Ticaboo Resort - Resort Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Resort Rescue Ticaboo Resort

In this Resort Rescue episode, Shane Green visits the Ticaboo Resort in Ticaboo, Utah.

Ticaboo Resort is owned by David and Jennifer Curtis.

After investing everything they have and enduring a family crisis, they have nothing left to give.

With the resort lacking funds and missing team members Shane will need more than cameras to save the resort.

Shane says that they are driving through some of the most magnificent parts of the country.

The North Lake Powell area is spectacular and it’s a very remote area.

Getting its name from the Paiute word for “friendly,” Ticaboo was originally a planned community.

It was built to capitalize on the thriving mining industry and the Lake Powell tourist trade.

In 2012, David came across the Ticaboo Resort.

The resort was boarded up.

No investor would invest in a boarded-up resort.

They mortgaged their house and to raise $200,000 to buy it.

The resort has a 72-unit lodge and a pool area.

They remodeled the restaurant as well as the bar.

They turned the bar into a retro ice cream parlor.

They brought in some boats to do boat rentals from the resort.

The whole family pitched in to run the resort.

They wanted it to be a family experience and to teach their kids to work.

David says they gambled everything on the resort and they were in business at that point.

After opening the resort to the public, it flourished.

When tragedy struck, the resort’s growth faltered.

David says that their youngest son Tanner was diagnosed with leukemia.

They were devastated.

Jennifer says they were really blessed because the leukemia that he was diagnosed with was the most curable form.

He’s doing well now and is much better.

They have just one more year of treatment to get through.

Although Tanner’s health is now stable, the ordeal has taken a financial and emotional toll on the family.

The customers are starting to notice the decline.

David says the resort is falling apart and they don’t have the funding to fix it.

They aren’t sure what to do.

Jennifer says that they’ve used all the energy and resources that they have.

Shane says that running a resort is trying tough.

Running a resort while raising a young family is daunting.

Shane meets with David and Jennifer.

Shane explains how this will work.

David hands over the keys to the resort.

When the staff is sent away, Shane and his crew install surveillance cameras and set up the control room.

Shane brings David and Jennifer into the control room.

Shane has Michael and Ron see what the check-in process is like.

The first issue Shane sees at the Ticaboo Resort is everything comes through the front desk.

It makes it a very frustrating check-in experience for guests.

If the resort is to survive, then every guest must feel like they are the number-one priority.

The hotel room is very dusty.

The second issue Shane can see is that the Ticaboo Resort does not have a full-time general manager.

Without a clear sense of leadership, many aspects of the guest’s experience are falling short.

David says that they are understaffed.

Shane’s third issue is that this resort is in desperate need of investment.

The lack of funds has a ripple effect from being short-staffed to having outdated equipment.

Drawing from his vast network of contacts, Shane has arranged for David and Jennifer to meet potential investors.

He has also arrange interviews for an experienced general manager.

With the investors and general manager fully on board, Shane has David and Jennifer gather the staff for a surprise meeting.

Shane introduces himself to the staff and explains why he is here.

Michael sits with David to tell him about how to compete with their competitors.

Shane gets to work training the staff.

While Shane coaches the staff, Jennifer and new investor Leann discuss moving resort activities away from the desk.

Shane says that he thinks they are in good shape.

What Happened Next at Ticaboo Resort?

30 days later, Shane is on his way back to the resort.

With a new general manager in place, managing employees, it’s creating a better guest experience.

After converting an unused building on the property, base camp handles all the activities and the rentals.

Leann says that the investment has been fabulous and that she couldn’t ask for a better partnership.

With the funding from investors Bob and Leann, the resort can address the many issues that needed updating.

Shane orders Oreo ice cream.

Shane tells Bob, David, Leann, and Jennifer that he is proud of them.

Shane says he hasn’t had a toast on a milkshake before.

They all toast to Tanner and to the families coming together and doing great things.

Business is up and the online reviews are improving.

Ticaboo Resort is open.

They have slightly renamed the resort to Ticaboo Lodge.

Reviews are mostly positive.

The location is highly praised by visitors as is the friendliness of the staff.

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