Fresco Da Franco - Help My Yelp Update - Open or Closed?

Help My Yelp Fresco Da Franco

In this Help My Yelp episode, Monti Carlo visits Fresco Da Franco in Montclair, New Jersey.

Fresco Da Franco is owned by Franco.

Montclair, New Jersey is home to housewives and hipsters.

The owner, Franco wants what is best for his restaurant.

He is just not sure how to improve things at the restaurant.

Monti needs to get to the root of the problems that they have.

She has surveillance cameras set up all over the restaurant to capture every moment.

Franco says that Fresco starts with the highest quality of food and service.

He says that some people are really hard on them with the reviews.

Franco says that this restaurant is an unforgettable dining experience.

It used to be a great little restaurant with amazing service and awesome food.

Monti meets with Franco at the restaurant.

Monti has six Yelpers in the restaurant reviewing the food and service right now.

She shows him the surveillance footage from their tables.

They think that the menu is way too long and the food is bland.

The customers are so unimpressed that they are spitting out the food.

Monti thinks they need to speak to their Yelpers.

The Yelpers read the reviews to Franco.

They give an average of 2 stars.

Monti says that she doesn’t think that the staff are well trained.

The menu is too big for the kitchen to execute dishes to perfection.

None of these reviews will be posted but it gives them an idea of how they are doing.

Monti’s first step is tackling the menu.

She plans to reduce the menu from 50 dishes to just 20 dishes.

Monti and Franco sit down with the servers.

She explains the reviews to them and tells them some of the issues were with service.

Ronnie says he is lucky he has a job here because he hasn’t been the best employee.

Monti says that they have the opportunity here to do something remarkable.

Before they open, Monti wants to get into the kitchen.

The Yelper’s had some big issues with the food’s flavor and consistency.

She will work with the staff on adding flavor to the dishes.

Monti shows the cook how to properly make the dishes on the menu.

Whether Franco likes it or not, Monti has made some changes to the restaurant.

It’s time to open up for dinner service.

Franco is under the impression that they want to monitor the progress at his restaurant.

He doesn’t know that Monti have invited six new Yelpers to dine there.

This time their reviews will get posted onto Yelp.

Monti shows Franco the new reduced in size menu.

Franco admits that he doesn’t like change.

It’s going to be a busy Friday night at Fresco.

Franco is in charge of expediting in the kitchen.

He will be the person coordinating the flow of food from the kitchen to the dining room.

Monti heads to the back of the restaurant to watch her six hungry Yelpers have dinner.

Franco has abandoned his post in the kitchen and is nowhere to be found.

The tables are sitting and waiting for their food.

There’s no food on the tables and Franco has walked out.

Monti heads inside the restaurant.

She is forced to start expediting so that the diners receive their food.

Monti confronts Franco about him walking out of the kitchen.

Franco says he thinks Monti is out of line.

Monti says that you cannot leave the staff like this.

She also says that his staff are looking for a leader and Franco is not there for them.

Monti says that she knows Franco is used to getting his way.

Monti says she did all that she could do.

The dinner service is finished.

Monti reveals to the staff and Franco that she had undercover Yelpers here.

Fresco earned an average of 3.5 stars

Franco was able to pull it together for one night.

Only time will tell how committed he is to his restaurant and his staff.

What Happened Next at Fresco Da Franco?

Two months later, Franco has been serving as executive chef every weekend.

He hopes to reach 4-stars this year.

Chef Marco continues to bloom the pepper.

Fresco Da Franco is open.

They currently have 3.5 stars on Yelp.

Reviews are mostly positive or average.

The one star reviews seem to have had issues with the service.

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