Amistad Grill - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Amistad Grill

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Amistad Grill in Homestead, Florida.

Amistad Grill is owned by Omar.

He is an Uruguayan immigrant, who spent his whole career in a restaurant business.

He opened the Spanish restaurant in June 2019 with his wife and children.

His wife soon got diagnosed with cancer and she underwent treatment with Omar’s support.

Omar soon discovered that his experience was not enough to run a restaurant successfully on his own.

He owes over $100,000 and had to borrow money from family to stay afloat.

Robert arrives and he immediately notices the ceiling, floors and walls are worn.

He also thinks that the decor is confusing and mismatched.

Robert meets with Omar, who tries to explain his concept but it is as confused as the space.

He tells Robert of his story of how he came to America and how he got the money to start the restaurant.

Omar does not think he will be open in about 3 months.

He tries to take consolation in the fact he is growing.

Robert reminds him that he is failing, not growing and asks him to get service started.

Robert watches the service and meets his wife Veronica, who is also a co-owner and their 17 year old daughter Lucia.

Robert sees Omar is good in the kitchen working fast.

However, he soon bows to pressure from the full house and snaps at his family.

Lucia says the working relationship with Omar depends on his mood.

Robert brings Omar to the front of house to get direct feedback and no one likes the food.

The service is shut down.

Robert tells Omar he has an ego with no leadership which is making a hostile environment for the family.

Robert orders from the menu and samples the dishes in front of Omar.

The food is plain and boring.

The rice overcooked, cheese not melted properly and the bread is the only good thing. .

He tells Omar there is too much going on in the dishes and he needs to simplify.

Omar tells Robert more about his childhood, how he learned to hustle and be consistent.

Robert sees that he is a fighter as he had to do that all his life.

Robert takes him to the kitchen to instruct him on cooking in a relaxed manner.

They make an Empanada and Omar can taste the difference between it and what he made before.

Robert brings in his design team of Tom and Lynn.

They think that almost everything has to go including a real concrete fountain in the middle of the restaurant.

They are inspired by a rustic wood countertop and plan to build on that.

Volunteers and staff empty out the space.

The design team have 30 hours to deliver a brand new space.

Robert uses his sledgehammer on the fountain.

Afterwards, he sits with Veronica and a translator from his team.

Veronica says Omar is stubborn and needs to be reassured his family is behind him.

Robert gives Veronica an assignment for her and Lucia.

They are to write down all the changes they think Omar should make but never took on board.

Robert checks on the team and they have completely covered up where the fountain used to be.

This has added more space for extra seating.

They walk Robert through all the changes they will be making.

Robert takes the ideas Veronica and Lucia wrote down and presents them to Omar as his own.

Omar agrees to almost everything without question.

Robert reveals it was all his wife’s ideas.

Omar admits he is under pressure and closes his mind to those closest to him.

Robert leaves him with his own assignment.

He wants him to make a list of Uruguayan dishes that can be added to the menu.

He also wants him to write a note to his wife and family.

The next morning, work progressed with the design team.

They have put a wood panel over the water fountain wall and many other changes around.

Robert finds Omar, who has prepared a few traditional dishes that tell the story of family.

Robert loves the taste of the dishes and insists they will be added on the menu.

Omar takes the opportunity to talk with Veronica and Lucia and apologises to them.

Omar reads his note to Veronica which brings both to tears.

Robert is happy at the healing between all of them and believes Omar has started to change.

Robert leaves them and they as a family continue to discuss their ideas for change in the restaurant.

Robert takes them to the kitchen to make some dishes including a Chivito Supreme, a fish stir fry and a pasta dish.

They love the taste with Veronica saying it all tastes homemade.

Robert checks on the design team and with an hour to go there is a rush to finish on time.

They could not find the same tiles that were there before so had to modify others to look like it.

By sunset the family are gathered outside the space when Robert decides to take in Omar and Veronica first.

They are shown their new space, which is warm and open with a cohesive orange theme.

It is looking like a proper restaurant.

Lucia is brought in and all the family are moved to tears.

They thank Robert, Tom and Lynn for the work that they have done to the restaurant.

Omar and Veronica let in the waiting guests.

On relaunch, Omar is tested with the orders/

They come in fast and he keeps his cool cooking the dishes patiently and well.

The customers love the dishes.

Lucia gives Omar feedback in the kitchen and he praises her in turn.

Omar is behaving a lot better and the restaurant is running smoothly.

What Happened Next at Amistad Grill?

After the show, Uruguayan food has become the focus of the menu.

Sales increased 35%.

Omar is taking his family’s suggestions and delegating more.

He has upgraded the operating systems.

Omar also hired more staff and Lucia has been managing and training them.

Amistad Grill is open.

Reviews are excellent with praise for the food, service and staff.

Amistad Grill is Restaurant Impossible season 21 episode 7 and aired on 10th June 2022.

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