Poor Boy Lloyd’s - Restaurant Recovery Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Recovery Poor Boy Lloyd’s

In this Restaurant Recovery episode, Todd Graves visit Poor Boy Lloyd’s in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Poor Boy Lloyd’s is owned by Fred and Shirley Taylor.

Baton Rouge is the city that Todd calls home.

Located on the Mississippi, Baton Rouge is a center for industry, state government and Louisiana State University.

Todd says he loves this city and wants to help it where he can.

However, since the pandemic started, Todd has seen the people, the businesses, and the restaurants struggle.

Todd says that it gets harder to watch what is happening to the city every day.

Poor Boy Lloyd’s is in danger of becoming another restaurant forced to close because of the pandemic.

It is located just a few blocks from Raising Cane’s headquarters.

It is one of Todd’s favorite lunchtime spots and he regularly visits.

Poor Boy Lloyd’s is a traditional South Louisiana seafood restaurant.

For Todd, the stakes have never been higher as it is close to home.

He can’t allow for a restaurant so important to his community and to his heart to close.

Fred and Shirley own the restaurant.

Rachel and Dean help out in the restaurant.

Poor Boy Lloyd’s has been open since 1967.

Fred bought the restaurant back in 1986.

Poor Boy Lloyd’s has always been a place where people like to gather.

Fred made it what it is today when he took over the restaurant.

Everything was great in 2019 and before the pandemic.

When COVID hit, it changed everything for them.

They were not able to cover their expenses.

Fred has worked for years to establish the place and keep it on the map.

Due to the pandemic, they aren’t sure how they will survive if they are forced to remain closed.

Todd says he has come here all his life and he has never seen it with no people in it.

It depresses him to see the restaurant so empty.

Poor Boy Lloyd’s is special to anyone that works or comes to downtown Baton Rouge.

Todd comes there often to enjoy their Cajun seafood dishes.

They are behind by around twenty thousand dollars right now.

Sometimes they loan money to their employees to help them if they need it.

Todd says he is here to fight with them too.

This restaurant has a good take-out process.

They just don’t have enough customers to be replacing their regular trade with it.

Todd invites Shaq inside the restaurant.

Pre-COVID, they did not do any marketing as they relied on word of mouth.

Shaq says that this is one of those legendary places that you treasure.

Fred gives Todd the keys.

Todd brings in Zachary Corbin to help make the place more pandemic friendly.

They begin remodeling the restaurant.

They are making it COVID-19 safe.

Todd says that the new restaurant will be even more popular in the Baton Rouge area.

He meets with representatives from iHeart Media.

Todd has Fred and Shirley go on to a local radio show to promote the restaurant.

Todd shows the family their newly remodelled restaurant.

Dean says that it looks awesome.

Todd shows them the mural they have added to the building.

Dean says it is beautiful what Todd has done.

Todd says they did a great job with their first live radio broadcast.

All the listeners from the greater Baton Rouge area got to hear it.

iHeart radio will be doing a radio marketing campaign for them.

Over 3,000 listeners are going to hear about the restaurant for the next six months.

This is a marketing package worth around $25,000.

Todd will take care of $20,000 of their debts to help them be able to catch up.

Todd says he thinks they need to get the place reopened now.

Poor Boy Lloyd’s is back and better than ever.

Todd is proud of this family.

Dean says that since COVID-19 hit they haven’t had the energy that they want at Poor Boy Lloyd’s.

Dean thanks Todd for doing what he did to assist them and to get them through the pandemic.

Before Todd came, they were sitting on edge of closure.

Dean thinks that business can get back to where it was.

Fred says that they will be alright.

What Happened Next at Poor Boy Lloyd’s?

Poor Boy Lloyd’s is open.

Reviews are positive.

The gumbo and roast beef poboy are highly regarded menu items.

This post was last updated in August 2023.

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