Peter's - Kitchen Nightmares Update - Open or Closed?

Kitchen Nightmares Peter's

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Peter's Italian Restaurant in Babylon, New York.

Peter's Italian restaurant is a family run Italian restaurant.

It is owned by Tina Pellegrino.

The restaurant is named after her brother Peter Pasta Pellegrino, who is also the host.

Tina is at her wits end of her brother Peter Pellegrino taking over.

He admits that he would rather buy a new suit than buy a new stove or equipment for the restaurant.

Peter acts like a gangster and like he is rehearsing for the next Goodfella's movie.

Tina believes that Peter is the core problem of the restaurant.

He is emotionally unstable and obsessed with his own appearance.

Peter offers to pick up Gordon.

He keeps him waiting for over an hour before picking him up in a flashy Mercedes!

Gordon arrives at the restaurant and is introduced to the family.

He is happy to be in a family run Italian restaurant.

He also meets Chef Robert and Peter's friends Jerry and Jerry, the mob.

Gordon sits down to sample the food.

He orders the crab cake and lobster ravioli based on recommendations from server Angelo.

The salad that comes with the crab cake has rotten bits in it.

The crab cake is cold and the crab meat isn't fresh.

The lobster ravioli dish is like baby food and is covered in parsley.

Angelo is frustrated by the presentation of the dish when he returns it.

The excessive parsley sparks a huge argument in the kitchen that Peter goes to diffuse.

Gordon calls the family together to discuss the issues in the restaurant.

It descends into everyone talking over each other and arguing about the problems in the restaurant.

The next day, Gordon inspects the kitchen.

He finds mouldy, rotten produce, a leaking walk-in that is at the incorrect temperature and a broken freezer.

Gordon tells them that if they aren't careful they are going to poison somebody.

Peter arrives late and claims that it is the kitchen staff's job.

Gordon asks the family to smell a tub of old ravioli and they refuse.

Gordon tells them to deep clean the kitchen.

Robert shows Gordon all of the equipment that isn't working including ovens, stoves and hobs.

They use one of the ovens as a towel storage.

It is clear no money has been invested in the kitchen.

Robert tells him that Peter would rather spend money on himself than on the restaurant.

He believes that Peter is the main problem in the restaurant.

Gordon arrives to observe a dinner service.

They have no reservations but word has got out that Gordon is in town.

During the service, Gordon notices that Peter is giving away a lot of complimentary food and drink.

This is losing all of their profit.

Gordon asks Peter why he hasn't charged one table.

Peter reveals it is his doctor and he always eats with no charge.

Gordon is astounded that he has been comped for both food and drink.

He thinks that he can more than afford to pay his bill on his salary!

A bill collector arrives in the kitchen.

Peter throws him out of the restaurant and a huge brawl breaks out outside the restaurant.

Their father ends up being pushed over.

Peter is angry, shouting and screaming and Gordon tells him to cool off.

Gordon sits down with Tina, who tells him that Peter takes money from the til.

He often takes hundreds of dollars when they aren't breaking even or when he hasn't worked the day.

She is at her wits end and is stressed.

Tina feels like she is doing it on her own with no support.

She breaks down in tears and says that is close to closing the restaurant.

She would have to sell it because her house is on the line.

The next day, Gordon arrives and asks Peter and his father to run the kitchen.

Tina and her mother will run the dining room.

Gordon hopes that Peter can see the struggles of the kitchen staff.

It is a disaster due to the non-functioning kitchen and the fact Peter is unable to cook.

He keeps asking where things are despite them being in front of him.

After an hour, no food has left the kitchen.

Both due to the state of the kitchen and their inability to cook, leading to burnt chicken.

Peter demands someone firstly get him an espresso and later an orange juice.

Gordon tells him off before kicking him out of the kitchen.

The next day, Gordon reveals the new kitchen equipment that he has installed over night.

He has also provided them with new plates and a working refrigerator.

Gordon also reveals the changes to the menu.

They will be changing the focus to family style dining.

They will serve a lasagna special, grilled flank steak, capellini and an improved lobster ravioli.

The family style concept is hoped to set them apart from the other Italian restaurants in the area.

Tina cries a lot and cries even more when Gordon reveals the new family style menu.

Peter hugs Gordon and says he will be naming his first born son after him.

Gordon gathers the staff for a pep talk before the relaunch.

Another debt collector arrives and Peter punches him.

Gordon once again tells Peter that he has to cool off.

As the guests arrive for dinner, the kitchen struggles with the new menu.

Peter struggles to manage the restaurant.

Peter isn't taking the responsibility seriously.

He is more concerned about getting a pineaple juice or a cappuccino and asking Tina for a throat lozenge.

He offers to take a dish out to a customer.

Instead he decides to sample the clam dish, leaving the customers waiting.

The customers complain and Peter takes his frustrations out on the staff.

He shouts at one of the waitresses in front of her table and making her cry.

The food starts to leave the kitchen.

The customers love the new food and despite the hiccups the relaunch was a success.

Gordon gives Peter a pep talk.

He tells the family that he thinks the restaurant would run better without him in it.

The pep talk appears to have worked.

The next morning, Peter is on the phone getting someone in to fix the broken fridge.

What Happened Next at Peter's?

Gordon revisited and all looked well.

Peter had replaced the chefs in the kitchen.

He seemed to have started helping in the restaurant.

Reviews after Gordon visited say the place was just as bad after he left.

Peter's closed in December 2008.

The restaurant next door has expanded into the space.

Their father, who appeared in the episode, passed away in 2009.

It was revealed on Cosa Nostra News that Peter had mob connections.

He was said to be once working for the Bonanno family.

Peter's aired on September 19 2007, the episode was filmed in March 2007 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 1 episode 1.


  1. Peter looked like he never worked a day in his life.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. "Peter Pasta" LMAO!! That is the worst mobster/gangster name ever! Italian or not that's hilarious

  3. I went to high school with the sister, very sweet girl. I never met Peter though.

  4. Poor fella, did all seem to be coming to a head for him during the episode with multiple 'debt collectors' turning up at his joint while they were filming. When he was swinging that metal lump around the kitchen I think its the only time I've seen big Gord genuinely terrified haha.

    Pete was good TV for sure and a real character. It's a shame that his actions were so detrimental to those close to him although overall I think he has a good heart and can turn his life around.

    Good luck to you Peter Pasta, I hope things pick up.

  5. You learn who the real problem is when you see Peter, who isn't the actual owner of the business, roll up in an expensive luxury car and brag about spending money that could fix up the kitchen on suits.

    I wonder how much money actually ended up with the sister who actually owned the business.

  6. You have the cheek to label this as a "Gordon Fail" when in-fact it was that so called tough guy that totaled the business by not following advise.


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