Grumpy's Diner - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Grumpy's Diner

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Grumpy’s Diner in Madison, Florida.

Grumpy’s Diner is owned and run by Jessica Webb.

She was a real estate agent and took the opportunity to open a restaurant in 2018.

She had no experience beforehand and had to learn on the go.

Her son Justin visited and stayed to join her business along with his wife Jan.

He is now 40 and he feels that his mother is disappointed in him.

She harbours some resentment for him as well so they have had clashes in the past.

She has fired him more than once from the restaurant.

The restaurant is in almost $200,000 of debt.

Robert arrives and the restaurant is in service.

The space is confusing as there are t-shirts and nick nacks on display for sale.

There is a broken jukebox and mixed chairs.

The menu has breakfast and lunch dishes on it.

In the kitchen there is residential grade cooking equipment.

He meets Justin who is cooking and Jan who does not have the cooked food stored properly.

Justin reveals he was the former kitchen manager and Jan is the current one.

Robert is confused and calls Jessica, who says she is the one in charge.

Justin gets upset and leaves for a smoke break in the middle of service.

Robert speaks with Jesssica and tells her she has no leadership.

She is not running the place like it should be.

He sends all the customers home and orders from the menu.

He samples it all in front of Justin, Jan and Jessica.

He likes nothing on the menu and thinks that there are odd combinations.

The menu is too large.

Jessica has heard this before but does not want to change it.

Justin says he had no idea about the debt as he has not been told about it.

He reveals his feelings of being a failure to Robert and he needs time to calm down afterwards.

Robert tries to iron out how Justin’s perception and actions are reinforcing the cycle of failure in the business.

Robert tells him it is all in his head.

Lynn the designer is alone on the design team as Tom has had to take care of his family.

Robert tells Lynn all he wants to change in the space, rearranging the settings.

Volunteers and staff are called in to empty out the space quickly so he can get to work.

While it is empty Robert tells Justin and Jessica it is a blank slate to build something new.

Justin makes known his dislike of the bar area.

Robert gives him a sledgehammer to take his anger out on it.

He does so and feels great afterwards.

Lynn takes charge directing the team on what to work on.

The floor, ceiling and brick wall are all staying.

On learning Justin is a creative Robert gives him a box to perform whatever he wants.

Justin performs a monologue from The Merchant of Venice.

He gets lost in the passion of enjoying himself.

Robert tells him he needs to use that for the restaurant and he needs to believe in himself as a leader.

After this Robert reveals the profit and loss statement to Jessica and Justin.

Their food cost is too high at 50% and their menu is not priced correctly.

Robert checks in on Lynn and he has started work and outlines his plan.

Robert leaves Justin with an assignment to cost some new recipes Robert has put together.

He also wants him to soul search what is holding him back from being productive in the restaurant.

The next morning, Justin has finished the work and can clearly describe how he did it.

Robert gives him a hug to commend him.

Justin reads out his insecurities in the business.

Robert puts Justin forward to expedite on opening night so he can get comfortable with leading.

Jessica also has a list of her expectations of Justin and one of it is him enrolling in a culinary class.

Robert checks in on Lynn who has made great progress on the display wall and extending a counter.

However, more wallpaper is still in the process of being put up.

Robert leaves him to demonstrate new dishes to Jessica and Justin.

There new dishes are a waffle, cheese and ham sandwich, a corned beef quesadilla and a stuffed French toast.

They love all the offerings and cannot wait to start selling them.

The team working on the space and manage to get everything ready on time.

In the evening, Jessica and Justin are taken in to see the new space.

The space has been opened up and looks modern and warm.

There are new tables, chairs, a designated sales corner and a bigger countertop so people cannot see them working.

They love the new changes and thank Lynn.

Justin brings in Jan to see the space next and they are all overwhelmed.

Justin and Jessica invite the customers in and they love the ambiance.

Justin gets to work expediting food and greeting guests.

Jan is cooking properly and sending good food out on time to the compliments from the customers.

Jessica has less to do but watch Justin work and he is happy.

What Happened Next at Grumpy's Diner?

After the show, sales have increased by 30%.

They have hired an experienced cook to help Jan in the kitchen.

Justin is enjoying his new manager role.

Grumpy's Diner is open.

Reviews are very positive with compliments on the atmosphere as well as the food and service.

Grumpy's Diner is Restaurant Impossible season 21 episode 6 and aired on 3rd June 2022.

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