The Purple Orchid Wine Country Resort and Spa - Hotel Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Hotel Impossible The Purple Orchid Wine Country Resort and Spa

In this Hotel Impossible episode, Anthony Melchiorri visits The Purple Orchid Wine Country Resort and Spa in Livermore, California.

The Purple Orchid Wine Country Resort and Spa is owned by Derek and Rhiannon Eddy.

They bought the resort six months ago.

Livermore is one of California’s biggest wine regions.

Before there was Napa and Sonoma, there was Livermore.

Livermore is about 35 miles outside of San Francisco.

The region has over 50 wineries and 5,000 acres of vineyards.

There aren’t many options for hotels in the area.

The Purple Orchid was built in 1997.

It is a 9,000 square foot resort surrounded by 23 acres of olive trees.

The Purple Orchid’s ten rooms range in price from $150 to $375 per night.

Each room has a fireplace, air conditioning, complimentary Wi-Fi and Internet, cable television, and Jacuzzi tub.

Unfortunately, the hotel ran into some troubles under a previous owner and gained a bad reputation.

Derek and Rhiannon Eddy bought the resort six months ago.

They left behind a thriving photography business and put it all on the line to become hotel owners.

They have zero experience in the hotel business.

Only six months in and they’re already on the brink of bankruptcy.

Derek says they have invested their savings and that their families money is also tied up in this.

He says that this puts a lot of pressure on them.

Rhiannon says that owning the hotel is very stressful and overwhelming.

She says they have to make a change and they have to make it quick.

Anthony arrives at the hotel.

He says that the hotel has a magnificent view.

However, the outside of the hotel is filthy.

Anthony walks into the hotel.

He meets the lady at the front desk.

She says sometimes the hotel is busy but sometimes it’s slow.

There were no guests in the hotel last night.

The rooms aren’t numbered, they are named.

Anthony gets the key for the wilderness room.

There is a mural of animals on the wall.

The room feels clean and the bathroom has a jacuzzi.

There’s a balcony with a great view.

Anthony takes a picture with the zebra on the wall.

Anthony says that besides the mural, the rooms seem fine.

Anthony meets with the owners to find out why they think they are failing.

Derek says they were looking a property that would be good for holding weddings.

Rhiannon says that financially, they are breaking even.

She also says that they aren’t paying themselves a salary.

She says they probably have six months before they are completely done.

Rhiannon says they have 23 weddings booked for this year.

They are averaging around 8% occupancy right now.

Anthony shows undercover footage of the guests’ point of view.

Anthony walks into the spa.

The curtains are held up with thumbtacks.

The lady who works in the spa, Dana walks in.

They enter the employee lounge.

They do around two or three massages a week.

Dana says they need more commitment from the staff.

There is no supervisor for the spa.

Anthony says he is shutting the spa down.

Anthony meets with the owners.

He says the spa and the service is a tragedy.

Anthony asks what is going on.

He says they need to find someone to take over and run the spa.

He tells them that he shut the spa down.

Anthony meets with designer Blanche Garcia to discuss what to do with the spa.

Blanche says that the spa looks like someone’s house.

Anthony meets with Rhiannon and Derek to discuss things they can do better as general managers.

Anthony shows them various things around the property that could be better.

He makes Derek go around the property cleaning it up.

Anthony brings in a spa expert.

They discuss what kind of treatments the spa can offer.

Anthony goes over how they need to update the website to help bring in more customers.

They don’t have a relationship with local wineries.

Anthony meets with Dana to discuss her ideas.

Anthony tells her he will promote her to manager right now.

Rhiannon and Derek present their homework to Anthony.

Blanche is slightly behind on updating the spa.

The couches for the spa may not arrive.

They aren’t ready at the manufacturer.

Blanche doesn’t have a backup plan.

Anthony has a surprise for the owners.

He has got them a gathering table.

Anthony and Phillipe shows Dana and her team how to do the treatments that people will pay top dollar for.

Philippe assures the staff that using local products will enhance the guest experience.

This will increase their revenue.

Anthony shows Rhiannon and Derek their new spa.

Rhiannon says that this is something to be proud of.

Derek thinks that the spa is healing and it’s what is should feel like.

Anthony says that if this spa can get the local community in here.

They will do a press release and it’ll drive occupancy average rates.

This is a world-class spa where people can get together.

Anthony shows Rhiannon and Derek their new website.

You can now book online.

Rhiannon says that it’s beautiful.

Derek says he is overwhelmed with enthusiasm.

The whole vision has come together and now they have the tools to make the hotel succeed.

Anthony says he feels good that he gave them the proper tools.

It’s time to celebrate and show off this world class resort and spa.

Derek and Rhiannon are hosting the hotel’s first signature event - The Olivino wine and olive reception.

Their new table will be the centerpiece.

Anthony introduces the guests to Rhiannon and Derek.

Derek says that Anthony challenged them to really raise their game.

He opened to their eyes to the fact that they have a world class resort here.

Derek thanks the guests for supporting them and coming out tonight.

Rhiannon says that this has been so fulfilling and they feel like this is a dream.

What Happened Next at The Purple Orchid Wine Country Resort and Spa?

Since Anthony’s visit, The Purple Orchid Spa has received rave reviews.

The bookings have increased.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony with Livermore’s Chamber of Commerce took place.

Dana is proving to be an exceptional spa manager.

The Purple Orchid Wine Country Resort and Spa is open.

Reviews are the show are excellent with praise for the location and atmosphere.

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