Help My Yelp Open or Closed?

Help My Yelp Open or Closed

Help My Yelp is a restaurant makeover reality tv show that features Monti Carlo visiting restaurants over the USA.

The restaurants have low Yelp star ratings and are reviewed by Yelp reviewers before she arrives and given a star rating.

Monti identifies the issues at the restaurant and fixes them before relaunching the restaurant.

Yelp reviewers then review the restaurant again and give a second star rating.

Help My Yelp aired in 2017 on The Food Network and a second season has yet to be announced.

In this post you will find a list of all the restuarants featured on Help My Yelp, whether the restaurants are open or closed with further information and episode recaps.

Help My Yelp Season 1

6 Restaurants

Aired: April to May 2017

Barbeque Street is closed.

They closed in 2019.

Their Yelp Reviews didn't improve after the show.

They had a 3.5 star rating by the time they closed.

Paco's Tacos is closed.

They closed in 2017.

Their Yelp reviews had declined dramatically shortly before closure.

The Spot closed in 2018.

They had a 3 star Yelp score at the time of closure.

An improvement of half a star from before the show.

Reviews seem to suggest that the service was well below standard.

Delkwood Grill is open.

Their Yelp score is still a three.

The reviews either seem to be five star or one star.

Reviews in 2022 onwards are mostly five star reviews.

They closed in late 2020.

Their Yelp rating was a 3 star average at the time of closure.

Reviews seemed to be a solid 4/5 star in the 6 months leading to their closure.

Fresco Da Franco is open.

They currently have 3.5 stars on Yelp.

Reviews are mostly positive or average.

The one star reviews seem to have had issues with the service.

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