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Kitchen Nightmares - Olde Hitching Post - OPEN

Kitchen Nightmares Olde Hitching Post

Episode Recap

Chef Gordon Ramsay visits the historic Olde Hitching Post, in Hanson, Massachusetts, purchased by Greek restaurateur Tom Kessaris for his daughter to carry on the restaurant business. Although he bought the restaurant for his daughter, he runs the restaurant and does not let daughter Andrea have her say. Tom is  hard on the staff and they don't always agree with him. Tom is supporting the restaurant with his own savings, Andrea says that she wouldn't have signed up to it if she knew  7 years later she still would not be in control. 

Gordon discovers that Tom bought the restaurant for his daughter and that he hasn't given up control. Tom says she is not ready, he feels she isn't hungry for it and isn't hard working. Tom tells him that he buys quality food and the portions are generous but he is losing $7-8,000 a week.  Gordon arrives at the restaurant and is greeted by Janice the manager. He also meets Andrea, she says her role is front of house and that her father won't step down. She appears surprised when she hears that her father said she isn't passionate about running the restaurant. Gordon finds out that her husband has been bought in to help, working in the kitchen. 

Gordon sits down to order some food and meets server Carla, who tells him they are always butting heads. She recommends the Cranberry Haddock, he also orders the meatloaf and lobster ravioli. He questions whether it is made on site, she agrees but reveals later that Tom makes them say everything is handmade. The ravioli arrives and he is told it's frozen, they are cold in the middle, he spits it out. The cranberry haddock looks like a bear s**t in the woods. It is watery, bland, under cooked and  disgusting. The grilled meatloaf is disgusting, dry and doesn't feel like a meatloaf that has been made today. Carla discovers that the Chef doesn't  know when it was made. Gordon enters the kitchen, not happy about the dishes and Tom tells him it is impossible to make it everyday. The Chefs reveal they are not happy with the food they are serving.

Gordon witness a dinner service and he sees a lot of frozen food including frozen calamari. Gordon dares Tom to take the frozen food into the restaurant to show them but would be humiliated to  make a scene and Gordon tells him he's happy to take their money.  Gordon tells the servers to tell the customers what food is fresh and frozen and the customers aren't happy. Gordon tries to bring Andrea in to help with the situation but it descends into a heated argument over frozen scallops. 

The next day Gordon visits the local radio station unconvinced that the locals love the restaurant and the food they serve.  Customers complaints range from stomach problems to the dated nature of the restaurant. Gordon returns to the restaurant to pass on the comments and Tom promises to change. Gordon visits two local customers who have made fresh meatloaf to demonstrate that you can make  fresh meatloaf. Gordon's team redecorate the restaurant and the dated cranberry decor is gone, as are the dated booths. Gordon has also revamped the menu, everything is to be made fresh, new dishes include a clam chowder, a New England Lobster roll and an improved fresh meatloaf. The staff sample the menu and love the food.

On relaunch night, the restaurant is packed. Andrea is running the line in the kitchen and Tom is hovering around in the background. Gordon inspects a salmon dish and it is raw in the middle. Gordon reminds Andrea to insect the food carefully and for the chefs to slow down and cook the food properly. The customers love the food and Andrea does a great job. Tom is complimenting his daughter and supporting her. After the relaunch, Tom asks Andrea to sit down for a chat and he finally agrees to pass the restaurant on. In the following weeks, Tom leaves Andrea to run the restaurant as promised and the locals are happy with the new menu and new restaurant.

What Happened Next? 

After Gordons visit,  Yelp and Trip Advisor  reviews are mixed, with a mixture of both positive and negative comments. There are new owners as of  sometime during late 2015/ early 2016.

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  1. dont rout her. root for her.

    1. a disorderly retreat of defeated troops. "the retreat degenerated into a rout"
    synonyms: retreat, flight

    2. a decisive defeat.
    "the party lost more than half their seats in the rout"
    synonyms: crushing defeat, trouncing, annihilation
    antonyms: victory

    1. Ha ha. In New Zealand and Australia 'rooting' has a different meaning.

    2. rooting is different than routing, English spelling doesn't change by moving to a different country.

    3. Words do change my moving to different regions. In Oceanic countries, "Rooting" has a sexual meaning...

    4. Is an australian, and I can say that there is a world of difference between "Rooting FOR her", and "rooting her".

  2. Andrea is a gorgeous girl

  3. Tom: "Yes, I'm cooking it, and I'm freezing it. There's nothing wrong with that!"

    From watching Kitchen Nightmares (both UK and US versions) and Restaurant:Impossible, I'm very convinced that there is a huge difference in food quality expectations between older and younger generations. Frankly, people somewhere in their 60s and over seem to have lower standards and expectations of food quality than younger adults.

    Other episodes that show good examples of this differing standards are The Priory (UK), Fleming, Seascape, and Wagon Wheel (from Restaurant:Impossible). Even with below-par food, these restaurants had no problem retaining diners who began eating there years ago, but could not appeal to a new generation of younger diners.

    I suppose this is one reason why a restaurant's popularity peaks, then dies down over time.

    1. I agree.

      Places that have that regular, older clientele should have a seniors menu to hand them. But, definitely they need to improve their standards across the board. There is just no excuse for serving crap, even if it is a tired old classic dish that only the blue hairs still order.

    2. That's for several reasons.

      1. The younger generation have availability of food that the older generation never had. The younger generation has the world of food on their door step, something the older generation didn't have.

      2. The older generation have had to do without so they are more willing to eat sub par food because in their childhood it was either eat nothing or eat something that's not so great.

      As for the older generation having lower standards - let's not forget that the younger generation enjoy eating fast food like McDonald's, KFC etc, which is not exactly of a high standard.

      And, let's not forget the countless of younger chefs on this show who serve absolute garbage. In fact, the younger chefs and restauranteurs on this show far outnumber the older chefs and restauranteurs.

    3. ^ A wise observation anon!

  4. One thing that drives me crazy about this episode is that the voice-over narrator (who is also the Executive Producer, Kent Weed) calls the restaurant "The Olde Hitching HOUSE" not once, but twice!!

  5. Oh , i love gordon Ramsay So Much.
    Thank you For sharing

  6. I did not understand what was happening. I think the problem is simple

  7. This TV show is really fascinating in a way I am not sure how much of it is real or just "for show". But loved the Gordon memes, though! LOL!


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