Eddie's - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Eddie's

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Eddie’s in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Eddie’s is currently owned by Mavice.

Her father opened the restaurant in 1978.

He created the recipe for their best seller, a stuffed shrimp dish.

The restaurant is run by her and her family with her children also working at the restaurant.

Her son Bryant and her nephew Jerald work in the kitchen.

Mavice is disorganized and controls all aspects of the restaurant.

Her daughter Britney frequently goes without pay.

Mavice is retired and it is the only job for her brother and cousin who lost his mother.

Robert arrives and problems start when the door does not close properly.

There are broken tiles, peeling walls, disorganized pictures and a worn bar area.

Robert sits with Mavice and Britney and they tell him their history.

Robert asks for numbers and Britney has them for him.

They discuss their signature stuffed shrimp dish.

Robert tries to work out if they are actually making any money from it.

Robert learns they do not open the space to customers.

They work from the window as the building is too worn and she cannot afford to renovate.

Robert sees the original kitchen, which has the original equipment.

He talks them into doing a full service with customers in house.

The customers are let in and Robert meets Bryant.

He quickly sees Mavice talking and running around causing confusion.

The orders come out incomplete and only 6 people have been served in 45 minutes.

Mavice is overwhelmed and clears the kitchen.

Robert goes with Britney outside, who tells him her ideas and fears for the place.

Back into the kitchen Bryant has taken over and the orders are coming out quicker.

Robert closes down the service and orders from the menu.

He tries the stuffed shrimp first and is fairly complimentary.

He is worried that it could be costing them to make rather than making them money.

The other meals are not as good.

He sits with all three of the family.

Robert tells them the shrimp is okay in concept but they are not making it well.

They also aren’t running the kitchen well as it is in chaos.

He compliments Bryant saying he is the hope for the place.

The family consults with each other and they are torn on giving Robert the recipe for the stuffed shrimp.

Robert meets with his design team of Tom and Lynn.

They thought the place was abandoned.

They are not sure anything is salvageable and fear they would have to rebuild.

Staff and volunteers empty out the place and break a few things in the process.

It is upsetting to see especially to Jerald.

While the design team gets to work Robert meets with Bryant.

He wants to take him through what he would be teaching him but the recipe comes up again.

Robert sits with Mavice to once again restate the importance of seeing the recipe so he can cost it.

If not then he will not recommend it to be on the menu for relaunch.

They finally get to compromise for Mavice to make the dish.

Robert will see it and enhance it for them.

Robert checks in on his team and they have an idea moving forward with a floating floor.

He meets with Mavice to convince her to open up the restaurant.

He shows her the amount of money she was losing by missing the opportunity to upsell to customers.

She is finally convinced that they should open the dining room.

Off-camera the stuffed shrimp has been made and Robert makes his enhanced version.

They have a taste test and they love Roberts version of the dish.

He leaves them with homework.

Bryant will be costing each shrimp dish.

Mavice has to write a paragraph on Eddie and they should also work on dividing all their roles.

The next day, Robert meets with the family to hear their assignments.

Mavice wrote a touching piece on her father.

She has also given roles to Bryant, Britney and Jerald who will be in charge of the kitchen, front of house and marketing respectively.

Mavice will be overseeing them but Robert reminds her that she needs to relinquish control.

Bryant has cost the shrimp dish and it costs $3 to make.

He shows that they have been losing money as they sell the dish too low.

Robert leaves them to check on his design team, who have almost finished with the floors and walls.

Robert takes them to the kitchen.

He demonstrates cooking a Southern Cheese Steak, a Blackened Grouper and a Smothered Chicken.

They love the meals and the southern flair that has been added to the dishes.

Robert then teaches Britney how to run front of house and takes Bryant through some more skills in the kitchen.

By sunset, Mavice is taken first into the restaurant to see the changes.

She sees a new upscale looking space that is clean and bright.

As a surprise, the paragraph she wrote on Eddie has been framed and put on the wall.

The children are let in to see the changes to the restaurant.

They are just as shocked at the changes and they are all moved to tears.

They all hug Robert and Tom and Lynn when they come in.

They all agree Bryant should be the one to open the doors to the customers.

On relaunch, the regular customers and Eddie’s wife love the changes.

The family gets into place in their new designated areas.

Britney is managing the staff, Jerald is handling social media and Bryant is commanding the kitchen.

The food is well received and the customers promise to return to the restaurant.

Mavice is so excited by the end of the night for Bryant.

What Happened Next at Eddie's?

After the show, the takeout business is on the back burner.

The dining room is open and full every day.

Two new stuffed shrimp recipes were added to the menu.

Their profits have doubled.

Britney, Bryant and Jerald all manage the restaurant.

Mavice has taken a backseat, only coming in to help roll shrimp from time to time.

Eddie's is open.

Reviews are mixed with some complaints on the price and portion sizes.

Eddie's is Restaurant Impossible season 21 episode 9 and aired on 24th June 2022.

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