Odell Lake Resort - Resort Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Resort Rescue Odell Lake Resort

In this Resort Rescue episode, Shane Green visits the Odell Lake Resort in Crescent, Oregon.

Odell Lake Resort is owned by Jon Ditgen.

For the past ten years, Jon’s really been struggling to get the resort turned around.

The Odell Lake Lodge is nestled at the foot of the Cascade Mountains.

They have seven hotel rooms, 13 cabins and a campground.

There is also a lakefront for fishing and tubing and miles of nature trails for hiking and horseback riding.

Jon has invested $750,000 into the hotel.

Jon says he, his wife and three boys bought the resort ten years ago.

He didn’t have any experience in the lodging and hospitality industry.

Jon figured the beautiful setting and outdoor activities would keep his resort filled to capacity.

He was wrong.

To make matters worse, Jon’s marriage was suffering at the time of purchase.

Shortly after buying the resort, Jon and his wife divorced.

At that same time, there was a big downturn in the economy.

Last year they hit rock bottom.

The negative reviews were flooding in.

Members of staff were quitting all around him.

Jon was forced to ask his three sons to work at the resort.

Jon says the success of this resort means everything when you’ve dumped your life savings into it.

Shane explains his process and Jon hands over the keys.

His team moves in to blanket the resort with full video and audio coverage.

Shane’s cameras have a lot of ground to cover.

Shane says they’re going to fix this failing resort from the inside out.

Shane has Harry check in to the hotel.

Harry says that the lodge itself has so much potential.

The first key issue Shane sees here is a bad first impression.

When guests enter a resort, they want to feel relaxed and welcome.

With all the hooks, lures, and mounted fish, entering this resort is like entering Nemo’s worst nightmare.

Gabbi has an attitude.

This is frustrating the staff.

The chef Billy Ray arrives late and insults the staff.

The cabin is a mess.

They are failing to inspect the cabins and there is no attention to detail.

One issue a resort can’t afford to have is a weak general manager.

There is a lack of accountability, allowing for a miserable work environment, dirty rooms, and items that are disappearing.

The next issue revealed is a poor guest experience.

When resorts are for activities, they rely heavily on the staff to make it a memorable experience.

Shane says that Billy Ray is the worst type of cancer in the business.

Billy Ray calls the staff names, gives them attitude, and is just not a great person to be around.

Gabbi seems to have control over when she has an attitude, unlike Billy Ray.

Billy Ray is seen on the surveillance stealing appliances from inside the cabins.

Shane tells Jon to call the cops.

Billy Ray even steals one of the cameras!

Shane and Jon head over to Billy Ray’s house.

Jon asks him what is going on.

Jon gives him two hours to bring everything back that he’s stolen.

If he doesn’t, then he will call the cops.

Billy Ray says he doesn’t want to be working there anymore.

Shane meets with Jon and the three boys.

Shane explains what he is doing here.

With a new perspective on leadership, Jon is prepared to address his staff.

Now it’s time to reveal that he and Shane have been secretly monitoring their performance.

Shane introduces himself to the staff and explains why he is there.

He explains what he has done so far.

Shane tells the staff what they are doing right or wrong.

He tells Gabbi to grow up a little.

Recognizing that negative energy has infected the staff, Shane begins the training with a therapeutic exercise.

As the staff continue to transform the main lodge, Shane takes Jon and his general manager, John John to give them some pointers on accountability.

What Happened Next at Odell Lake Resort?

30 days later, Shane is heading back to the Odell Lake Resort.

With a few simple touches and a lot less tackle, the lobby is much more welcoming.

John is more empowered to take control of the hotel operation.

He’s ensuring not only a great guest experience, but a much better staff one as well.

Shane meets with Jon.

Jon has a girlfriend.

His girlfriend is hosting a wine tasting in the main lodge.

The underutilized lounge is an inviting experience.

It is the perfect place to go for a nightcap and to share the adventures of the day.

Jon says that people are coming through the door.

They are selling out rooms on a regular basis.

The hotel is not a secret anymore.

They raise a cheers to the resort.

The team at the Odell Lake Lodge is adapting to Shane’s plan.

They can already see that things are really changing for the better.

With a positive outlook, Jon and his general manager are really making strides to achieve their five-star goal.

Odell Lake Resort is open.

They are also known as the Odell Lake Lodge and Resort

Reviews are mostly very positive.

There is praise for the location, surroundings, service and food.

The few complaints appear to be surrounding late cancellations.

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