KC's BBQ - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible KC's BBQ

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits KC’s BBQ in Berkeley, California.

KC’s BBQ is owned by Patrick Davis and his daughter Kristen Davis.

It is a family business that was handed down from Vernell Davis who originally opened the place.

Kristen initially followed her dreams.

Patrick took over from his father but there was a fire.

She had to come back and help them rebuild along with the community.

A year after the fire they were back in business.

Initially, the relaunch was successful but the interest phased out.

Patrick is still in debt and he feels guilty about the 50-year-old business crumbling in his hands.

Robert arrives and he sees the place is not in the best state with old furnishings and dirty floors.

Robert finds Patrick and Kristen and sits with them to hear their story.

It is revealed there was no insurance in place when the fire happened.

Kristen tears up because they hardly talk about it.

They are both in debt to the restaurant individually but the tax payments are up to date.

Robert finally decides to test if Patrick is as good as he says he is with barbecue.

Service begins and Robert sees they have a modern POS system so the front of the house is okay.

In the kitchen, he sees Patrick working and he is throwing away the best parts of the meat.

Robert talks with Patrick's sister and finds out more about the family.

He confronts Patrick about losing his passion and the atmosphere of the restaurant.

He thinks it is depressing and this touches him.

Robert respectfully closes the place and samples several items from the menu.

He thinks that the mac and cheese are awful and the collard greens are undercooked.

The brisket is not flavourful.

There are no vegetarian options, even though California has more vegetarians dining out.

Patrick and Kristen accept the feedback.

The design team of Tom and Taniya are brought in.

Robert explains the history of the restaurant with the pictures on the wall.

The theme is history and legacy to honour the father and the first restaurant that burned down.

With the help of the community, they empty the place.

Kristen explains the photographs to Taniya so she has more to work with.

There is also a plaque with the names of donors who helped rebuild the restaurant.

Robert meets with Patrick and Kristen to convince them to embrace change and let go of the past.

Robert checks in on Tom and Taniya, who have some photos of the original restaurant.

They are bringing back elements with some retro additions.

They plan to add some hipster-friendly elements to fit in with the area.

Robert educates Patrick on how much he is losing by tossing out burnt brisket ends.

He finally listens and is happy there is a market for it and that can make more money.

Robert talks to Kristen alone and has her get their family to write touching messages to Patrick on heart-shaped cards.

The next day, Robert meets with Patrick and Kristen at the old location.

It is hard for Patrick to be there.

Kristen reads out the messages while Robert staples them into the wall of the old restaurant.

Patrick is moved and is finally ready for change.

Back at the restaurant, the ceiling is still not done.

The space is small and they are on top of each other and trying to work fast.

Robert is not happy about the pace.

He checks on the kitchen where Patrick has created a dish with leftover burnt ends.

Robert tastes it and he loves it, and so does Kristen who is proud of him.

Robert shows them some more new dishes including a Salmon dish, a Cali sandwich and a brisket taco.

They love the new dishes and cannot wait to start serving them.

The workers are hustling to finish up the renovations but they are still behind.

Patrick uses the time to brush up on the new menu.

They finish it off just in time.

Patrick and Kristen are ready waiting outside and Robert lets them in.

The restaurant is vibrant and full of colour and character.

There is a modern retro feel, with a community table right in the middle to encourage larger parties.

Patrick’s father Vernell and his wife are let in.

They love all the changes and the pictures that were brought back in.

Patrick lets the customers in and the regulars love all the changes while the new faces feel welcome.

Patrick changes into his apron and makes dishes from the new menu.

On relaunch, the customers love all the new dishes and have nothing but good things to say.

The food is full of flavour now.

The feedback is they love the Cali sandwich and they want more vegetarian dishes.

What Happened Next at KC's BBQ?

After the show, Patrick has a renewed passion for the restaurant.

The restaurant is thriving with customers loving the new menu and burnt ends.

Patrick has been receptive to Kristen’s ideas and is working on new recipes.

KC's BBQ is closed.

They closed in April 2023.

They closed due to the economy affecting running costs, produce costs and a fall in footfall.

Reviews were mostly positive about the food and service.

KC's BBQ is Restaurant Impossible season 20 episode 5 and aired on 23rd September 2021.

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