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Kitchen Nightmares Dillons / Purnima

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Dillons situated off Broadway in the heart of New York City, a restaurant with an identity crisis.

Owner Mohammed has employed three managers - General Manager Martin, Operations Manager Andrew and Floor Manager Khan and is losing more than $20,000 a month.

Gordon arrives and sits down to sample the food. Martin describes the restaurant as "An American-Irish restaurant with an Indian ness to it".

Gordon swats away flies as he looks over the giant menu and is told by Server Jenna that the restaurant is not busy.

As the Indian chefs aren't able to cook the American Dishes, the Operations Manager Andrew has to step in and cook.

Gordon is forced to send back the assorted vegetarian appetisers as they have meat in them and the curry has a rotten tomato garnish.

He cuts into the meat in his beef bhuna dish but he quickly sees that it isn't beef and it turns out to be lamb. The salmon cooked by Andrew is over cooked.

Gordon arrives for a dinner service and witnesses the customers confusion as there is so much choice.

The Chefs put a huge tub of chicken on the floor and nearly an hour into the service no food has left the kitchen because of the chaos.

Andrew is "leading" the kitchen and Khan isn't speaking up whereas Martin is off somewhere on his mobile phone.

Gordon summons Martin to explain why one cook is stood in the kitchen doing nothing whilst the kitchen is busy.

Gordon gets into an argument with Martin calling him a fake and accuses him of taking advantage of Mohammed by not doing his job but taking his money.

The evening service in the restaurant is a disaster the customers aren't happy with the flies in the dining room or the food and some leave unfed!

Gordon returns the next day for an inspection of the kitchen and finds a fly paper trap full of dead flies.

He discovers rotten meat and vegetables and cockroaches, rat droppings and rat traps.

The bugs are inside the fridges, boxes and all over the place.

Gordon spots a half rotten tomato which means the other half has just been served to a customer!

Gordon orders the staff to shut down the kitchen and ask the customers to leave.

Gordon arrives that evening in an exterminator suit bringing in an army of professional cleaners to deep clean the restaurant.

Gordon takes Mohammed and the managers on a trip to his restaurant to show them how clean it is and to show them the cleaning regime they follow.

On returning to the restaurant Gordon introduces his menu, they will be serving modern Indian cuisine.

A very happy chef gives Gordon the tightest hug that goes on forever and he has to be told by Mohammed to let go!

Gordon then introduces Chef Vikas Khanna who will be in the kitchen to help with the new menu and training the staff.

Overnight the restaurant is given a makeover and the horrible flashing sign is taken down and the new name of the restaurant is revealed.

The restaurant is named "Purnima", an authentic Indian name meaning full moon.

The new menu is revealed and the staff love the taste of the new modern dishes.

Gordon tells Martin that he must turn his phone off during that evenings relaunch.

The staff promote Purnima in New York with traditional dancers, leaflets and t-shirts.

For relaunch night, Vikas leads the kitchen whilst Gordon oversees the restaurant.

The customers are pleased to start with but confusion soon ensues with the waitresses and dishes back up in the kitchen.

Customers soon complain that the food they are receiving is cold, as it has been sat waiting.

It doesn't take long for the blame to be placed on Martin's failure to organize his staff.

Martin does not try to sort the mess out and is more interested in saying that Gordon has it out for him and is wanting him to fail.

Gordon believes Khan can run the restaurant and asks him to step up.

Khan steps up and proves he is able to manage the restaurant and the food is served to happy customers who love the taste.

The relaunch is a success but only due to Khan taking over the managerial role.

Before Gordon leaves he returns the next day and advises Mohammed to fire one of his staff to be able to keep on Vikas on as a consultant.

Martin hears the conversation and tells Gordon that he has nothing to feel guilty about and then quits the restaurant, leaving Mohammed shocked.

What Happened Next at Dillons / Purnima?

Martin tried to sue Gordon for $3million after claiming the show ruined his career.

He also attempted to get an injunction to prevent the episode from being aired but the case was thrown out of court. The full list of claims Martin made against Gordon are listed here.

Gordon revisits a year later, the place is clean, the food is excellent with Vikas Khanna still in the kitchen and customers are invited to see the kitchens and how clean they are.

Yelp reviews were mixed after filming the show.

In all reviews, some customers loved the food whilst others found it average, there are complaints the dishes are over priced and reviews complain about the noise from the bar.

Purnima closed in 2009 but the website remained active until 2017.

Vikas Khanna is now at Junoon Restaurant and has written more than 30 cookery books.

He has hosted and appeared on Hell's Kitchen, Throwdown! with Bobby Flay and The Martha Stewart Show. He was a judge on MasterChef India.

Purnima has since become Characters Bar and Lounge and has had an extreme makeover. Yelp reviews are mixed.

Andrew is now a blogger, Huff Post Writer and writes cook books with Vikas.

Martin was said to be managing a car service company after the show.

Dillons aired on October 03 2007, the episode was filmed in March 2007 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 1 episode 2.

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  1. most disgusting kitchen/storage area of all the episodes...

    1. Just came on to post that as well. Even the place with the rat was not as disgusting.

  2. Attention, Martin: just because you don't see yourself a certain way doesn't mean every other person will see you that way as well. Stop filing frivolous lawsuits just because your eyes were opened as to how you really are and you didn't like what you saw. : P

  3. First, did anyone notice that Gordon's team misspelled "Dillon's" as "Dillions" on the new canopies that they installed? Second, Martin claims in his lawsuit that he was the general manager of the restaurant's cabaret bar, not the dining area. He said that KN would not show that part of the business or allow him to explain his role in the business.

    1. Actually Dillions was the original name of the restaurant. Gordon changed it to Purnima. The misspelling wasn't the shows fault, but the owners.

    2. how on earth do you work that one out? the new canopies included the word "Dillion's", with the extra 'i'. nothing to do with the owners. the error is on the part of either the show or the people they got in to make the new canopies.

    3. No.. the new canopies said Purnima. The original ones were named Dillions. I literally just rematched the episode. Sit down and shut up.

    4. It says "Purnima" and then below it says "Dillion's Restaurant". Dude, don't tell people to shut up if you don't know how to read.

  4. LOL. The website is STILL up and running. Some muppet is actually paying monthly/yearly fee's to keep it up.

  5. Wow. The website is going longer than the actual restaurant.

  6. Ugliest restaurant I have ever seen... Can`t even clean the kitchen. Stupid people people wearing dirty suits and walking here and there...

  7. Website still up on 1-28-2017!!

    1. yeah, it's really sad, like the website kinda like a ghost from the past.

  8. Martin was a complete dunce. I'm glad his case got tossed so we could see just how awful the guy was. I doubt he did anything useful there except steal from the business and bang the waitresses.

  9. If one good thing came of this episode it was bringing Vikas and Andrew together. Really nice to see them now, still best friends!

  10. A restaurant that is described as "an American-Irish restaurant with an Indian ness to it" should never be trusted.

    1. I don't know, being served a Taj Mahal crafted from colcannon and new york strips would be ... no, you're right.


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