JF Kicks / Jimmy's - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

JF Kicks Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits JF Kicks in Valrico, Florida.

JF Kicks is owned by Johnny Spieldenner.

Johnny had a career in construction but fancied a change and bought the bar with his brother Jimmy.

Both brothers were running the bar together and it was a success.

Not long after opening they were making double what the previous owner had made at the spot.

Sadly, not long after opening Jimmy passed away from cancer.

Johnny was not the same after his brothers death and asked his son Tanner to help out at the bar.

Tanner has very limited experience in the bar industry.

Johnny is overworked by working the kitchen.

He does not have time to get a handle on the whole business.

Johnny had a stroke at work so his son is overworking just to help him out.

Jon recons the bar with wrestlers Adam Cole and Britt Baker.

He tells them about the bar and the background of the owner.

They see the staff and a bartender makes a really bad drink.

The wrestlers are sent in as Jons undercover spies to test the bars services.

They order Mojitos but they do not have ingredients so they order other drinks.

The old fashioned is bad and the special house cocktail tastes horrible.

They order Crazy Rolls and Lobster Rolls from an enthusiastic bartender.

Johnny cooks with gloves and Jon is impressed with his skills and the organisation of the kitchen.

The food is heavy on the cream cheese and the pair love the Crazy Rolls.

After cooking and washing up in the kitchen, he goes to the office to do some inventory.

Jon can see why he is overworked and comes into the bar.

Jon gets feedback form the spies on the food, drinks and service.

He meets Tanner then praises Johnny on his performance in the kitchen before taking him aside to discuss the business.

He discovers that Johnny is $300,000 in debt and his son has been working with him for 6 months.

The next day, the staff are all gathered and Jon meets with them to discuss the bar.

Nicki is the oldest serving member of staff and a fulltime server.

He discovers that Johnny is bad at delegating and Nicki or other staff members could be helping out to lighten his load.

Jon introduces his experts, expert mixologist Derrick Turner, and expert chef Michael Ferraro.

He shows them a Partender report that reveals they are losing over $300,000 a year from over pouring.

The staff are divided up and Derrick takes the staff through making a cocktail with a focus on correct pours.

In the kitchen, Michael trains Patrick and Tanner on a chicken sandwich and basic kitchen skills.

Johnny watches and has been given a goal of not staying in the kitchen during service.

For the Stress Test the staff have practised and prepped for the service.

Johnny is lost on what to do now he will not be stuck in the kitchen.

He is given guidance and Tanner is given advice for stepping up in the kitchen.

The Stress Test starts slow with the bartenders making one drink at a time.

They are reminded to make multiples to move faster and serve more customers.

Johnny is uncomfortable being the owner but helps expedite.

They are working hard but cannot seem to catch up.

The grill top is not working properly and the kitchen has to be shut down.

Johnny shuts it all down and apologises to the customers.

The customers have been asked to fill out feedback cards on the stress test.

The lead bartender Joel is disappointed with how the night went.

The next day, Derrick takes the bartenders through some new cocktails.

Michael takes the kitchen through a hot Lobster Roll made from fresh ingredients.

Jon sits with Johnny to sort out his duties at the bar so he can slow down at work.

He is advised to take a day off every week and get back to his hobbies and improve his health.

Later, Jons team has completed their renovations and Jon gathers the staff for the relaunch.

The bar is revealed and has been renamed to Jimmy’s, named after Johnny’s brother.

Johnny is moved to tears by the tribute to his late brother.

Inside has been made more ambient with a cohesive design that gives it a classy feel.

There is a new HabourTouch POS system with Skytabs, a Pathspot device and an Orange Door Entertainment system.

There is new video and audio equipment, a subscription to Partender and Tanner got a new Chef’s jacket.

The team is finally energised and they set up for the relaunch.

On relaunch, Johnny lets the customers in and orders come in quickly.

Tanner is doing great on the ticket times and it is all calm with Johnny expediting.

The bartenders are doing much better, making multiple drinks.

Many of them are so happy they tear up while working.

Jon commends them on their progress.

What Happened Next at JF Kicks?

They changed their name back shortly after filming.

Johnny has posted on FB that he didn't like the changes they made on Bar Rescue.

JF Kicks is open.

Reviews are mostly positive especially about the food and entertainment.

This post was last updated in November 2022.

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