Rest Haven - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Rest Haven

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Rest Haven Restaurant in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Rest Haven is a family-owned restaurant owned by Paula.

It is run by her and her son Mathew.

It was opened by Paula’s parents, who bought it after a dream of getting into the business.

Paula had a life outside of the business.

As her parents got older she was left with the burden of helping out in the restaurant.

Her parents eventually passed away.

Paula is very controlling in the business but Mathew wants to modernise it.

He wants to help out but does not want to work for Paula.

Robert arrives at the restaurant and he immediately feels like he has gone back in time.

The dated furnishings are worn out and there is dirt and flies in nooks and crannies.

He meets Paula and she tells him the back story of the ownership of the restaurant.

She only knows the overall figures but does not know the breakdown.

She is only continuing because of her parent’s legacy.

People are brought in so Robert can observe the service.

Robert notices there is no manager in front of the house.

The food is American, not Lebanese like they used to do.

The customers say they like the Lebanese food but it is not good.

It is only the community support that is keeping it open.

Robert finally meets Mathew, who is in school for hospitality management.

Robert tries the menu, going for the Lebanese dishes.

Some of the ingredients used to cook are days old.

He cannot taste anything because they all seem to be made poorly.

He calls Paula to explain and she gives excuses, including the fact that there is no set recipe.

Robert has heard enough and calls in Lynn and Tom.

They cannot guess what type of restaurant it is supposed to be.

After assessing, they agree they have to strip it all down to the studs as there's been no renovation in 60 years.

Robert has to overhaul the restaurant and the menu as well as train Paula on being an owner/manager.

Robert meets with staff to find out more about the processes.

Paula controls most aspects of the day-to-day while not taking on her son’s ideas.

She thinks she has to take on all the new ideas herself and does not want to take on what she does not understand.

She took on her father’s bad practices and Robert tells her she can always delegate and trust her son more.

Robert checks on his team and there is no plan as they are still pulling things down.

They find a fire hazard in the ceiling.

Robert checks on their menu and financials to give Paula an idea of how they are going wrong.

Their plate costs are too high and Paula finally sees things need to change.

Robert meets with Mathew on his own.

He tells Robert that she would likely not implement any changes and that he is committed to the place.

Robert has the mother and son team work on a new Lebanese dish together.

The next day, Robert first checks in on Tom and Lynn.

They have worked all night, made some progress and finally have a design idea.

He checks in on the mother and son, trying the new Lebanese dish and loves it.

The next challenge is teaching the cook to make the Lebanese dishes so Paula can delegate better and be an owner.

Paula does so with the cook Tiffany, cooking it on her own.

Robert arrives to taste the dish and tells Paula it is better than her own, which is great for the business.

Robert proceeds to take them through some Lebanese dishes made with modern recipes and surprising ingredients.

They love the taste of it all and Tiffany says she can learn it all.

With some hours to go, the design team is way behind and needs to rush to finish.

Mathew teaches Paula about the new POS system.

By nightfall, Paula and Mathew are outside waiting with the customers.

Robert takes the mother and son to see the new restaurant.

The space is brighter and open with splashes of colour and plants to give it a modern fresh feel.

They love the changes that the team have made.

On relaunch, customers are let in.

The locals are full of praises for the changes.

Orders start flowing and Paula is finally an owner.

She is overseeing the activities not just in the kitchen.

Maria is interacting with her customers rather than hiding.

The food is great and customers are full of more praise for the dishes.

Mathew is happy his mother has had a transformation that would make him agree to stay at the restaurant.

What Happened Next at Rest Haven?

After the show, Paula is enjoying the new POS system.

Profits are up 35%.

The recipes are finally written down for the kitchen staff to follow.

Paula and Mathew are enjoying managing the place.

Rest Haven is open.

Reviews are very positive especially on the food, service and atmosphere.

Rest Haven is Restaurant Impossible season 20 episode 10 and aired on 28th October 2021.

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