Delkwood Grill - Help My Yelp Update - Open or Closed?

Help My Yelp The Delkwood Grill

In this Help My Yelp episode, Monti Carlo visits Delkwood Grill in Marietta, Georgia.

Delkwood Grill is owned by Dawn Benz.

Just a few minutes away, construction on a major sports stadium is nearly complete.

This promises to bring new life to local restaurants like The Delkwood Grill.

However, their average three star rating surrounded by four star options is keeping it on the sidelines.

This stadium has the potential to bring in over 3million hungry baseball fans.

Dawn that they serve American fare and have great burgers.

They also have wings and pot roast baked in the oven, just like mom used to make.

The restaurant is empty despite it being a Saturday.

Dawn says she hasn’t done anything yet to attract the crowd from the stadium.

The Delkwood does not exist in the millennial world.

Dawn says that she isn’t sure how to get the new generation in here.

Dawn’s father opened Delkwood Grill in 1988.

Business was booming when he ran the restaurant.

Unfortunately, they lost their dad around 10 years ago.

The restaurant is exactly the same as it was when Dawn’s dad was there.

Dawn says if it’s not broken, don’t fix it and she hasn’t changed a thing.

Monti says she needs to see what is going on in the kitchen.

She wants to try the burger that she claims they are famed for.

Monti says that this burger is perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper.

However as Chris overhandled the meat, it’s absolutely dry.

Monti tells them she is going to install some surveillance cameras.

She wants to see the reality of what’s actually happening in the restaurant.

Monti tells them she will have some elite Yelp reviewers come in to review the restaurant.

Dawn says that this experience is frightening.

She doesn’t know if she wants to see everything that is going on behind the scenes.

The Yelp reviewers are not happy with the restaurant.

The burger looks like it is made out of cardboard and doesn’t taste much better.

They wrap up the hidden camera surveillance and sit down with the owner.

They will get to hear what the Yelpers think of their experience at the restaurant.

Dawn is very worried about this because the Yelp reviewers scare her.

They give the restaurant an average of 2 stars.

Monti says that they will have them ready for when the stadium opens.

Monti says she is ready to get her hands dirty by fixing the issues at Delkwood Grill.

Monti tells Paul she wants him to start watching his language.

She gives him a swear jar and he will put money in whenever he swears.

Monti shows Chris the right way to make the burgers that will improve the taste and appearance.

Dawn says she hates change and that it’s very hard to change from the way they have always done things.

The burgers aren’t the only problem at the Delkwood Grill.

They’ve also been getting a lot of complaints about the pot roast.

Monti shows them a new recipe for the pot roast.

She massages the pot roast with siracha.

Dawn says that the pot roast tastes amazing.

The next service is about to begin and the changes that have been made will be trialed.

Monti is sending in another round of Yelp reviewers.

This time, those reviews are going to count as they will be posted.

Chris quickly goes back to the old ways of making burgers.

He seems resistant to changing to the new ways.

Monti heads into the restaurant.

She tells Chris to stop using the press and hides it from him.

The customers like the pot roast and the new recipe.

Monti tells Dawn and the staff that she feels like they really went beyond during the service.

She tells them about the Yelp reviewers.

She tells them the reviews.

Overall, they got three stars.

This is an improvement on the previous score.

Dawn says that she thought she was a little more modern than she obviously is.

Monti tells her that you don’t fix a restaurant overnight.

You incorporate little fixes throughout time to slowly improve and keep at it.

What Happened Next at Delkwood Grill?

Two months later, the Home Run Butter Burger is cleaning up.

The swear jar remains and only occasionally has money in it.

Dawn is engaging the younger generation and responding to Yelp reviews.

Delkwood Grill is open.

Their Yelp score is still a three.

The reviews either seem to be five star or one star.

Reviews in 2022 onwards are mostly five star reviews.

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