Paco’s Tacos - Help My Yelp Update - Open or Closed?

Help My Yelp Pacos Tacos

In this Help My Yelp episode, Monti Carlo visits Paco’s Tacos in Brooklyn, New York.

Paco’s Tacos is owned by Ricky and Danny.

The restaurant has two stars on Yelp.

The situation is that there are two Italian guys running a Mexican restaurant.

Before they bought the restaurant, they had never even tasted Mexican food, let alone cooked it.

Ricky says that if two years ago you would’ve told him he had a Mexican restaurant, he wouldn’t have believed you.

Danny says he didn’t know how popular Mexican food was because he never had it before.

He now eats Mexican food every day and is converted to the cuisine.

Ricky says that there are plenty of Italian restaurants, especially in their neighborhood.

They don’t need another one so they decided to stand out with a different cuisine.

The signature dishes at the restaurant are the Chicken Guadalajara, steak Durango and the Paco taco.

Based on their low Yelp reviews, it’s a miracle they are still in business.

It’s dinner time at Paco’s Tacos and Monti wants to see a service.

Monti has invited a number of local Yelp reviewers to the restaurant for a service and to give feedback on the food.

Monti’s Yelpers are already inside the restaurant.

They aren’t impressed with the food that they have ordered.

The steak is very chewy and the sauce is great but it’s Italian.

Danny is drinking on the job and not acting like an owner should be.

Monti has seen enough of the service to see where they issues are.

Monti sits down with Ricky and Danny.

Ricky says that when it comes to food, taste is different for everyone.

Monti tells them about the undercover Yelp reviewers, who were reviewing the food.

The Yelp reviewers say that the food felt like Italian food trying to be Mexican.

They should rename this place Luigi’s Tacos.

The next day at Paco’s Taco’s and Monti is taking over to make changes.

Her first move is to make changes to the menu.

She gets rid of anything on the menu that does not fit their brand.

Monti wants to get rid of anything that would confuse diners as to it being an Italian restaurant.

Monti is working with Paco to fix the flavors of the food and to make the dishes taste Mexican.

Monti says that you must taste the food constantly when cooking.

Danny says that this is the first time he has eaten guacamole.

Monti shows them how to properly cut the beef for their dishes.

The food tastes great and tastes more like Mexican food should taste.

Next, they have to ensure that the service is great too.

They have shortened the menu and improved their cooking techniques.

While Danny and Ricky make their final preparations, the staff are prepping as well.

Under the ruse of monitoring the changes, they are once again setting up surveillance cameras.

There will be six new Yelpers coming in to review the changes that they have made.

Danny says he is ready and he will be talking to the tables.

Monti says she loves Ricky and Danny and she is hoping for their success.

Ricky thanks her for her confidence in the pair.

The new menu is concise, to the point, and easy to sell.

The dinner service has officially begun and their first Yelper is walking through the door.

Danny disappoints the customers as he does not know what kind of tequila they sell.

The guests say that the sauce taste like Vicks VapoRub.

This is because they aren’t tasting the food in the kitchen before they send it out.

Monti heads to the kitchen to find out what is going wrong.

The food isn’t coming out right and the execution is off.

Ricky says that this is a good day to start drinking on the job.

Their coordination in the kitchen needs a little work.

The flan was dropped and all of the flan is on the floor.

The dinner service is over and it was not a success.

Ricky and Danny did not know about the Yelpers.

Monti tells them that there were 6 reviewers in the restaurant to review the changes.

Their reviews will be posted after the service.

You can tell that the staff cares about the food and the restaurant as they are upset.

The Yelpers saw a big improvement from the first ones but it was still reviewed lower than they would like.

Danny says that the future of the restaurant looks bright.

What Happened Next at Paco’s Tacos?

Two months after the show, Paco’s Tacos has earned an average 3.2 stars from their Yelp reviews.

Paco's Tacos is closed.

They closed in 2017.

Their Yelp reviews had declined dramatically shortly before closure.

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