Friday, 15 January 2016

Hotel Hell - Roosevelt Inn - OPEN

Hotel Hell Roosevelt Inn

Episode Recap

Gordon Ramsay visits the Roosevelt Inn in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, located in an old school building, run by John Hough, he bought the inn and then called wife Tina to let her know. Tina and her daughter Lorien do everything whilst John is only there once a month to run a murder mystery evening. Their marriage is suffering and they are in debt. Gordon is not impressed with the first impressions and the exterior as he drives up to the Inn. When he enters the Inn he is met by an unpleasant smell. John takes Gordon on a tour of the Inn, highlighting the poorly decorated Ballroom, that cost $54,000! 

Gordon is taken to his room in the hotel, it is very pink and Gordon says it looks like "somebody threw up strawberry milkshake" and is astounded to learn that it costs $319 a night. Gordon speaks to John about his apparent casual attitude and John tells him he just laughs at the Guests criticisms and occasionally gets violent with guests if they upset him. John leaves Gordon to have a look around and he finds lots of dust and a dirty carpet. After the inspection, Gordon sits down with the couple to get to the heart of problems in the business. John tells Gordon that they spent $700,000 to buy the Inn and now owe $1.7 million and they have had to sell their house, cash in a 401k and live in the attic at the Inn. Tina tells Gordon that their relationship is suffering and she feels like her life is falling apart.

That evening, Gordon attends the murder mystery evening. John is out front dressed as Sherlock Holmes whereas Tina is working in the kitchen. Gordon is astounded to learn that for all that work John has only made $200. After the evening, Gordon speaks to John and tells him he is more interested in putting on a show than being an innkeeper but John walks away. The next day, Gordon witnesses John cooking a five course lunch menu, the shrimp cocktail and salmon is frozen. Gordon orders a soft boiled egg but John messes up and doesn't take the criticism well. Gordon reveals that he had slept on the couch as he couldn't sleep on the bed and invites John and Tina up to his room. In his room are guests who have stayed in the hotel over the last few months to critique their experience. They complain that the Inn is out of date, the food quality was low but the price was high and that none would stay again. A black light to the bedding reveals the extent of the poor standards. Gordon talks to Tina telling her that John needs to change and she confesses she is on the edge of leaving John.

The next day, Gordon and Tina meet to discuss the ballroom before he meets a wedding planner, who has struggled to promote the space to potential bride and grooms. When he returns he sits down with the couple and John finally admits he needs to change. Gordon begins working on improving the Inn with an all new menu featuring home cooked meals and also renovates the ballroom, with an amazing makeover. Gordon reveals to the pair that he has booked a wedding into their new ballroom that evening for their relaunch! The event is a hit and goes smoothly.

What Happened Next? 

Reviews are mostly excellent since Gordon revamped the hotel. They have reported that business is better and that Gordon's changes have made breakfast easier and better for the guests. They have also named a suite after Gordon.


  1. To be honest I was really hoping that Tina left him. John is a despicable excuse for a human being and I wanted to punch him in the face watching this episode. Talk about being a manchild!

  2. I agree Ami...I watched the first 10 minutes and was wondering why he is wife hadn't kicked him to the kerb. She deserves a sainthood.

    1. Marriage is for better or worse, both of you don't seem to get that.

    2. That's 20th century thinking. Life's too short for such an attitude.

    3. For better or worse only counts when both people are trying. It obviously doesn't have to be 50/50 all the time, but 13 years of her giving all and him taking even more, that's not a relationship. He'll drive her to an early grave at this rate. He doesn't care about her well being. If you want to talk old school values, he's failing in every way that a husband can fail. It's not the money, it's every way that he tells her that she doesn't matter all the time.

    4. You want them to divorce and bring more demonic spirits into the situation?!

    5. Demonic spirits? ?? What the hell are you smoking

  3. I don't think that he didn't care. Running a business with that much money in debt is extremely stressful, it can change someone. In the end, seeing how they're still open, I guess he finally changed his ways.

  4. Judging from the reviews and their website, they look very successful now. Eventhough I initially hated John in Hotel Hell, since they are still together running the b&b, I guess they also manage to repair their marriage. Part of me think it's because they don't have the financial stress and John finally living outside of his fantasy world and take some responsibilities.


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