Easy Bar and Breakfast - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Six Point Inn Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Six Point Inn in Portland, Oregon.

Six Point Inn is owned by Oleg Pilipenko.

He bought the bar in 2009.

Oleg bought the bar to give to his stepdaughter Sunny.

She is a business major and bartender.

The bar was one of the only ones in the neighbourhood.

It was initially successful, making $30,000 a month.

With Oleg trying to open other businesses he left Sunny to run the day-to-day operations.

She was too inexperienced to run it well and things have started falling apart.

She criticises her staff often and is rude.

This brings down staff morale and has alienated her customers.

They are now $1million in debt.

They accuse each other for the failure of the bar and their relationship is strained.

Jon recons the bar with Oleg in his SUV to get to know more about the bar and the business.

Teresa and Jake are bartenders and Sal is the cook.

Jon learns breakfast is a popular time for them.

They see Sunny being demeaning to staff on the cameras.

Jon has three local bloggers and influencers Don, Matt and Bart come as spies for the recon.

They enter and order a specialty cocktail.

It is too sweet and the mix is messy because of some incorrect mixing.

They order food and the experts see Sal microwave the gravy.

The plate served is covered in gravy and the spies are not happy.

Jon goes in with Oleg to talk to the spies and they all give it a thumbs down.

Jon has them promise to come back for the relaunch.

Jon talks to Sunny and she says she is stressed out and feels abandoned by her father.

Oleg is not training her, giving her direction or taking her phone calls.

Oleg says maybe he is not acting like a father because he is her step father.

He is busy with building houses and three more bars.

He does not have time to hold her hand at the bar.

Jon leaves puzzled but returns the next day in the morning.

He brings his experts to see a very busy bar for the breakfast rush.

Expert mixologist Phil Wills and expert chef Chef Pink arrive and they check out the bar.

Phil has them make the specialty drink for him and he sees them do so many things wrong.

In the kitchen, Sal is making some breakfast burritos and rejects Chef Pink’s help.

He is working one ticket at a time and is slammed with work.

He sends Chef Pink out of his kitchen saying he cannot work with women.

Jon meets with staff afterwards and they complain of how micro-managed they are.

Sunny at least knows the numbers and over 30% of their food sales come before noon.

When the experts are saying what they want to do with the place, Sal is attached to the bad gravy.

When it is suggested the gravy is dropped he gets upset.

He again says he does not want women in his kitchen and gets into Chef Pink’s face.

It all blows up and Chef Pink apologises later for losing her cool to Sal.

She says she will only stay if he asks for her help.

He does ask for help and promises to keep his anger in check.

Phil meets with the bar staff to tackle their bad practice of muddling with ice.

He trains them on how to muddle properly and make a cocktail out of it.

In the kitchen Chef Pink tries her best to give direction and train Sal on making proper gravy.

She trains him on making a breakfast burger.

The stress test is in the daytime because that is their busiest time.

Customers are let in and they are given thumbs up or thumbs down stickers for their experience.

The bar is slammed and the kitchen is besieged with orders.

Sunny is a mess and yells a lot while the bartenders are disorganised, making incomplete drinks.

They have to run across the street to get more ice as they run out of it.

Sal burns some meat saying it is well done and when Jon calls him out.

He loses it once again and he gets into a fight with Jon.

Sunny talks to Sal and he calms down and continues to work.

He does a better job from then on.

The bar is meeting up later but the bar top is messy.

The bar is shut down.

They got sixty six thumbs down and twenty two thumbs up at the end of the night.

The feedback is the need for more work.

They are commended for working hard especially Sunny who stopped micromanaging.

Jon meets with Oleg and Sunny the next day for them to set aside their differences.

Oleg promises to be more supportive of her.

Phil trains the bar staff on a cocktail take on Spanish coffee.

Chef Pink trains Sal on a chicken steak sandwich.

The renovations are started.

In thirty-six hours the staff are gathered in the afternoon for the reveal.

The name of the restaurant has been changed to Over Easy Bar and Breakfast.

There is a bold exterior coloured building that can be seen from afar.

Inside is more upscale and there is a split with booths near the windows for the breakfast service.

The games are in the darker side for the night bar service.

The staff take some time to set up and open for the relaunch, letting customers in.

On relaunch, the bar staff are confident, making multiple drinks.

Sunny is acting more like an owner.

The bloggers are back.

They are very happy with the changes with the food, drinks and service.

Chef Pink is very happy with Sal especially after all they had to overcome.

What Happened Next at Six Point Inn / Over Easy Bar and Breakfast?

Eight weeks later it is revealed bar sales are up 30%.

Food sales are up 65%.

Sunny and Oleg are still working as a team.

Sal went back to his old gravy recipe.

They kept the name and other changes that Jon made to the bar.

Six Point Inn / Over Easy Bar and Breakfast is open.

Reviews are mixed with some complaining of poor tasting drinks and poor service.

There are compliments for the breakfasts, bartenders and atmosphere.

This post was last updated in March 2024.

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