Lake Arrowhead Sports Grille - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Lake Arrowhead Sports Grille

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Lake Arrowhead Sports Grille in Blue Jay, California.

Lake Arrowhead Sports Grille is owned by Keith and Karen Harriot.

They opened the restaurant five years ago.

Their son Konner has contacted the show, sending in a video pleading for Roberts help at their restaurant.

He is concerned that the restaurant is stressing his mom out and causing a strain in their relationship.

They call Konner to let him know they are in town and he comes to meet them to give them more details on his parents.

He has no confidence in his parents as his mom works too hard and his dad could do more to help.

On the first day, the parents are not in the restaurant so they can take a look around.

Inside they see the space is very confused with many different aspects to the theme.

Both the tables and floors are also filthy.

There are Irish, Mexican and Italian dishes on the menu.

They hide in the restaurant, ready for the owners to arrive.

After some false alarms they finally arrive and Konner takes them in to where Robert is hiding.

They are shocked to see the cameras but they recognise Robert and realise what is happening.

They sit and tell him they got into the business with a partner but their relationship got complicated.

They used $40,000 of their retirement money to open the restaurant.

Karen explains that the problem is with Keith and the partner does not talk to Keith anymore.

It is clear Keith has no more passion for the business.

He spends more time on his hobbies which putting a strain on his relationship with his wife.

Robert inspects the restaurant and the kitchen.

In the dining room there is dust everywhere and the bar is dirty.

In the kitchen there is improper food storage, no labels on the food and it is messy.

The sauces have been left out overnight as well as other food safety issues.

Robert refuses to sample the dishes as he does not want to get sick.

Robert meets with the design team, Taniya and Tom.

They think that the restaurant is worn out and looks like a generic sports bar.

They clear out the bar immediately with Taniya complaining about the knickknacks on the walls and in the windows.

Robert sits with the family while they watch an interview with the staff and customers who talk about Karen and Keith.

They talk about how Karen is the one who is always around and Keith is always absent.

Keith still doesn’t accept that he is bringing the business and his wife down.

Karen says she had to hire a manager once but Keith told her he did not want her to leave.

Robert is so angry he asks Karen to take a break and the cameras to leave so he can talk to Keith alone.

Karen makes a list of all the tasks she does and she picks a few Keith can help with.

She hands it to him, giving an ultimatum that he must start picking up some of the slack.

The next day, Robert arrives and checks in with his design team.

They have created a palette from beer colours.

The kitchen is being deep cleaned and Robert sits with the producers.

They have learned that there is big holiday the following weekend and a prospective big day for the restaurant,

There is also a big re-enactment that Keith is committed to and Karen wants him to be at the restaurant.

Robert meets with the couple to get Keith’s response.

He has given in to Karen’s demands for more help and promises to give up the big re-enactment.

Karen is given the rest of the day off and is sent to a spa to relax.

The restaurant is looking much better, with a topography map on a wall which looks like an abstract painting.

There is still some electrical work and other tasks that need finishing.

Robert checks in on the staff who are cleaning silver and prepping for the service.

Keith lets them know he is their new point of contact person.

Keith and kitchen staff are taught by Robert on how to make onion soup using some of their unsold beer.

After this Robert wants to tackle the bad blood between Keith and Danny, the ex-business partner.

Robert wants them to clear the air and gets Keith and Karen to join a meeting with Danny.

Keith apologies to Danny and they hug, both grateful for the end of their quarrel.

A few hours later and the restaurant is coming together.

The family are all gathered together for the unveiling of the new look restaurant.

The space looks more upscale with bright colours.

They love the map on the wall with a star where the restaurant is.

Karen and Keith’s daughters are brought in to see the new restaurant and they love it all.

They also get a chance to meet Tom and Taniya and they are very thankful for what they have done.

On relaunch, the customers are let in to the restaurant.

They love the new look of the space as it is welcoming and warm.

They also love the food served to them with nothing but good things to say.

They promise to return to the restaurant.

What Happened Next at Lake Arrowhead Sports Grille?

Two months later, it is revealed Keith kept his promise to help Karen manage the restaurant.

The locals love the changes that have been made to the restaurant.

The menu is much shorter, with a mix of their own and Roberts dishes.

Lake Arrowhead Sports Grille is open with new owners.

It was sold in March 2018 due to the owners ill health and problems with the premises.

Reviews are mostly positive after they appeared on Restaurant Impossible.

Lake Arrowhead Sports Grille was Restaurant Impossible season 12 episode 2 and aired on 29th October 2015.

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