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Kitchen Nightmares - The Granary - CLOSED

Kitchen Nightmares The Granary

Episode Recap

Chef Gordon Ramsay visits The Granary, Fareham, UK, where he finds stubborn owner Nigel who feels he has invested in the restaurant, he thinks the food and décor is great. The restaurant is losing £4000 a week and he takes Gordon up in his helicopter to explore the area. Nigel was convinced that due to the affluent neighbourhood that a private restaurant with a £2000 joining fee would work. He invited celebrities to the launch and it was a success but afterwards it went downhill. The Head Chef Martin trained in a prison kitchen and has 2 young apprentices who are known to the police but want to turn their lives around. Nigel has invested £2 million and can only afford to stay open another 6 months. 

Gordon sits down to taste the food and the British menu features dishes from around the world. Gordon orders a Moroccan chicken starter and a shark steak main. Gordon asks him about the British menu and he gets defensive when Gordon thinks the shark and mozzarella combination is ghastly and looked like someone was sick on the plate. Gordon enters the kitchen and tells them that he was disappointed in the food and that the food wasn't local. 

Gordon arrives to witness a dinner service and has invited 90 locals in to put the restaurant under pressure. The dishes are fiddly and take a long time to get out of the kitchen, 30 minutes into service and food is being sent back for being cold. Another 30 minutes in and food isn't getting out to the customers. Nigel can't afford to hire someone for the front of house so manages it himself despite having no experience. Customers aren't happy and meals have been comped. Martin feels like he has been stitched up and they blame Gordon for the disastrous service, despite half the customers not having received their food. The next day Gordon goes into the local area to speak to people about perceptions of the restaurant. They tell him that the service is rubbish, it has a bad reputation, is known to be expensive and everyone remembers that it was once a private club.

Gordon decides that the way forward is fresh, locally grown produce and takes the chefs out to a local farm to get fresh produce. They cook a special menu that evening using the fresh produce, they cook a roast pork joint per table served with fresh vegetables. They make £1700 and Nigel admits that Gordon may have something! Gordon challenges the team to build a chicken pen as a team and Nigel snaps and shows that he isn't much of a team player. Gordon bonds with the young chefs in the kitchen and trusts them with cooking the starters. For the evening service, Gordon has invited 50 staff from the local airport and Gordon tells Nigel NOT to bring all the tickets in at once and he seems to be flapping. The kitchen send the food out but the waitresses are letting the kitchen down, the waitresses take the food to the wrong table on multiple occasions and Nigel doesn't make the waitress take the food to the right table.  After service, Gordon and Nigel argue about everything and Nigel continues to defend the service. The next day they host an event to help draw in the locals to the relaunch, there is local produce for tasting and Nigel dresses up in a cockerel costume and makes children cry. 

For relaunch night, the young chefs are excited and Gordon gives the team a pep talk before the service begins. Nigel is managing the front of house and Martin is managing the kitchen well and the customers are enjoying the food. Martin is very laid back and is quiet, not communicating with the young chefs. The kitchen begins to struggle and the food backs up, Gordon tries to rally up Martin and he just complains that there are too many hot starters. One young Chef gets cocky with Gordon and Pete tries to calm him down, Gordon realises he was right to see great promise in Pete. Towards the end, one customer sends back her starter 3 times and is not impressed. Gordon feels disappointed as does Martin in the way the service turned out in the end. 

What Happened Next?

Gordon returns 6 weeks later, the restaurant is busy with 45 in for lunch. Business is increasing and Martin is leaving, he is going to start a government funded cookery workshop for teenagers. The young Chef "Chav" is working with one of Martin's former colleagues in a hotel. Gordon sits down for lunch and is impressed with the local lamb on the menu and impressed with the red mullet broth and Nigel admits that he was wrong. Gordon asks the evening customers to fill out customer feedback forms to be read after service, the customers love the food and service.

In January 2008, The Granary was the target of an arson attack just 2 weeks after the show aired and was seriously damaged in the fire, the authorities believe it was related to a similar arson attempt that was made 2 weeks earlier. The building was up for sale by auction in October 2008.

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  1. Replies
    1. You have to be really bad at math to look at a business that has a 90+% chance of closing, see that after Ramsay's interventions 40% survive, and think it's a curse.

  2. Eh, nothing to do with a "ramsay curse"...all these types of shows for the most part produce similar results...the business eventually closing cuz they're so far gone to start with.

  3. Just watched the rerun...such a shame..sounds like mice with matches had fun...

  4. All of these business were in debt, the food was crap, and were going down in flames. Therefore any restaurant that survived was likely do to Ramsey intervention.

    The curry lounge is a good example it's insanely successful now.

  5. That's what you get when you staff your business with people like that.

    1. You have not one scintilla of proof those young kids did a thing wrong. Could just (more?) easily have been the greasy owner that might do anything to keep his SL600 and the copter...? Matter of fact with a-holes like you in the world always looking for the worst in those weaker than yourself, he probable thought it would be easy to make it appear that way. Asshole..

  6. It closed down because someone kept setting it on fire, so skep. Is it weird that I have a feeling Martin might have been behind those fires?

  7. With a hefty insurance... to collect


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