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Davide Kitchen Nightmares

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Davide in Boston, Massachusetts.

Davide was bought by brothers Frank and Anthony in 1997 and business was good.

A few years later, Frank found out that Anthony was embezzling money to support his drug addiction.

Anthony went to jail leaving Frank to run the restaurant and the business went downhill.

Anthony returned to the restaurant, which is currently in $1million of debt.

Chef Ramsay arrives and none of the locals would recommend the restaurant and many have never heard of it.

He asks Anthony when they last updated the restaurant, he admits they haven't changed much.

Chef Ramsay calls a staff meeting with the family and they tell Gordon that business has declined over the previous 3 years.

Anthony explains his drug problems and previous behaviour and Frank explains his struggles with moving on from Anthony's issues.

Gordon wants to sample the food and orders a Caesar salad, homemade lobster ravioli and Rack of lamb.

He is impressed as the salad is prepared table-side and the pasta is homemade.

However, the salad takes too long and the lettuce is soggy. The eggplant wasn't cooked and the lamb had a burnt garlic crust.

Gordon and Anthony talk in between courses and he reveals he spent four years in jail and has been clean of drugs for two years.

Gordon finds out that the eggplant was cooked three weeks ago before being frozen and the lobster ravioli is bought in, not home made as advertised.

Gordon arrives to watch a dinner service and finds Frank sat in a chair in the kitchen.

As orders start rolling in, the kitchen quickly gets backed up with a long wait for food.

Gordon discovers there is a complete lack of communication and Frank sends out a fish dish that he knew was bad.

The diners send back most dishes and Frank explodes before walking out out the kitchen.

The sous chef and staff step up to finish the service but the damage was done.

His wife Kim breaks down and explains her husband feels demotivated.

The next morning Gordon sits them down together for another meeting.

Anthony reads a letter apologising to Frank for what he has done and that he loves him.

He tells Frank that he knows he has damaged the restaurant but knows they can work together to get the restaurant back on track.

Kim gives him his chef's jacket that he hasn't worn in years but he refuses to wear it as he feels he doesn't deserve it.

Gordon asks Frank to create a dish he likes to cook, he makes a lemon chicken dish and Gordon loves it.

Overnight the restaurant is given a makeover that reduces Kim to tears.

For relaunch night, Kim persuades Frank to put on his chef's whites and Gordon opens up to Frank about his own brothers addiction.

Gordon reveals a brand new menu with homemade pasta and gnocchi and Frank's lemon chicken special.

Gordon has invited some Boston Magazine critics for the relaunch and reveals this just before service.

The food goes out quickly and the critics and customers are pleased.

However as the kitchen gets busier the brothers argue and rush the food out resulting in under cooked pork dish.

A pep talk from Gordon gets the kitchen back onto track with proper communication and the dish is sent out perfectly.

Overall, the relaunch is a success.

What Happened Next at Davide?

Gordon revisits and Anthony is in front of house and Frank in the kitchen.

He has the chef jacket on and his seat is back in the kitchen but only for before and after service.

Gordon is served a variety of dishes, he loves them and thinks they are delicious.

The brothers are getting along a lot better and business is up 15%.

Gordon has a surprise for them, a hockey player from the Boston Bruins who gives them a Jersey.

Reviews after filming were mixed, Yelp reviews were mostly 1 or 2 star with negative comments on service and poorly cooked food.

Urban Spoon were more positive and praised the food, service but some mention long waits for food.

Davide closed in May 2014 after being sold in January 2014, as the owners wanted to start a farming venture and Boston North End food tours.

They posted the below on Facebook in May 2014,

Today is the day we say goodbye to Davide Restaurant. We would like to say thank you to all of the customers, family and employees who came through our doors all those years.

Life has a new direction for us and we have now begun Three Boys Farm. We are getting to the root of the industry and growing the product that makes all those dishes possible!!!

Davide aired on February 25 2011, the episode was filmed in December 2010 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 4 episode 5.

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  1. Netflix is now carrying seasons 4 and 5 (the previous seasons are now unavailable) on its streaming service so I am catching up. This episode was a memorable one, not because of the conflicts, but how he got the chef to believe in himself again. This was a guy who had lost the passion for cooking. He also had a major problem with his brother for stealing money to feed a drug habit from the restaurant. Helping him back on that road to cooking good food was something nice to see. Too bad the restaurant closed just this year. This one would have been worth a trip to visit.

    1. hulu has all the seasons

  2. I was really rooting for these guys. Moreso for Frank (frankly, Anthony seemed like a jerk). Wish only the best for Frank and his family.

  3. Fingers crossed for the family and especially for the Anthony. Keep up a good work bro, never never give up ...

  4. With no offence intended you cannot have a guy at the front of house who has a terrible lisp/speaking impediment. Immediately you are feeling wrong by having to ask the guy to repeat himself the whole time. Then a Chef with no culinary experience. McDonalds do better than that.

    1. This place was in Boston, the city that kept electing "Mumbles" Menino as Mayor for 20 years, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that nobody could understand a word he slurred.

  5. Are Davide closed or not now in 2016???


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