Fun Time Cafe - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Fun Time Cafe

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Fun Time Cafe in Joshua, Texas.

Fun Time Cafe is owned by Wayne and Carmen.

They are a couple and Wayne is a former oil rig worker.

He and his wife work in the kitchen and do not get along.

They are under pressure as money is very tight.

Robert arrives and he is confused by the two names at the entrance.

He is also unsure about the many stuffed animals on the wall.

There are old refrigerators hidden behind curtains and dirty floors.

He likens the space to a cow shed.

Robert asks the customers about their feedback.

The food takes a long time to come out and much of it is sent back.

There is no one taking care of the customers so Robert goes into the kitchen.

He is surprised by how quiet it is in the kitchen.

Wayne and Carmen are working and the atmosphere is tense.

Wayne soon starts shouting at Carmen and the other staff.

Robert wants to try the food and orders from the menu.

The food is disappoints.

The burger is overcooked and tastes freezer burned.

The chicken breast is over-seasoned and the pork chops are salty.

Most of the food is overseasoned and ruined by the taste of the salt.

Robert gives the owners feedback, being emphatic by pouring fistfuls of salt on the dishes.

They claim to taste the food but do not admit it is not good.

They tell Robert their story of how they met and started the business.

Robert brings in Tom and Lynn to discuss the design brief.

They note all the things that they need to change and get rid of, which includes the mounted animal heads.

The space is emptied and Wayne is emotional seeing it empty.

While the team gets to work on the space, Robert takes the owners aside to find out more about the processes.

There is no clear leader in the kitchen or front of the house.

He tasks them with deciding on this as well as Wayne changing the way he communicates.

Robert’s Executive chefs come in and get the brief for the new menu.

The design team have worked out what they are working towards and show Robert.

He is happy with what they have planned for the space.

Carmen works with the chefs on her ideas and they make them better.

Robert takes Carmen aside for a one-on-one with an interpreter so she can fully express herself.

She is not happy in the restaurant or how Wayne is putting it before her.

Wayne is brought in and their relationship is brought up as Wayne is neglecting his family.

He is made to understand and he resolves to do better.

They are also given the assignment of deciding on a new name.

They got the name randomly and it meant nothing to them.

On day 2, progress has been made with the redesign.

Robert meets the couple and the children, who are in college.

The name they decide on is CW Authentic Tex Mex.

Robert likes it and he leaves them to check in on the design team.

They have made headway but still have a ways to go.

He joins the couple as they address their staff.

Wayne apologises to his staff and says he will be front of house manager.

Carmen will be in charge of the kitchen.

They also unveil the new name.

The staff go ahead to prepare for the opening.

The couple is taken through making some Tex Mex dishes with Mexican twists.

The dishes look great and according to the couple also taste amazing.

Robert then checks on the design team for the last time and hustles them along while helping.

By sunset, the couple is let into the new space which is cooler, softer, and brighter with better ambience.

It is a mix of Mexico and Texas with barn doors to cover the refrigerators and a few animal heads brought back.

The customers are let in for the relaunch and regulars love the changes.

On relaunch, Wayne is leading and directing the staff, while also attending to guests.

Carmen is happy in the kitchen, cooking without disruptions.

The customers love all the food and promise to return.

What Happened Next at Fun Time Cafe?

After the show, profits are up 29%.

The couple is happy working in their new roles.

They manage to find time to spend together as a family.

Fun Time Cafe / CWs is open.

They have kept the new name.

Reviews are mostly positive since the episode was filmed.

Fun Time Cafe is Restaurant Impossible season 20 episode 2 and aired on 2nd September 2021.

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