Texas Cowboy BBQ - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Texas Cowboy BBQ

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Texas Cowboy BBQ in Abilene, Texas.

Texas Cowboy BBQ is owned by George.

He was originally from Albania and moved with his parents to the US.

George gained experience working with his brother-in-law, who ran 7 restaurants.

While working with him he met his wife Taylor.

When she became pregnant he found out that he had cancer.

He named his son George thinking he might not survive.

He survived treatment and to celebrate they decided to buy a restaurant.

They did well for 2 years but they had a downturn that is now putting strain on their relationship.

Robert arrives during a service but no one greets him.

He sees that there are barrels used on tables, there is smoke in the room and the vents are dusty.

He orders from the menu and meets Taylor, who serves him.

The brisket is too tough, not seasoned enough and is too smokey.

The mashed potatoes are runny and the pork tastes nice but the food all tastes the same.

Robert asks the customers in the space if they like the food.

The response is not good as they say they can make it better at home.

He empties the restaurant of customers and meets Taylor and George.

He gives them feedback and Geroge disagrees on every point despite the customers’ reaction.

He learns about their background and how George took over the restaurant from his brother-in-law with $10,000.

They tell of their pressures and how they have lost because George is not managing the restaurant well.

There is friction and as Taylor tells of how he is missing out on his children he starts to cry.

Robert brings in his design team of Tom and Lynn.

They are underwhelmed by the space and are bemused by the barrel tables.

Staff and volunteers are brought in to clear out the space and rip it all down.

Robert brings in George and he has put in his brisket in a blind taste test along with some of his competition.

After tasting it all George picks his competitors brisket as the best tasting.

Robert is shown the smoker used for the meats and he can identify the problem immediately.

George finally sees the problem.

Robert leaves to sit with Taylor to find out George does not trust her with the business.

Despite the fact that she has been a charge nurse in charge of up to 10 nurses.

Robert checks in on the design team and they have built a banquette.

They show Robert their plans for the place and he is happy with it.

Robert sits with George and goes through an exercise.

He shows him photos of his wife from their wedding day and his recovery from cancer.

George is emotional and Robert points out Taylor is the common factor to the most challenging and happiest times of his life.

He points out family is more important than the business and he should repair that.

George goes to reconnect with Taylor and they cry together with George apologizing.

Robert interrupts them to give them an assignment.

He wants Taylor to come up with ideas for the business and for George to spend time with the family.

The next day, Robert comes in and sits with the couple.

They had a nice night together as a family.

George has agreed to one day off every week for family time.

Taylor has some ideas on her role.

She will do front of house management and managing the budget so George focuses on food alone.

Robert is happy with this and promises to train Taylor on properly costing dishes.

Robert checks in on his design team and they make progress.

They have added more work as they need to change some old cabinets that no longer match.

Robert leaves them to train Taylor on the finances and gives her a small task.

Robert's team meanwhile upgraded George’s brisket recipe.

Robert has the couple in the kitchen and she has costed 3 meals.

She presents these and George finally says he trusts her.

Robert demonstrates three new dishes that will be added to the menu.

They are a Jalapeno Mushroom Pasta, a Jalapeno Popper Sandwich and a Baked Potato Smoked Turkey.

One hour until the opening the team is hard at work but still behind.

They finish just in time and by sundown Robert lets the couple in.

The restaurant is now an upscale modern and ambient space with new lighting and furnishing.

They are shocked by the changes and love it all.

They hug Tom and Lynn when they come in.

On relaunch, the couple let in the customers.

Taylor is managing the front of house and speaking with customers.

George is encouraging and focused in the kitchen.

The customers have nothing but compliments on the dishes coming out.

What Happened Next at Texas Cowboy BBQ?

After the show, sales are up 30%.

Taylor is happy with her new responsibilities.

George closes the restaurant once a week for family time.

Texas Cowboy BBQ is closed.

They closed in early 2023.

Reviews were mixed after the show.

It appears they struggled to find staff after their BBQ chef passed away.

Texas Cowboy BBQ is Restaurant Impossible season 21 episode 10 and aired on 1st July 2022.

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