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Luigi's D'Italia Kitchen Nightmares

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Luigi's D' Italia in Anaheim, California.

Owner Luigi Catizone opened the restaurant with the help of his father in 1981.

In 1999 after his father retired and returned to Italy his brother Tony stepped in to help and they argue frequently.

Luigi's wife Grace also argues with the brothers and customers and the atmosphere and reputation have put off the customers.

The restaurant is in $1.5 million of debt and can only survive another month.

Gordon is pleased to be in a family run restaurant and Luigi introduces the family who soon break out into an argument.

The brothers argue as they blame each other for the failure of the restaurant.

Gordon orders the five cheese ravioli, the mahi mahi fish special and linguine pescatore.

The ravioli isn't fresh, the fish was mush and unseasoned and the linguine is disgusting.

Gordon is not impressed by the food and tells Luigi that he has been cooking the same food for too long.

Gordon arrives to observe a dinner service and Luigi praises the kitchen for sending out the food quickly.

However the haste leads to dishes that the staff haven't tasted and the food is sent back to the kitchen.

Gordon calls him out and Luigi walks out. Tony goes after him to talk him into coming back.

The next day Gordon sits the family down to watch a team meeting that the staff are having without them.

The staff are not happy with the quality control, the tension within the family and at Grace for starting arguments.

Grace is in denial about her own behaviour and the staff and family sit down to repair the working relationships.

Gordon takes the family into the kitchen for a cooking lesson, together they make sausages and it is clear that Luigi is starting to getting his passion back.

Gordon shows them a video message from their father encouraging them to work together and they vow to work together moving forward.

Over night, the restaurant is given a makeover and the menu is changed, they sample the dishes and are happy with them.

On relaunch night, the dining room is packed. The food leaves the kitchen quickly and the diners are happy with the food.

At one point the communication breaks down and the food comes to a standstill.

Gordon talks to them both to get them working together and the evening gets back on track leading to a successful relaunch.

What Happened Next at Luigi's D'Italia?

Over the next few weeks, Luigi's receives a great review from the local OC newspaper and is regaining it's good reputation in the neighbourhood.

Luigi's is still open.

Luigi reported that business was up 40% after the show aired.

Yelp reviews are mostly positive and the few negative posts are mostly complaints on service.

Trip Advisor reviews are mostly positive.

In September 2017, they closed their original Anaheim restaurant after the building was sold with plans to relocate.

They opened at their new location in December 2017, posting the below on their Facebook page

We are so excited to announce we are finally open! Our hours are Tuesday - Friday 11am-10pm Saturday and Sunday 12pm-10pm We will be closed Mondays for maintenance and food prep. Our new address is 1032 E Bastanchury Rd Fullerton 92835. It is a smaller express location for mostly takeout orders but we do have a few tables to dine in. We look forward to seeing you soon!

They also offer catering services.

Planning a visit to the restaurant? Check out their website for opening hours and more info.

Luigi's D'Italia was aired on October 14 2011, the episode was filmed in July 2011 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 5 episode 7.

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This post was last updated in August 2019.

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  1. Seriously no one wants to be yelled at by the staff. Why didn't Gordon acknowledge this? All she was saying was 'Lies, Lies, Lies" they had it on bloody video!

    1. Chef Ramsey seems to shy away from confrontation when it actually might be harmful to the person's well-being. She was so distraught when confronted, there was little to be gained by rubbing her nose in the proof. She may have been saying it was all lies, but she knows the truth.

    2. I think you may be a bit too dismissive of her mood. I had dated a bipolar borderline lady for many years, the break downs and sudden mood swings almost perfectly mirror my ex in a way that gave me flash backs.

      Pushing these people further doesn't help them, you need to calm them down to help them regain control.

  2. Tony's comments were ignorant and inexcusable...but I think he only said them to create a united front with Luigi vs. Gordon as a common enemy. Obviously he could have done so without being a silly bigot.

  3. Calling Ramsay English is an insult. He's Scottish.

    1. He's dual nationality, born in Scotland, raised in England.

    2. He's not dual nationality. Nationality is British. But he is Scottish and not English.

  4. I have eaten at this restaurant quite a few times. I really enjoy the food.

    Luigi is a great guy. The first time we went he seated us and took our order personally. He is friendly and very easy to talk to.

    His brother Tony is totally cool too. Very very friendly and always smiling.

    However, Luigi's wife is very strange. Out of the many times my family and I have been there she was friendly to us once. For the most part she looks mad. I am always afraid to ask her for more water or an extra napkin.

    Like I mentioned before the food is good so we do not let Luigi's wife keep us from returning. If she is there we just say oh well...let's eat!!

    1. That's a serious problem, though. You wouldn't keep on a member of staff if they were flipping out at the guests every other day, and the same should be true for anyone who works there, Owner's Wife or no.

      There is a level of professionalism and integrity that needs to be maintained at restaurants, and Grace screaming like a banshee whenever someone gives her or someone she cares about criticism of any sort is simply unacceptable.

      No one wants to go to a restaurant where they're harassed, and if you are afraid to even ask for more water, they do not deserve your money. Make it painfully clear to the owner: either your mental patient of a wife goes, or your customers do, and you literally can't afford the latter, so I suggest you get your wife comfortable at home, or your restaurant's about to sleep with the fishes.

  5. They have moved to Fullerton now. The food is phenomenal and the atmosphere is calm and inviting. Much smaller place with a few outside tables. Glad they put this stupid show behind them! WE LOVE THE FOOD!

    1. I agree with you they are totally different than on TV. If anyone has dealt with reality TV they do everything they can to push buttons create stress and cause drama. Don't believe all the hype about them being crazy. Grace is very kind if you put in the effort to get to know her.

  6. I visited the Anaheim location. The family was so busy fighting with each other, that never took our order. We waited 40 minutes flagged down the daughter who said her mom was in charge of waitressing. We got up and left. After nearly an hour we finally got water. We got up left and never got to try any of their food.

  7. The important thing is they have overcome a lot of challenges. And evidently are still going strong; good for them!


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