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Kitchen Nightmares - Giuseppi's - CLOSED

Kitchen Nightmares Giuseppi's

Episode Recap

Chef Gordon Ramsay visit's Giuseppi's Trattoria, Macomb Township, Michigan, where he finds a restaurant in need of a lot of help. Even the owners don't think Gordon will have an easy ride of turning the restaurant around! Gordon orders Eggplant Rollatini, potato skins and an octopus salad . He brands the octopus salad as rubbery, can tell the rollatini is microwaved and believes the potato skins have no place in an Italian restaurant. Gordon arrives to witness a dinner service, the food goes out quickly as the sous chef Brian is simply using the microwave to reheat pre-cooked food. Joe doesn't leave Sam to cook in the kitchen and is constantly hovering around him whereas Brian just has a bad attitude. Food is constantly sent back to the kitchen and Joe just continues to hover around Sam before taking over from him. Gordon is impressed with the cleanliness of the restaurant and finds no issues, for a change!

Gordon sits down the family to discuss their issues and there are lots of teary, emotional moments and Sam tells Joe that he wants to cook from fresh, but all Joe will say on his sons culinary talents is that he likes to cook. Gordon devises a cooking competition between father and son and the best will be added to the menu, Gordon asks the staff to be the judges. It's a close call but Joe's pork dish beats Sam's salmon dish. Gordon is pleased with both dishes and adds both to the menu as specials for that evening.

Gordon returns for the evening service, Sam is to cook in the kitchen and Joe is to expedite but he can't step away from cooking in the kitchen and the service slows down to almost a halt. Eventually Gordon has to step in and Joe is removed from the service allowing Joe and Brian to send the food out and finish the service. Overnight the restaurant is given a makeover with the addition of some family photos to personalise the dining room.

On relaunch night, Joe starts off as the problem and once again has to be removed from the line but then Brian starts playing up. Poor quality food reaches the customers which is then swiftly returned, Brian begins ranting and blaming Gordon. Brian gets annoyed and leaves which forces Joe and Brian to work together in the kitchen, his departure is kind of a blessing to be honest. Before Gordon leave he gets them to read out letters he had asked them to write and it's a tear fest!

What Happened Next? 

The restaurant closed in July 2009, they blamed the economy and lack of a liquor license for the closure.

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  1. I am laughing too hard at the server Dawn "Wow we serve this shit?" HAHA. But overall I'm sad this restaurant closed and I hope the family found peace..and didn't lose their place to live. I am a 5th generation diabetic and it's hard to see your family members around you deteriorate. No diabetic should run a business unless it's focused on food for diabetics. It's hard and the disease makes you overly tired.

    1. I've never read so much crap in my life. The main problem with Diabetes is letting it run your life. Man up, and you'll find you can bully diabetes. I know, I've had it nearly 40 years and it stops me doing nothing.

    2. How about, instead of being so judgmental, appreciate that different people experience things differently? You don't know their full story; they could be struggling through other hardships or health issues that could compound the effects. Or some people simply have weaker constitutions than others. Simply telling people to "Man up" isn't going to help; it just makes you look like a terrible person.

  2. My God..the son needed to grow up already. Looking for dad's approval for every little thing at 30?
    Just no.

  3. Not one restaurant has been able to stay open in that location. I live down the street from there.

  4. Dude, maybe your diabetes wouldn't be so bad if you actually took care of yourself!

  5. I pray that Joe is ok and that his remaining years are enjoyable. The son (Sam?) is a nice respectful son. This was one of the nicest down to earth families on RI. God Bless you.


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