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Kitchen Nightmares - Burger Kitchen - CLOSED

Burger Kitchen Kitchen Nightmares

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Burger Kitchen in Los Angeles, California.

The restaurant has only been open for 16 months but it already has serious issues.

Owner Alan Saffron used $250,000 of his son Daniel Saffron's inheritance money from his Grandfather without his permission to pursue his dream of owning a restaurant.

Alan doesn't consider Daniel a partner in the business, he makes decisions without telling him and doesn't tell him about the restaurants finances.

Gordon is impressed by the central LA location during his visit and he also likes the interior of the restaurant.

He sits down with Alan and Gen who reveal they are losing roughly $6000 per month.

When Gordon asks why they blame the Burger Kitchen staff as they have ever changing chefs and servers but also multiple menu changes and a Yelp conspiracy.

Alan believes that Yelp are ruining the restaurant by deleting all of his 5 star reviews.

Gordon sits to order food and his server tells him there is a lack of management and burgers are constantly sent back.

Gordon orders a range of burgers and a meat pie but both of the burgers are raw and the food is tasteless.

Gordon meets Chef David Blaine who says that is not allowed to change anything on the menu and has not been paid his wages.

Gordon also discovers that the Australian Waygu burgers are bought in and are frozen.

David is challenged to cook a fresh burger, the "Redemption Burger", whilst Alan cooks a frozen prepared burger.

Gordon loves David's fresh burger but hates Alan's frozen burger.

For the evening service, Daniel is sent out to work front of house, the food speeds out of the kitchen only to be sent back.

The guests start to leave and David comes back for the money he is owed.

Daniel's partner Wendy tells them he isn't putting in any more cash to the business and another argument breaks out.

Daniel breaks down outside but Gordon consoles him and tells him that the only reason he has stayed is to help him.

Burger Kitchen Part 2

The next day, Gordon invites them all out to a theatre and brings out the Yelpers to quash Alan's conspiracy theories.

There is a rep from Yelp but Alan still refuses to believe that the reviews are real.

A fellow restaurant owner talks on how to deal with Yelp and finally Ramsay gets through to him.

The next issue Gordon needs to tackle is the relationships and Daniel reveals that the problems are mistrust due to them taking his money

They agree to try and move past it for the sake of the restaurant.

All attention then goes to improving the food and creating a tasty burger for the evening's service.

In the evening, the dinner service begins with Daniel expediting, there are small hitches but he deals with them successfully.

Overnight Gordon's team gives the restaurant a makeover and the menu is also updated.

For the relaunch Gordon has a surprise, the restaurant is going to be packed with writers from Yelp, Urban Spoon, Chow and other major review sites and blogs .

Daniel gets off to a good start but Alan just can't stay out of the kitchen, distracting Daniel in the process.

This leads to some food for Chow being sent back and Gordon loses it, urging Alan to let Daniel work.

Alan and Gen promise to let Daniel run things without interference and the show ends.

What Happened Next at Burger Kitchen?

At Burger Kitchen after Kitchen nightmares, the menu and kitchen staff at Burger Kitchen in LA were changed numerous times.

In August 2011 the restaurant is said to have changed ownership and by October 2011 there was a rebranding, a new, smaller menu, a new team of Chefs and new management in place.

Yelp reviews continued to be negative and customers reported that none of the burgers that Gordon had created were on the menu.

The POS system installed as part of the revamp was also no longer used to take orders, burgers were still not cooked as ordered and service was very slow.

Burger Kitchen closed in February 2012.

There was a for lease sign at the restaurant in mid January and the restaurant was shuttered in February.

There is the belief that the Burger Kitchen episode was staged and Burger Kitchen was exposed in this blog post.

Luigi's opened in it's space just a few weeks after they closed but this also closed.

Jaffaa Middle Eastern restaurant is now in it's place.

Alan Saffron died in April 2020.

Burger Kitchen is Kitchen Nightmares season 5 episode 5 and 6 and was aired on November 04 and 11 2011. The episode was filmed in August 2011.

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This post was last updated in July 2020.

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  1. This episode makes a lot more sense once you read into the story of the grandfather and the fathers book tour.

    1. But the sequel is alot worse though, the grandfather left Alan money, Alan didnt leave Danny any, he took Dannys money. Who is the greater SATAN?

    2. I felt so bad for the son. It's not even like the some of the children who simply feel pressured to give their family money, his dad just took his money!

  2. I wish Daniel had pressed charges over the theft of his money. His father was a straight-up criminal.

    1. Runs in the Family. His Grandfather was apparently a notorious criminal.

    2. Facts and he didn't even understand that.

  3. What everyone should realize is that the mother, as spiteful and petty as she was obviously has a prescription drug problems. Take a close look at her eyes. That is the reason the chef David was so adamant about the hole Prozac thing and why she was defensive about it. You can also pay attention to the way she scopes out the remodel looking for what she could sell to make a quick buck. What really bothered me was the fact that the parents did not have any money but expected the son to pay for everything. Pay close attention to the argument in the restaurant about the finances. They knew that he had $160,000 in the bank. The parents are manipulating thieves that want the money that they believe they should have gotten from the inheritance. They are the worst kind of people. If the son reads this then I hope that will take the kind words of someone who knows what he is going through......... Get away from them and leave them to there own demise. You have your own life and a family of your own to start. Good luck.

    1. Well said.

    2. He obviously had put up with a lot of guff by this point. Narcissists often push the sane into acting in ways they wouldn't otherwise act. He was something like the 20th chef since they opened 18 months prior. That is what those in law enforcement call a clue.

      It had nothing to do with him as much as it did with them.

  4. I watched the episode. I hope the father ends up in prison. Being a manager of somebody's trust fund doesn't mean taking whatever money that you want and investing in your pet project. The mother and father couldnt get along with the sons girlfriend because she knew how much they were taking advantage of the son. Especially since there was nothing on paper about the son being a half owner. I like how they said they didnt have to pay the son because he had 160 grand, and they also wanted him to pay the chef's wages. I don't think the parents deserved any kind of respect from Chef Ramsey after it was revealed that they stole money from their child.

  5. I can't believe that place lasted as long as it did. I have never seen people that were so out of touch with reality. Alan and Gen seem like they need mental health professionals. The son should have sued his father for the quarter of a million dollars that he stole from him. The only one that seemed to know what they were doing is the chef.

  6. I don't think he would ever had sued his parents, I bet when they sold it, his parents kept the money... Is it me but the trust fund thing was like strange he looked like he was in his 30s, wasent allowed it till he was 40?

  7. Keep in mind, these people have been raising him and manipulating him to their own will his entire life. Breaking free from that takes time, hard work and sometimes outside help. Don't judge the son too harshly.

  8. I wonder why they stopped the scene where daniel went to get the checks to show that his parents were paying themselves.

  9. Something definitely wrong with the parents. I feel for the girlfriend. She's been with him for 5 years and probably already would have been married if wasn't for his mother. So when she steps up and says no I think she has every legitimate right to say so. She wants to build a life together and grow together, not support the parents

  10. No wonder the joint is closed. Watched the ep. yesterday and felt really bad for the son. Hope he starts again fresh in a new joint.

  11. After watching these two episodes I can safely say that my heart goes out to Daniel. I would certainly hope that he got every cent of his money back from the sale of the restaurant. Pretty sure that taking money from someone else's trust fund for your own benefit is called misappropriation of funds and is considered theft. Although it was his own parents, sadly, they should be doing jail time. I hope it ended well for him and he could move on to more positive things.


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