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Hotel Hell - Calumet Inn - OPEN

Hotel Hell Calumet Inn

Episode Recap

Gordon Ramsay visits Calumet Inn in Pipestone, Minnesota, to help sisters Rina and Vanda who are struggling to keep their hotel open, they were bought the hotel by their father but within 6 weeks Rina left for 3 months as it had become too much. Vanda doesn't get up before 3 and believes that the staff don't care, they are just there for the money. Jocelyn, who runs front of desk thinks they are terrible to work for and reveals that they took all the duties away from Mandy, the General Manager as they think know better. Their parents have been forced to come work for them to help keep the place open, their mother Rita is working 7 days a week to help them out.

Gordon arrives at the hotel and compares it to a prison, the only entrance open is the dark rear entrance. Upon shouting for someone, Mandy sees Gordon and apologises as it is just her in the hotel today.  Gordon tells her to go watch her diners so she calls Kate down. Gordon notices that there is a light bulb missing from a lamp and is told that that is so people can't turn the lights on! He also asks why Mandy is both running the desk and serving and is told she is the GM, Rina remarks that she's not happy with Mandy.

Gordon is shown to one of the hotel rooms, he finds a mouldy refrigerator and a rail for a wardrobe. They tell him the one who takes the light bulbs out is their dad. Rina explains that their parents help out and that once she saw the hotel she talked her father buying it for her. They explain that they stayed there one night before purchasing the hotel and take him to the room she stayed in. Gordon notices the stains on the wallpaper and it's hardly a showroom! 

Gordon heads down to the restaurant and is served by Jocelyn who tells him that she has been there for 2 years. Gordon notes that the menu is huge, he orders the soup of the day and a fish dish. There is drama and Mandy comes in and explains she is no longer GM, Vanda is a socio path and Rina is never at the hotel. Gordon tastes the soup and says it smells burnt and is disgusting. The fish is no better as it's rock hard. Chef Jennifer explains that she used to love her job but not anymore as the sisters are bad owners. Both Rina and Vanda get snappy and threaten not to pay anyone. Gordon tells them that they have turned the staff against them and they can only be as good as the staff they hire.

 As Gordon there, the guests flock in but are not impressed with the rooms.  Gordon  believes the huge menu is the problem as they are unable to send out quality food. Gordon finds Rina in floods of tears with mother Rita who explains that she runs away when things get tough. Gordon speaks to Mandy telling her she acts more like an owner whilst the sisters tell her she's not committed and she explodes about working 60 hours a week with two children, gets up and walks out. Gordon tells them that it has been Mandy keeping the place open,that they need to step up and don't deserve to own the hotel.

The next morning Gordon heads downstairs to go to the gym and is told they don't have one and to go down the street in his dressing gown! Gordon gathers some of the guests who tell them that their room is run down and neglected, another guest with allergies says her room is caked in dust, they wouldn't come back. He tells them that it will only succeed with Mandy and goes to see if he can persuade her to come back.Gordon tells Mandy that she is a good GM and asks if she had total control if she would come back, she says she will think about it. Gordon gets the girls and her parents together and they all reveal they don't want to be at the hotel. He tells them to bring in someone to manage it or sell it. Gordon calls the staff together and the sister's reveal they are stepping back completely and Mandy will be running the hotel.

The next day Gordon reveals the makeover, the guest rooms are now bright and airy. There are new mattresses and bedding in every room and the rooms have real wardrobes in. Gordon also reveals the new hotel gym and the new restaurant with recipes provided by Rita, the staff try the food and love it. The sisters struggle to keep their nose out and start interfering, Gordon has to step in and tells them to pack and get out. A taxi arrives for them and Gordon gives them each a goldfish to look after to show they can be responsible. Vanda says she is going to go travelling and Rina cries again. The goldfish survival predictions he puts at around 50/50..

What Happened Next? 

Trip Advisor and Yelp reviews are mostly good since Gordon's visit, there are some negative comments but most are positive. It was posted on their Facebook Page that their revenue has nearly doubled.

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    1. Obnoxious, honey.

    2. Spoilt and spoiled are both acceptable. Spoilt is more common in British English.

    3. Yeah spoilt is pretty standard in British English

  2. My opinions about them turned around after reading the Pipestone star article (linked above in further reading).

    1. You do realize that it was written by one of the daughters, right?

  3. Do not tell me these two 2 lazy airheads came back to the hotel? does mandy still run it?

  4. The look on the dad's face when he realised how cluless his daughters are... Priceless. May it be a lesson to dad's around the world :)

    1. I'm not sure that this was a turning moment for dad. This is a guy who has been spoonfeeding his useless daughters for a long time, despite their ineptitude. The first indications would have come over a decade ago when they were emerging as useless teenagers, yet daddy continued writing the checks regardless. It's one thing to view your kids as little princesses, it's quite another to cluelessly fly in the face of every scrap of evidence.


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