Theresa's Restaurant - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Theresa's Restaurant

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Theresa’s Restaurant in Bradenton, Florida.

Theresa’s Restaurant is owned by Jodi Boucher.

The show has been contacted by Miriam Baird for an ambush on her best friend.

Her friend, Jodi owns the restaurant and is always at the restaurant.

She works 16 hours a day, 7 days a week and tries to do all the work herself.

Miriam has told Jodi some vloggers are coming to the restaurant.

She will be kept occupied by the decoys so Robert and his team can arrive and set up.

Robert comes into the restaurant and she recognises him.

Jodi knows immediately that Miriam is the one who arranged for him to come to the restaurant.

Robert assesses the space and tells her that it smells in the restaurant.

She starts sweet-talking him, hoping that he will be nice to her.

The team is brought in to unpack their equipment.

Robert talks to Miriam to find out more about Jodi and the restaurant.

She tells him how much she spends on the restaurant and that she does not pay herself a salary.

Robert pulls Jodi to join the conversation to find out more about the restaurant.

She is positive about her business and everyone comes because they love her.

Jodi is reluctant for Robert to make too many changes to the restaurant.

Robert explains that things have to change so her business can be successful and she can start paying herself.

Robert is asked by the neighbours to move his trucks as it is blocking their business.

Robert wants to find out the customers opinions about Jodi and the restaurant.

The customers have nothing but good things to say about Jodi.

Robert goes to inspect the kitchen.

He tries the chicken salad and thinks that it needs more spice.

Some of the other dishes he tries do not taste better.

Robert meets with his design team, Taniya and Tom.

They do not like the mint green colour which has been used everywhere.

Robert tells them about Jodi, who tries to get in on their meeting several times.

She is worried about what they are planning for the restaurant.

They take a look around the restaurant.

There is an area that is not being used and they are considering knocking down a wall to expand the space.

Jodi’s son Sean comes in to the restaurant and meets the team.

They soon start carrying everything out of the restaurant.

Jodi is unwilling to let anything go so Robert calls her to the side to distract her.

He shows her a video of her staff and family talking about her.

She is always trying to do everything and she redoes things they do.

The staff end up doing less as they don’t see the point in doing anything.

Jodi is not happy with her son and they end up having an argument.

Robert has to get in the middle of the pair and tells them that they need to interact better.

The team has started work and there are challenges.

The room is causing extra work and Tom has to focus on the restaurant if he wants to meet the deadline.

The next day. Robert comes in and sees the room is still intact.

The wall has been given a fresh paint job rather than removed as he wanted.

Robert gets angry and takes a sledge hammer to the wall, knocking a gaping hole.

This gets Tom and Taniya angry and they do not want to listen to him when he suggests a window.

Robert makes peace with them and they calm down.

Jodi arrives and she is interviewed by the producer and Robert listens in.

She is still complaining about her staff and about Robert.

He confronts Jodi and is frustrated at her attitude, which has not changed at all since he arrived.

On her own, she has a breakthrough but it is not over.

Robert takes her into the kitchen to show her how to enhance her dishes with some of his cooking tips.

The staff don’t want to be on camera so they will be taken through the dishes later.

After a while she notices that her staff are missing from the kitchen.

They are found in the parking lot and they decide to quit, leaving the premises.

Twenty minutes later, they have been talked into returning to the kitchen.

Jodi is angry and talks to each of them, finally showing some leadership and authority.

A few hours later, the restaurant is coming together with so many activities going on at the same time.

By the evening everything is ready and Jodi and Miriam are shown the restaurant.

It looks so much better, it is upscale and modern.

On relaunch, the customers are let in and they all love the new space.

However, the space heats up as the AC turns itself off.

They have to defrost it so they can get it to work again.

Despite this, the kitchen is still working through.

They serve the guests who love the food and have nothing but positive things to say.

The staff are also happy.

The air conditioner is finally fixed and things are smooth again.

What Happened Next at Theresa's Restaurant?

Two months later, it is revealed that weekday sales have doubled.

The weekend sales have tripled and customers love the fresh design.

Jodi is better at delegating and Miriam is helping with managing the staff on weekends.

Theresa's Restaurant is open.

They closed their original location in early 2021.

They moved to a new location, also in Bradenton.

Reviews are mostly positive with some minor complaints about some dishes.

Theresa's Restaurant was Restaurant Impossible season 12 episode 1 and aired on 22nd October 2015.

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