Confetti’s Bar and Grill / Tropica Bar - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Confetti’s Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Confetti’s Bar and Grill in Norcross, Georgia.

Confetti’s Bar is owned by Scott Cohen.

He bought the bar after suffering from a childhood illness and with the help of his father.

His father sadly passed away and he is motivated to make the bar a success for him.

Business was good after they opened with a lot of fun activities and a fun atmosphere.

However, Scott was more interested in the social aspect rather than the business side of the bar.

The staff were left to run the bar themselves and they began to lose money.

Scott ended up falling into debt as the bar lost money.

Jon watches the bar with expert chef Jason Santos.

They see Scott sitting and drinking at the bar along with the manager / security, Monster.

The only person working is the bartender Helen, who is Monster’s wife.

Jon has asked two local radio personalities to go undercover into the bar.

They order standard cocktails, a margarita and an old fashioned.

Helen has to go and ask her manager how to make the old fashioned but there are no ingredients for her to do so.

She makes the drinks wrong and there are specks in the drinks that the customers have noticed.

Helen remakes the drinks again but they are still wrong and taste awful.

They order food and Jon watches the cook making the food and notices how filthy the kitchen is.

Jon and Jason go in for their own recon, accost Scott and show him how bad his kitchen and the cook are.

Scott is told that he should be angry at the cook and demand better from him.

All the customers drinks are on the house due to the issues with them.

The customers are sent home so Scott and his staff can spend the night cleaning.

The next day, Scott arrives along with his mother Mindy.

Jon requests a meeting with Mindy to find out more about Scott.

She tells him that Scott got part of his fathers life insurance just before he died and used it to buy the bar.

She assures Jon that her son is passionate and motivated.

Jon talks to the staff about their behaviour at the bar the night before.

Each of them acted in a way that could get them fired and they need to change.

Jon introduces his experts, expert chef Jason Santos and expert mixologist Nick Ortega.

Nick takes the staff through making drinks whilst engaging with customers.

He trains them on making a new cocktail.

Jason takes the staff on making a fish dish and the staff all love the taste of the dish.

For the Stress Test, the staff are nervous but Scott has a plan to make it work.

The customers are let in and the orders flow.

Jon has some customers time their order to make sure it is timely.

The bartenders are making drinks incorrectly.

The cook is having problems in the kitchen, with most of his equipment having stopped working.

The customers timing the service have got their drinks but they have no food after 15 minutes.

The bar and the kitchen are both a mess.

Scott has failed so Jon decides to give up and holds up the white towel in surrender.

The stress test is ended abruptly.

Jon knows that the demographic of the area is older and has more money to spend so the bar has to reflect that.

The next day, Nick takes the staff through making a spin on a margarita using peach.

While the staff practices, Jon’s team are working on renovating the bar.

That evening, Jon has the staff gathered in front of the bar for the relaunch.

The bar has been renamed to ‘Tropica’ with a new logo, branding and an inviting exterior.

Inside the bar is more upscale with a vibrant warmth.

The atmosphere is more of a lounge with a stage for bands to be able to play.

They have new workstations, two new HarbourTouch POS systems and an Orange Door Entertainment system.

There is a Pathspot device, Bar Track for Draft inventory, a subscription to Partender and a brand new kitchen.

The staff love all the changes and quickly set up before the customers are let in for the relaunch.

On relaunch, the bartenders are confident and make great drinks that are served fast.

The kitchen is finally fully functional and the cook is able to keep up with the demand.

Scott is impressed with how everything is working and all the staff are much happier.

What Happened Next at Confetti’s?

Six weeks later, it is revealed sales are up 20%.

The new look is bringing in new patrons.

Mindy now spends more time with her son at the bar.

Confetti’s / Tropica is open.

They have kept the new name.

Reviews are mostly positive with customers liking the atmosphere and friendly bartenders.

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This post was last updated in November 2022.

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