Toucans Oceanside Bar and Grill / Bonny and Read’s - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Toucans Oceanside Bar and Grill Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Toucans Oceanside bar and Grill in Hollywood, Florida.

Toucans Oceanside bar and Grill is owned by Jamie Hawkes and Jon Franke.

John and Jamie have been best friends for 15 years.

They decided to open up the bar in 2004.

At first, they were making around $80,000 per month.

The bar was affected by hurricane Katrina.

Jamie lost one of his kids and since then he hasn’t been the same.

He lashes out at anyone around him and John and Jamie barely speak now.

This has resulted in the staff drinking on the job.

The bar is rundown with a dwindling customer base.

John and Jamie are over $250,000 in debt between the two of them.

Toucan is less than five months away from closing for good.

They both make a call to Bar Rescue.

Jon brings in expert chef Nick Liberato and expert mixologist Kyle Mercado.

Jon points out the amount of tourists in this area.

Tonight, they will be doing their own recon.

Jon and his experts enter Toucan.

Jon and his experts order one of every drink on the menu.

Jamie says they are losing between $7,000 to $8,000 a month.

The staff seems to be very nervous to see that Jon himself is part of the recon.

John and Jamie admit that this bar has caused them both to get divorced.

Jon says that he can’t see how they run this bar without people in it.

He says he is going to bring in about 60 people in less than a minute.

The staff seems very upset about all the people coming in, they weren’t expecting it.

There are bugs floating in the bottom of the liquor bottles.

Kalie is giving away whole bottles of liquor, all while drinking herself.

The kitchen is a disaster and the cook walks out and quits.

Jon tells John and Jaime that they need to clean the place up before he comes back to help them.

There’s black mold all along the bar and on the pour spouts.

Jon tells them to shut the place down for the night.

Kalie says she wants to go smoke a cigarette.

The next morning, Jon comes in to help the bar.

He says this is a great beach location and that the bar better be cleaner than last night.

He says if it isn’t clean, he isn’t going to rescue the bar.

Logan, the cook has come back.

He says that he realized him leaving last night wasn’t rational.

Jon says that the bartenders were so overwhelmed last night that they gave the whole bar away.

Jon tells Jamie to be a boss.

Jamie tells her that if one more tiny thing happens, Kalie is fired.

Jon brings in his experts.

Chef Nick says that he was appalled by the amount of grease in the kitchen.

The cook needs to step up his work ethic.

Training begins for the staff.

Kyle says that Kalie needs to know how to make a zombie.

He shows them how to make a proper zombie.

Kyle shows them how to properly cook oysters.

Jon says for tonight’s stress test, he will purposely slam the staff with customers.

Jaime will be working in the kitchen and John will be working at the bar.

Jon says they need to be communicating a lot better.

He wants money collected for every cocktail tonight and no more giveaways.

Toucan opens for the stress test.

Communication is still very bad and there are many people without drinks.

Kalie is messing up drinks, so she has to keep starting over.

There are rats running around in the kitchen.

Jon tells them to close the bar and kitchen for tonight.

Jon says that Kalie’s attitude had improved tonight.

Jon talks to Jaime about what he’s going through.

Jon says tomorrow he will have a sit down talk with both John and Jamie.

Jon brings in an exterminator to seal the holes in the walls and get rid of all the rats.

Jon talks to John and Jamie and how he wants them to start communicating more.

Jon says that it’s time to step up in his son’s memory.

He needs to stop letting it control every aspect of his life.

Jamie is crying and Jon gives him a hug.

Chef Nick works with the cooks to create delicious recipes.

These will set them aside from the competition.

Kyle shows them drinks such as Sisters of the Sea and the Clap of Thunder.

Kyle says that those two drinks will set them aside from other bars.

Jon begins construction on the bar’s remodel.

Jon brings the staff back to the bar to show them the remodel.

The bar has been renamed and is now called Bonny and Read’s.

Bonny and Read are two female pirates.

The staff loves the bar and they seem very excited to go work in it.

Jon says that everyone is going to talk about this bar.

Jon and the staff go to see the inside of the bar.

Jamie says that he’s very excited for the future that has been given to them.

Jon got them cocktail glasses that match their pirate theme.

There are two Revention POS systems and a handheld POS terminal.

He also got them Taffer’s Bar HQ.

Kyle says that he wants the bartenders to make drinks with both hands.

They open the bar tonight for the first time since remodel.

On relaunch, things are going very smoothly.

The bartenders are smiling, everyone is loving their food and drinks.

The customers say that the oysters are moist and delicious.

Jon says that he came here to give them a new future and that his work is done.

John and Jamie are very thankful for Jon’s help.

Jon said he wanted to create a bar with historical significance.

He thinks that the bar is going to make money.

What Happened Next at Toucans Oceanside Bar and Grill / Bonny and Read’s?

Six weeks later, Jamie says that everyone has a good attitude.

The energy in the bar is super positive.

There are no more rats.

John and Jamie are working together now.

Toucans Oceanside Bar and Grill / Bonny and Read’s is open.

Reviews are very positive.

The food is highly rated with the odd complaint about service.

This post was last updated in March 2024.

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