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Kitchen Nightmares - Peter's - CLOSED

Kitchen Nightmares Peter's

Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Peter's Italian Restaurant in Babylon, New York, a family run Italian restaurant, owned by Tina Pellegrino but named after her brother Peter Pasta Pellegrino.

Peter offers to pick up Gordon but keeps him waiting for over an hour!

Gordon arrives at the restaurant and meets the family and is happy to be in a family run Italian restaurant.

He also meets Chef Robert and Peter's friends Jerry and Jerry, the mob.

Gordon orders the crab cake and lobster ravioli based on recommendations from server Angelo.

The salad is rotten, the crab cake is cold and the crab meat isn't fresh and the lobster ravioli is covered in parsley, which sparks a huge argument in the kitchen.

Gordon calls the family together to discuss the issues in the restaurant and it descends into everyone talking over each other and arguing.

The next day, Gordon inspects the kitchen, he finds mouldy, rotten food, a warm walk-in and a broken freezer.

Peter arrives late and claims that it is the kitchen staff's job. Gordon asks the family to smell a tub of old ravioli and they refuse.

Gordon tells them to deep clean the kitchen whilst Robert shows Gordon all of the equipment that isn't working.

Robert tells him that Peter would rather spend money on himself than on the restaurant.

Gordon arrives for a dinner service and notices that Peter is giving away a lot of complimentary food and drink, losing all of their profit.

A bill collector arrives in the kitchen.Peter throws him out of the restaurant and a huge brawl breaks out outside the restaurant.

Their father ends up being pushed over, Peter is angry, shouting and screaming and Gordon tells him to cool off.

Gordon sits down with Tina, who tells him that Peter takes money from the till when they aren't evening breaking even.

The next day, Gordon arrives and asks Peter and his father to run the kitchen whilst Tina and her mother run the dining room.

It is a disaster due to the non-functioning kitchen and after an hour, no food has left the kitchen.

Peter demands a drink and Gordon tells him off before kicking him out of the kitchen.

For relaunch night, Gordon reveals the new kitchen equipment that he has installed over night, he has also provided them with new plates and a working refrigerator.

Tina cries a lot and cries even more when Gordon reveals the new family style menu. Peter hugs Gordon!

Another bill collector arrives and Peter punches him, Gordon once again tells Peter that he has to cool off.

As the guests arrive for dinner, the kitchen struggles with the new menu and Peter struggles to manage the restaurant.

The customers complain and Peter takes his frustrations out on the staff.

The food starts to leave the kitchen and the customers love the new food and despite the hiccups the relaunch was a success.

Gordon gives Peter a pep talk and the next morning Peter is on the phone getting someone in to fix the broken fridge.

What Happened Next at Peter's?

Gordon revisited and all looked well, Peter had replaced the chefs in the kitchen and seemed to have started helping in the restaurant.

Reviews after Gordon visited say the place was just as bad after he left.

Peter's closed in December 2008 and the restaurant next door has expanded into the space.

Tina and Peter's father featured in the episode passed away in 2009.

It was revealed in a blog post on Cosa Nostra News that Peter had mob connections and was once working for the Bonanno family.

Peter's aired on September 19 2007, the episode was filmed in March 2007 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 1 episode 1.

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This post was last updated in August 2019.

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  1. Peter looked like he never worked a day in his life.

  2. Peter "Peter Pasta" Pellegrino, formerly of the Babylon, New York, restaurant Peter’s Italian Restaurant, really is -- or was -- a gangster. These days, however, he is an empty-pocketed brokester. And the Bonanno family, with which he was once affiliated, has disowned him, as has the rest of La Cosa Nostra,according to Capeci's story, which is based on an interview with Peter Pasta, as well as FBI documents.

    But before all that he appeared on Kitchen Nightmares -- acting very much like the mobster he allegedly was trying to become in real life.

    According to Capeci, Peter Pasta, back before the show, was an up-and-coming Bonanno associate who "earned" $15 grand a week bookmaking and had not one but two boats parked in a nearby Babylon harbor, called Great South Bay.

    The bottom fell out a few years later for old Petey. His crime family put him on a shelf after he was falsely labelled "a rat," and one goodfella even pointed out to the restaurant's landlord that the Pellegrino's were technically violating a part of the lease agreement, resulting in the landlord throwing them out, Capeci writes.His family -- blood family -- disowned him after the restaurant crash.

    1. "Peter Pasta" LMAO!! That is the worst mobster/gangster name ever! Italian or not that's hilarious

  3. I went to high school with the sister, very sweet girl. I never met Peter though.

  4. Poor fella, did all seem to be coming to a head for him during the episode with multiple 'debt collectors' turning up at his joint while they were filming. When he was swinging that metal lump around the kitchen I think its the only time I've seen big Gord genuinely terrified haha.

    Pete was good TV for sure and a real character. It's a shame that his actions were so detrimental to those close to him although overall I think he has a good heart and can turn his life around.

    Good luck to you Peter Pasta, I hope things pick up.

  5. You learn who the real problem is when you see Peter, who isn't the actual owner of the business, roll up in an expensive luxury car and brag about spending money that could fix up the kitchen on suits.

    I wonder how much money actually ended up with the sister who actually owned the business.

  6. You have the cheek to label this as a "Gordon Fail" when in-fact it was that so called tough guy that totaled the business by not following advise.


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