Deno's I-76 - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Deno's I-76

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Deno’s I-76 restaurant in Keenesburg, Colorado.

Deno’s I-76 is owned by Darlene.

It serves American food and breakfast all day.

Missy is the head server and her relationship with Darlene is tense.

Darlene was a server and worked there for years.

She bought the place because the owner was planning on selling and the staff would have lost their jobs.

She saved the jobs but the staff left and the business was slow.

Missy is overworked and needs Darlene’s help.

She takes time to herself and then leaves in the middle of the shift.

Darlene makes the meals and serves the customers herself.

Robert comes in and sees just one server and one cook.

Darlene is overwhelmed and calls her husband to come and help.

Robert meets Darlene and he finds out what has gone wrong and leaves her to get on.

Darlene calls her friend who came to eat.

She ends up helping with serving, while her husband arrives to help.

Robert helps too as it is obvious she is handicapped.

No one knows where the food is going and orders go missing.

Darlene breaks down when talking to Robert.

He calms her down and then orders from the menu.

The food is underwhelming with nothing that could be called good except for the pies.

Robert sits with Darlene to give her feedback and finds out how she became a restaurant owner.

Her story is sad as she has no staff.

Her husband is keeping the business afloat even though it is still losing money.

They are in debt.

Robert takes a list of all Darlene does daily and she has no time off or help.

Robert has seen and heard enough and calls in Tom and Taniya.

Robert is lost in the direction of the renovations as he is worried about Darlene.

They empty everything and Robert tells Darlene that getting help is the first thing they need to do.

Robert meets with his team once again and they have settled on a family-themed truckstop diner.

This will meet the needs of local families and the position of the diner on the highway.

Darlene has started calling people for interviews and when Robert checks in on her it is not going well.

Speaking with her, Robert finds out she has had some health scares, sending her to the hospital and being revived more than once.

Robert gives her some homework.

The next day, he checks in on her first.

She has some interviews lined up and she has also made a peach pie for Robert.

He enjoys the pie and then goes to check in on his design team.

A lot of progress has been made with colours in place including a peach-coloured wall which is coincidental.

They decide to lean into the peach theme.

Robert meets the recruits and sits in on the interviews to make sure Darlene is vetting them properly.

The hopeful cook is taken to the kitchen to cook a meal for them.

Courtney is interviewing for the front-of-house manager.

She is strict with staff which complements Darlene’s softness.

Courtney sits in on the other interviews as that is also her expertise.

Robert leaves them to it and meets with his team who have salvaged a truck front to put in the back bar.

Robert makes it back in time to taste the food from the new cook.

Darlene likes the meal and he is asked to come back in the night for the relaunch.

With hours to go Robert takes Darlene on redoing her menu and recipes.

They add a grilled cheese and tomato soup, a good bacon and beef burger and some pork chops.

Robert has also arranged for Darlene to meet some influencers and the mayor to introduce her pies and hopefully drum up some business.

In the restaurant space, some peach motif wallpapers have been put up.

Darlene happily presents her pies to the gathered crowd saying she will make more pies weekly.

At night, Darlene is taken in to see her new restaurant which is now modern, colourful and warm.

She loves all the changes including the peach wallpaper and she cries.

Darlene wipes her tears before inviting the customers in for the relaunch.

On relaunch, all the new staff work in their designated roles.

Darlene is now an owner and gets to meet with her guests including the mayor.

The cook learned the whole menu in one night and he delivers.

He makes all of the dishes well and there are no complaints from the guests, who love it all.

Darlene is happy at not having to do everything.

What Happened Next at Deno's I-76?

Since the show, sales are up 20%.

They are hiring more staff.

The only thing Darlene does now is make the pies.

Deno's I-76 is closed.

They closed in May 2022.

Reviews were mixed with some complaining of struggling to find the place open when it should be.

Deno's I-76 is Restaurant Impossible season 20 episode 9 and aired on 21st October 2021.

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