Momma Pearl's Cajun Kitchen - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Momma Pearl's Cajun Kitchen

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Momma Pearl’s Cajun Kitchen in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Momma Pearl’s Cajun Kitchen is owned by Robert Brunet and his wife Becky.

He runs it with his wife and named it after his mother.

He had a software job but lost it and used his retirement to start a restaurant cooking Cajun dishes.

It has never made money and they are losing $4000 a month.

They lost their retirement and owe back taxes.

Becky has 32 years of experience in the hospitality industry but Robert does not allow her to contribute to management.

However, he took her savings to keep the business going.

Chef Robert arrives and he is confused at seeing a store by the entrance.

He thinks that the space does not look Cajun at all.

He speaks with the owners about their inspiration for the restaurant.

Owner Robert is in denial of how bad the situation is and Robert can see how he steamrolls over his wife.

Chef Robert sends him away because he is annoying and he cries in the kitchen.

Becky tells Chef Robert he is narcissistic and stubborn and has an alter-ego called ‘Chef BB’.

Chef BB is on all of their media, restaurant and marketing materials.

Robert promises to give her husband a dose of reality.

The customers are let in and Becky tends to them professionally.

The kitchen staff are great at working together and work quickly.

Owner Robert on the other hand, rings the bell too many times and annoys the staff.

Chef Robert quizzes him on the numbers and he admits not costing them properly.

He lashes out at being called out on the mistake.

Chef Robert leaves to empty the restaurant of customers and orders dishes from the menu that he wants to try.

He hates all of the food, spitting most of it out.

He gives the couple feedback and owner Robert does not accept it.

Robert sends Becky away, while he tells him some truths including the fact he does not like him.

Owner Robert tells his life story and Robert seems to connect with him.

This was until he says that the restaurant needs only one leader and he does not need Becky’s input.

Robert believes the alter ego is to blame for the stubbornness.

The design team is Tom and Lynn.

They are let in and they are confused by the space as it used to be a sports bar.

Robert wants to keep the murals on the wall and they agree to make it better and possibly frame them.

The staff and the community empty the space.

Owner Robert tries to apologise to his wife but it does not go down well.

Chef Robert then gives the staff an assignment to write down all they like and dislike about the owners attitude.

The design team in the meantime have decided to add some more murals and open up the space.

Robert meets with the couple to show the husband the cards.

There are a lot of negatives and owner Robert is in disbelief.

The owner, without the alter ego has positives but it is all outweighed by the bad.

Becky complains that she has been telling him for years but he never listened.

It all finally gets through to him as he cries to his wife and takes off his Chef BB jacket.

Chef Robert wants him to be the positive side everyone sees from then on.

Overnight, the design team keep working and Robert is loving the changes so far.

He isn’t pleased with the mural framing, which is not looking good and he opts to cover it up.

Chef Robert goes to sit with the couple and owner Robert tells him he is finally ready to shed that image and be better.

Chef Robert makes him burn the Chef BB jacket along with the negative notes.

Back in the restaurant, Chef Robert takes the couple through some Cajun dishes with twists.

They sample the new dishes and they taste sublime.

The team work hard for the final hour before reopening.

They barely make it in time and by sunset, Chef Robert takes them in to see their new space.

They are pleasantly surprised at the changes.

It is a much more colourful space with the old murals covered and new crawfish murals, plants and no more sports bar screens.

It is modern and classy and they love it.

Robert gives him a new chef’s jacket with his real name on it.

On relaunch, the customers are let in and they love the new look.

The staff work well together and shine during the service.

Becky introduces herself as an owner while owner Robert in the kitchen is more respectful.

The food sent out to customers gets nothing but compliments.

There are even suggestions for new Cajun dishes to be added to the menu, which Robert is receptive to.

Becky finally feels heard.

What Happened Next at Momma Pearl's Cajun Kitchen?

After the show, sales went up.

Owner Robert was working on his financials and marriage.

However, Chef BB returned and the sales dropped.

A number of the staff quit, only his wife stayed by him hoping he will change again.

Momma Pearl's Cajun Kitchen is open.

Reviews are mostly positive with compliments on the food and service.

Momma Pearl's Cajun Kitchen is Restaurant Impossible season 20 episode 3 and aired on 9th September 2021.

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