The Hotel New Yorker - Hotel Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Hotel Impossible The Hotel New Yorker

In this Hotel Impossible episode, Anthony Melchiorri visits The Hotel New Yorker in Miami, Florida.

The Hotel New Yorker is owned by Shirley and Walter.

The owners are a million dollars in debt and need to bring in customers.

This is more than just saving a business, it’s saving a family.

The Mimo district of Miami is an up-and-coming art district 20 minutes from South Beach.

It’s known for its distinctive motels that were built in the 1950s.

Among the motels around here, the New Yorker is a hidden gem.

It’s newly renovated and their rates start as low as $70 per night.

The hotel is great value, but the problem is that no one knows about it.

It’s truly a diamond in the rough.

The Hotel New Yorker was bought by Victor Diaz in 1985.

Today, it’s run by Victor’s daughter Shirley and her husband Walter.

Shirley takes reservations, manages the staff and the finances.

Walter runs operations and handles repairs.

They’ve asked for Anthony’s help with promoting the hotel.

Things have gotten so bad that they had to move the whole family into their motel to save money.

Shirley says she never imagined her life being like this.

She doesn’t want to live the way that they live.

Walter says they used their savings, retirement money and the girls’ college funds to help pay for the hotel.

He says it would be devastating to see the hotel fail.

Shirley hopes that Anthony can help them.

Anthony arrives and says that the property is cute.

There is an identity crisis because the building says both hotel and motel.

Anthony goes to check out one of the rooms.

The room smells and looks clean.

However, there’s poop in the toilet.

Because of this, Anthony has failed the room on cleanliness.

Anthony meets Shirley and Walter.

Shirley reveals that she was diagnosed with MS a couple of months ago.

Anthony inspects the entire property.

They offer free outdoor breakfast, but it needs work.

The outdoor patio needs to be renovated.

Anthony meets with designer Blanche Garcia to discuss the renovation.

Anthony meets Shirley in her office, which is a huge mess.

Shirley doesn’t know her revenue and expenses.

She says she doesn’t want to do this anymore and that she wants to spend more time with her daughters.

Anthony brings Walter in to organize Shirley’s office.

Shirley is hoping that it’ll work better for Walter to take over if the office was organized.

Shirley is working on reservations.

There is someone wanting to book the hotel for a corporate client.

Shirley says she has never worked with a corporate client.

Anthony calls the corporate client.

He does this to show Shirley how to handle a situation like this.

They successfully book the hotel for the client.

Anthony takes Shirley and Walter to Oleta River State Park, the largest urban park in South Florida.

They meet the owners to discuss how to bring some of the guests to their hotel.

Anthony leaves them alone to discuss this.

Shirley and Walter aren’t sure how to go about this.

They have failed the assignment.

Anthony has Walter and Shirley go to a nearby art gallery to try to make a deal with them.

They did a lot better this time.

Anthony tells Shirley about what he found in the toilet.

Shirley says that is something that should never happen here and she’s extremely upset about it.

Anthony has a serious talk with the entire staff to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Anthony asks who is in charge of the department.

The housekeeping needs to be more attentive to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

The staff doesn’t have a name tag or uniforms, so Anthony has brought them some.

The staff says that they are committed and Anthony tells them to jump in the pool.

Anthony jumps in as well.

Shirley’s kids join in.

Anthony meets with Blanche.

Blanche is waiting for the lanterns to arrive, which is the thing that will bring this project together.

The hotel offers a shuttle service and Anthony takes the car.

He takes it to Miami Car Wraps.

He has the color changed to teal and adds a logo.

Anthony gets a call from Blanche.

The lanterns didn’t come.

Anthony says he is concerned because there is supposed to be a breakfast service tomorrow.

The lanterns never left Jacksonville.

Blanche will have to figure something out to give the same impact.

Blanche had to run around to different stores to get enough lanterns for the space.

She is stringing them up and putting them in trees.

The art community is installing an art exhibition in the same area.

This will make the guests feel like they have a personal connection to the community.

Anthony has a few surprises for Walter and Shirley.

He shows them their new shuttle vehicle.

Shirley says that it looks adorable.

Anthony shows Shirley her office, which is now organized.

He shows Shirley and Walter their new patio.

It looks very organized and clean.

Shirley hugs Blanche and says it feels like paradise.

Walter thinks this space will increase their rates by at least 10%.

Anthony tells the staff that Walter is the new boss.

The local artist community is at the hotel for a reception.

It’s a party for the artists but a business reception for Walter and Shirley.

They go around telling people what they offer at the hotel.

Anthony tells them that he is so proud of them and that he feels strongly about their future success.

Anthony shows Shirley and Walter a new sign.

It clearly says it’s a hotel and not both a motel and hotel.

They are the only hotel in the area.

Shirley hugs Anthony.

What Happened Next at The Hotel New Yorker?

Since Anthony’s visit, The New Yorker has been 100% booked almost every night.

The office is still clean and organized.

The Hotel New Yorker is open.

The hotel is often referred to New Yorker Boutique Hotel.

Reviews after the show are mixed with praise for the location but complaints of sleep quality and bathrooms.

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