Firehouse Sports Pub / Dave's Firehouse - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Firehouse Sports Pub Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Firehouse Sports Pub in Nampa, Idaho.

Firehouse Sports Pub is owned by Dave.

Dave is a retired technician who used his retirement funds to open the bar.

However, his lack of knowledge and absence from the business has taken a toll on the bar.

He has been absent due to health issues and family deaths.

With only two months of funds left, Dave's desperation to keep the bar open grows.

Jon Taffer arrives, accompanied by expert mixologist Derrick Turner, to asses the situation from his command center.

They quickly identify Dave's unprofessional appearance and the messy interior as problems.

To gain a better understanding, Jon sends in two firehouse captains as his spies.

The spies order drinks and comment on the state of the bar, which they think is not inviting.

Dave recognizes and engages with them.

The drinks served are terrible and Jon decides to confront Dave about the issues in the bar.

Dave greets Jon enthusiastically.

However, he isn’t happy when the spies provide feedback on the drinks and the decor.

Dave explains the challenges he faces and the impact on his marriage.

Jon promises to help turn things around.

The next day, Dave expresses his unhappiness with the previous night.

Jon comes in to meet with the staff.

The staff acknowledge the poor advertising and lack of leadership from Dave.

However, Dave disagrees with Jon's assessment.

He becomes rude and resistant, refusing to accept responsibility.

While the staff and Dave's wife are open to accepting their part, Dave remains stubborn.

Derrick is brought in to train them on making a fireman sour drink.

The staff are optimistic about the stress test.

After the customers are let in the staff faces challenges and struggle to serve customers in a timely manner.

Nerves take over, leading to mistakes and wasted drinks.

More than half the bar has not been served within 15 minutes and some customers leave.

Jon decides to shut down service, recognizing that the staff has potential but needs further training.

Jon and Derrick collaborate on a new theme and drinks menu that suits the demographic of the area.

The next day the staff receives additional training on the basics of mixing drinks.

They learn a new cocktail called Citrus and Smoke.

Jon has a heartfelt conversation with Dave and his wife Victoria.

Dave opens up about the impact of his family's deaths on him.

In this vulnerable moment, Jon is finally able to reach Dave and the couple shares a moment of understanding.

Dave promises to do better and fight for what he and his wife have invested in the business.

The bar undergoes renovations, with Jon's team implementing key fixtures and designs based on his guidance.

For the reopening, the community and staff gather, joined by the fire department and their fire truck.

The staff is presented with the transformed exterior, featuring a catchy and inviting new sign.

The bar has been renamed to Dave's Firehouse.

Inside, the previously bland decor has been upgraded with vibrant colors and firehouse themed elements.

They have added personal touches, such as Dave's siblings' pictures.

Seeing these on the walls bring tears to his eyes.

The bar has new darts boards, drink rails, walls of fame and honor, new bar tools and an upgraded audio-visual system.

There are Skytab POS systems, a subscription to Partender, a new ice well, a smoke machine and a pathspot device.

The bar also established a partnership with a charity, allowing donations to be made with each drink sold.

As the doors open to waiting customers, locals express their love for the bar's new look.

On relaunch, the orders pour in and the bartenders confidently and joyfully serve drinks.

The manager is no longer stuck behind the bar but actively working the floor.

Both Dave and Victoria are thrilled to see the space vibrant and full of life once again.

What Happened Next at Firehouse Sports Pub / Dave's Firehouse?

Six weeks later, sales increased by 10%.

Both customers and staff embrace the newly renovated bar.

However, Dave is considering selling the building and the bar.

Firehouse Sports Pub / Dave's Firehouse is open.

Reviews are mostly positive about the drinks, service and atmosphere with a few negative reviews about service.

This post was last updated in July 2023.

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