Resort Rescue Open or Closed?

Resort Rescue Open or Closed

Resort Rescue is a hotel makeover reality tv show that features Shan Green visiting reosrts and hotels over the USA.

The resorts are in need of help in order to remain open.

Steve identifies the issues at the hotel/resort with the use of undercover surveillance.

He identifies the problems and allows the resort owners to fix the issues before returning 30 days later.

Resort Rescue aired from 2014-15 on The Travel Channel and a second season has yet to be announced.

In this post you will find a list of all the resorts/hotels featured on Resort Rescue, whether the resorts/hotels are open or closed with further information and episode recaps.

Resort Rescue

10 Resorts


New Perry Hotel closed in 2014.

It closed shortly after the episode aired.

No reason was given for the closure.

When Shane returned 30 days after the episode was filmed

The front desk was organized and the guests safety was assured.

They took time to sit down together every day.

Revenues were up by 11.5%.

In 2018, it was purchased by the Halo Group, a local non-profit organisation.

They intend to turn part of the building into appartments and studios.

The rest of the building will be refurbished and will reopen as a hotel and restaurant.

The business will be staffed by individuals with learning difficulties, offering training and employment oppurtunities.

When Shane returned 30 days later, they were doing in-person check in.

They had hired a new head chef and Faye was promoted to General Manager.

Hans has sold the hotel in 2017.

It is open with new owners, Doug and Janet Flint.

Hans returned to the resort to operate the Woodbridge General Store.

Hans sells spices and ingredients on his website.

Almont Resort is open.

When Shane returned 30 days later, Susan was in charge of activities and Josh was manager.

They were offering more activities and revenue had increased.

The reviews improved after the show, with more positive reviews.

The resort is more rustic and it appears some of the negative reviews are more about expectations.

Commodore Hotel is open.

When Shane returned 30 days later, they had improved training and guest services.

Their new staff had settled well and the rooms were deep cleaned.

Reviews are very positive after the show.

Hayley is now the General Manager.

The reviews prior to the visit weren't terrible.

Their are some negative comments on service but overall not awful.

Monte Villa Inn is open.

When Shane revisited, the banquet area was repurposed as a lounge.

They had replaced all of the bedding and the hotel is more family friendly.

TJ was promoted to Food and Beverage Manager.

It has been slightly renamed to the Monte Villa Hotel

Reviews are mostly positive since the episode was filmed.

There are some complaints about rooms and service.

When Shane revisited, food and beverage revenues had increased 13% and they were selling out rooms.

They had both a new manager and hostess, improving customer service.

Reviews are mostly positive since the show.

They planned further renovations in 2019.

Bear Inn Resort is open.

Troy put the resort up for sale in 2020 due to his failing health.

The resort was bought by Tim.

Sadly, Troy passed away in 2022.

It has been slightly renamed to Bear Inn Retreat.

Reviews are mostly positive with praise for the cleanliness and service.

The food and family friendly nature of the resort is also highly praised.

There are some negative comments about a lack of amenities.

When Shane revisited 30 days later, Tim was general manager.

The staff had undergone further training.

The numbers were up and they had improved their facilities.

River Inn Resort is open.

Reviews are mostly very positive since the show.

The food in the restaurant and service is highly praised in online reviews.

When Shane revisited 30 days later, the rooms were cleaner and Kim was in charge.

The front desk instructions were clear and Randel had taken a step back, allowing Jamie to take over fully.

Reviews are mostly positive.

Some of the negative reviews appear to have had higher expectations of the property.

When Shane revisited 30 days later, they were offering package deals.

Reservations were up 14% and Frank was in charge of the catering business.

Business was booming and the couple had booked their first vacation.

Ticaboo Resort is open.

They have slightly renamed the resort to Ticaboo Lodge.

Reviews are mostly positive.

The location is highly praised by visitors as is the friendliness of the staff.

When Shane revisited 30 days later, they had a new general manager.

They had converted an outbuilding and was investing in improvements.

Business is up and the reviews have improved.

Reviews are mostly positive.

There is praise for the food, location and service.

There are some complaints about cleanliness issues.

When Shane revisited 30 days later, the communication issues are a thing of the past.

Susan and Nathan are keeping an eye on Gerald’s spending.

Jeff says that he took all of Shane’s advice.

The kitchen and restaurant staff are back on track.

The calls in the spa are being forwarded to the front desk.

They are also known as the Odell Lake Lodge and Resort

Reviews are mostly very positive.

There is praise for the location, surroundings, service and food.

The few complaints appear to be surrounding late cancellations. 30 days later, Shane is heading back to the Odell Lake Resort.

With a few simple touches and a lot less tackle, the lobby is much more welcoming.

John is more empowered to take control of the hotel operation.

Jons girlfriend is hosting a wine tasting in the main lodge.

The lounge is now an inviting space.

They are selling out rooms on a regular basis.

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