Lil G's Kajun Restaurant - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Lil G's Kajun Restaurant

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Lil G’s Cajun Restaurant in Belle Chasse, Louisiana.

Lil G’s Cajun Restaurant is owned by Therese Creppel.

Therese says her restaurant is a seafood restaurant with a flair of Cajun.

Therese’s daughter Brooke is a manager at the restaurant.

Brooke says that her and her mom aren’t usually in the restaurant at the same time.

Therese usually works the weekends and Brooke works Monday-Friday.

Brooke says that this isn’t ideal but it is a way for Therese to give her a helping hand.

Brooke’s partner Justin works there as a cook.

They have been together for 15 years.

Before running the restaurant, Therese ran a daycare center.

After giving this up she went into flipping houses.

Brooke was in school pursuing a veterinarian degree.

At that time, Therese was going through a divorce.

She wanted more time with Brooke and came up with the idea of buying a restaurant they could run together.

However, Therese says that this didn’t bring them closer together.

Brooke says she has been trying to grasp how to run the business but it has been brutal.

Therese has put in close to $100,000 and has nothing saved up for retirement.

Robert just had surgery on his arm but can’t wait to rescue this restaurant.

When Robert walks in, he is hit by a wall.

There are multiple types of flooring and the booths are ripped to pieces.

Robert says that he does like the bar but the restaurant itself looks tired.

After opening the restaurant, they were making money.

Their revenue was probably close to a million.

However, Therese doesn’t know the numbers very well so isn’t entirely sure.

Brooke says she has been trying to learn the numbers.

Five years ago, their revenue was around $800,000.

It cost them $900,000 to make that revenue, making them a loss.

Now they are only making $400,000 in revenue and must be making bigger losses.

Before taxes, she makes $14,000 a year.

Brooke says she taught herself the books.

Robert says he wants to see the service.

The servers aren’t pleasant and have no energy.

Shantel has worked there for 14 years.

Brooke has the kitchen under control.

Robert switches them out to see if Therese can handle the kitchen.

When Therese is in the kitchen, Justin runs it.

Justin is both expediting and cooking.

Food is taking forever to be brought to the customers with Therese running the kitchen.

Robert tries some of the food off the menu.

Robert tells Brooke he was impressed by how she ran the restaurant.

He thinks she acted like a professional.

He can see that the food isn’t good and thinks it needs to be tested before being served to the customers.

Brooke says she doesn’t eat meat.

Robert says someone else will have to test the food before it is brought to the customer.

Robert meets with his design team of Lynn and Tom to discuss the plans for the restaurant.

The staff begins taking out everything in the restaurant.

Therese says that this is overwhelming to see it empty.

Robert meets with Therese.

He tells her that she isn’t cut out for the kitchen and should step away from there.

Therese says she feels a lot of guilt for Brooke working so much for so little money.

Therese thinks that Brooke would want more help with the front of the house.

Robert says that she needs to lead with courage and conviction.

Therese says that this is the start of letting some of the guilt go.

Robert meets with his design team.

They removed the wall at the entrance, opening the space up.

Robert wants to make sure there is a connection between Brooke and the food she cooks.

Robert asks them to cook under his direction since he is still healing from surgery.

He guides them through making vegan recipes.

Robert gives Brooke homework.

He wants her to bring him the best vegan recipe they know.

The next day, Robert meets with Therese and Brooke.

Brooke says she enjoys working at the restaurant so there is no reason for Therese to feel guilty.

Therese says that she will be running the front of the house.

Brooke says this makes her feel better.

Robert says that this is a big step forward.

Robert checks in with his design team.

The flooring has been laid and looks great.

Robert goes to check in on the kitchen.

They did a vegan take on the Cajun baked potato.

Robert says he thinks that it is amazing.

Brooke says it feels great to have something on the menu that she can eat.

Justin is going to be the sous chef.

Robert shows them some recipes he believes should be on the menu.

Therese thinks that the recipes are delicious.

Justin says he will taste the food more so Brooke doesn’t have to.

They begin putting finishing touches on the restaurant.

It is now eight o’clock, which is a little later than planned.

Brooke says she is so thankful to Robert right now.

Robert brings Brooke and Therese into the restaurant.

Brooke and Therese are amazed and impressed by how amazing their new restaurant looks.

Therese says there’s no way she could have imagined it would look like this.

Lynn and Tom walk into the restaurant.

Therese tells them that the restaurant is beautiful.

Robert says that if they apply what they’ve learned then there is no way this can’t be a success.

Therese and Brooke invite the customers in for the first time.

On relaunch, the customers say it feels very inviting.

The customers love the food and promise to return.

What Happened Next at Lil G's Kajun Restaurant?

Since Robert’s visit, sales are up by 20%.

Therese is running the front of the house.

Brooke and Justin oversee the kitchen.

Brooke has given herself a 35% raise, with more to come.

Lil G's Kajun Restaurant is open.

Reviews are mixed with mostly compliments on food and complaints on service and items being unavailable.

Lil G's Kajun Restaurant was Restaurant Impossible season 16 episode 11 and aired on 5th March 2020.

This post was last updated in February 2023.

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