My Brother’s Bar - Restaurant Recovery Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Recovery My Brother’s Bar

In this Restaurant Recovery episode, Todd Graves visits My Brother’s Bar in Denver, Colorado.

My Brother’s Bar is owned by Danny Newman.

Denver, Colorado is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.

For bars and restaurants in downtown, business was booming until the pandemic devastated the industry.

Interior seating is still being restricted to 50% capacity.

Businesses are relying on outdoor seating to make up the extra capacity.

However, with low winter temperatures can make outdoor dining next to impossible.

One local legend that faces this seasonal challenge is My Brother’s Bar.

Owner Danny and his parents have been running the bar for the last four years.

The restaurant has been continuously serving since 1873.

This is even longer than Colorado has been a state.

Todd wants to make sure this bar survives the winter.

He also wants to keep them going for generations to come.

The bar plays classical music.

They are known for their burgers.

It’s only been called My Brother’s Bar since 1970.

It was originally founded as Highland House in 1873.

The restaurant has been in continuous operation since then.

It survived for generations because it’s a great place to hang out.

Customers love being around the staff.

Danny’s mom Paula Newman started working at the restaurant in 1985.

Danny went from his tech start-up job to being at the restaurant.

Going into 2020, they had record numbers of customers.

Then COVID hit and they were forced to shut down.

Danny took over everything to keep his parents safe.

They are trying to keep the restaurant alive.

The problem they have is that nobody wants to sit out in a snowstorm.

They are a hundred percent dependent on the weather as to how busy they will be.

Todd says that this is a place worth saving.

Danny says they are looking for advice and need all the help they can get.

Todd loves Danny’s attitude and his want to improve.

Todd sits down with Danny and tries some of the food.

Due to COVID, Danny and his wife have been living separately for six months now.

Todd says that the restaurant is a place worth saving.

Todd doesn’t know if they will make it through the winter with how it is doing right now.

To help Todd over the next 48-hours, he has brought in Michele Butler-Thuo.

Todd wants to bring the bar experience to the outside.

More seats means more revenue for them.

They also need to winter proof it all so they can use the outside space.

Being a team, they need to divide and conquer and they have to get this done.

Todd video chats with Danny’s parents.

Paula says that Danny has always been special.

With the whole family on the way, they have to make one last push to finish on time.

Todd is very excited about the tent as it will protect the customers from the elements.

Their vision is coming together.

Todd tells Dave and Paula that it is great to see them in person.

They felt like this is is too special for them to miss.

Todd shows them their new bar.

Danny says that the new outdoor seating is magical.

Paula says that this is going to save them.

Danny is blown away with how much space they now have.

Danny says it feels fantastic out here.

Todd shows them their winter tent.

The tent is wired to play classical music.

Todd says he thinks it is time to get this place reopened.

Danny video chats with his wife to show her the changes.

Danny says that they are going to get through this.

Denver loves My Brother’s Bar.

Todd is confident that they will make it through the winter.

What Happened Next at My Brother’s Bar?

My Brother’s Bar is open.

Reviews are mostly positive.

The new patio is very popular with customers.

Danny added even more pods to the expanded outdoor space.

The burgers are their best sellers and are highly reviewed.

They restored their late night hours in 2023.

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