Chappy's - Kitchen Nightmares Update - Open or Closed?

Chappys Kitchen Nightmares

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Chappy’s on Church in Nashville, Tennessee.

Chappy’s is a Cajun restaurant owned by John “Chappy” Chapman, the head chef and his wife, Starr.

They opened their first Chappy’s restaurant in Long Beach, Mississippi.

It was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina so they relocated to start again in Nashville.

They opened their current Chappy's restaurant in 2005.

The restaurant suffered as a result of the move.

Chappy blames the locals for not understanding Cajun cuisine.

Chappy frequently blames the customers as they hate the food.

They are constantly sending it back with complaints but he is not accommodating of their feedback.

The staff all think he is the problem as he isn’t a good manager and they thik he has an ego problem.

Footage is shown of him kicking out a customer after they made a complaint about a salad.

Gordon visits the restaurant and is immediately greeted by a mannequin dressed in a mardi gras costume.

The server who greets him points out there is a lot of New Orleans paraphernalia all over the restaurant.

Chappy is called to meet Gordon and he takes his time before coming out from the kitchen.

Chappy describes his restaurant as casual even though the setup is quite formal.

Chappy tells him that Nashville locals aren't receptive to the restaurant and he rates the food 10/10.

Gordon sits down to order food to sample from the menu.

They are big lunch and dinner menus with fifteen extra specials that are not on the menus.

TJ tells him that the lunch menu and dinner menu have the same items but the price triples from lunch to dinner.

Gordon orders the fried green tomatoes, chicken and sausage gumbo and steak and lobster rocket from the giant menu.

He is met by Chappy’s wife Starr.

She tells him of her frustrations on how he does not listen to her suggestions of trimming down the menu.

She thinks the food is excellent but just needs to be revamped and modernised.

The fried green tomatoes are bland.

The gumbo is watery, messy and cold.

Gordon questions the lobster and steak as both the steak and lobster are grisly, chewy and tough.

Gordon gives them feedback on the meals directly and Chappy has excuses for everything.

Gordon tells the owners out of their staff’s hearing that they are jokes.

Gordon arrives for a dinner service and sees an open pot full of oysters kept at room temperature.

He also sees the kitchen blacken a steak in the same pan as fish for a pescatarian.

He is shocked when Chappy hasn't heard of what a pescatarian is.

Gordon corrects him but he does not take feedback.

Gordon calls the customer to see the meal being cooked.

She explains that she is Pescatarian and meat juices could make her sick.

She gives feedback to her dinner companions that the kitchen is disgusting.

Gordon then checks the fridge and sees lukewarm seafood, off meat and mould in the corners.

He also finds yellow mayonnaise that expired 3 years ago.

There is mouldy and rotten food and cooked and raw meat stored next to each other

Gordon shows the owners.

Chappy defends everything saying the problems just happened as he cleans and checks on thing often.

Starr defends her husband as well and says he was not always that way.

She says she doesn't know when he changed but wants it to be fixed as he does care about the restaurant.

When Gordon leaves Starr confronts Chappy asking him to be open.

Chappy and his staff clean the freezer after work hours.

Gordon meets with the staff the next morning and they air their frustrations.

They say he is condescending and rude, refuses to answer their questions.

It is not exclusive to staff but customers as well.

They say Chappy is calmer with Gordon than he is normally.

They are made to tell all this to Chappy directly.

Chappy surprisingly apologises and Starr who they had no problem with is happy everything is in the open.

The staff hope he is sincere and will change.

Gordon is not convinced so he invites the locals to give their opinion with Chappy and Starr listening.

The locals have either not heard of the restaurant or have eaten there and had a bad experience.

The locals have many criticisms, they say that the food tasted burnt and it was not authentic Cajun.

They think the quality was low, the food is overpriced and there was a bad atmosphere in the restaurant.

The owners are surprised by all they hear and they now believe they need to make changes.

Overnight, Gordon's team work on the restaurant changing the decor to a modern dining room.

The walls have been brightened and the decor is less busy with lots of space and pictures of Louisiana to give a relaxed ambience.

Starr is speechless and the staff are all happy with the changes.

Chappy is not completely happy with it but accepts it.

The menu has also changed, it has been reduced from 100 to 22 items as well as being modernised.

Gordon brings in chef Chris Fox to work in the kitchen so the transition to the new menu is easier.

The staff also have new casual uniforms with casual shirts and pants.

They open for the relaunch, Chris the chef is expediting but Chappy is not communicating and is struggling with the new menu.

Customers are left waiting and Gordon has to call Chappy to the side to talk him up.

Gordon asks Chris to step in as Head Chef after Chappy “butterflies” the meat to serve quicker, lowering the standards.

Food starts coming out and the customers love the new dishes.

The relaunch night goes well but Chappy is not happy.

Gordon tells the owners that after Chris leaves, they have to get a qualified chef in the kitchen.

He thinks that Chappy should not be allowed to run the kitchen himself.

Starr promises not to let Chappy go back to his old ways.

What Happened Next at Chappy's?

In the weeks that followed, despite positive feedback about the changes, Chappy went back to his old ways.

He brought back his old menu, his chefs hat and his temper returned.

Chappy has since given many high profile interviews including the National Enquirer saying that Gordon has wrecked his business.

Four weeks after the episode was filmed, Chappy changed the menu back to the old menu as he said it chased away his loyal customers.

He says the customers weren't too happy with the new decor either and he also changed this.

Reviews on Yelp reviews were mixed as to preferring the old vs new.

Chappy's closed on Tuesday 18th June 2013 as the restaurant was seized by the state due to non payment of taxes.

Chappy posted the below on Facebook,

I love Nashville. Nashville's been great to us and we love all our customers!

This is a very sad day since we have worked so hard. We shouldn't have done Kitchen Nightmares.

We have spent several months struggling to come out of a negative situation.

Plans are forthcoming right now and in the meantime, we are taking a break and spending time with family. Thank you.

He opened Chappys Bistro in the Almanett Hotel in November 2013.

Chappys Bistro closed less than a year later in October 2014 with Chappy posting the below on Facebook,

Chappy's Bistro is now closed. We are saddened by this turn of events which are beyond our control.

We love our Gulf Coast. God Bless and thank you, as always, for your continued support of me, my wife Starr and my family.#closed#seafood#shrimp#chappys

Chappy opened Chappy's at 6106 in New Orleans, which closed after less than a year in October 2015 after they were unable to renew their lease.

Chappy's most recent venture is Rum Kitchen, which opened in April 2016 and Yelp reviews were good.

Rum Kitchen was sold to new owners in 2021.

Chappy's was aired on 03 May 2013, the episode was filmed in December 2012 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 6 episode 14.

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This post was last updated in February 2024.


  1. The choice to appear on Kitchen Nightmares is voluntary. You cannot pretend not to know what Gordon does since his show (U.S. and U.K.) has been around a while. And usually he is called in when the place is not doing well. This guy would not have brought Gordon in unless there was something wrong.

    Whether or not he sticks with Gordon's advice is up to him. I suspect Chappy has some dirty laundry that is about to be aired and is trying to blame it all on Gordon.

  2. This episode showed a restaurant with food that I wouldn't feed to my dog. If that was actually a happening place, then the Nashville populace has collectively gone insane, and I don't think all of Nashville has suddenly lost it. Even assuming it might not have been as bad as the episode showed, this place - and this man - had sincere problems.

  3. Chappy's Facebook page the night the show aired, gives a far more toned down version of what is in this paper. The Facebook page says they "respected" what Ramsey did but chose to go back to their old ways because they wanted to 'stick to their guns.'

    However, if Chappy really feels the way he does, according to this Enquirer article, than he should put his money where is mouth is and reimburse Fox Network and Gordon Ramsey for the wasted $$$ they spent to help him.

    Seriously, if Ramsey wastes his time in an airport, reading this story by Chappy, he really ought have his business manager send Chappy, a hefty bill for a weeks worth of his time and considering Ramsey has 3 TVs shows and several restaurants, I would venture to say, his hourly rate is rather pricey, to say the lest.

    1. I agree with much of what you said. I think that "Chappy" was ready to get out of the game a long time ago and decided to get on "Kitchen Nightmares" in order to get a high profile, thereby increasing the potential sale price considerably. Many who have appeared on the show, I believe, that has been their main motivation for doing so. But it appears that the Tax Man beat Chappy to the punch and came collecting before the benefits of being on KM could be realised. It was painfully obvious that Chappy wanted out and I think that he regretted ever relocating after Katrina. And for a final comment: I don't care how profitable the restaurant was at it's peak. The wife obviously had enough work done on her face to pay the salary of a plastic surgeon for a few years. That woman looked half-way between Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers.

  4. I do love it when they say 'It was better beforehand' of course it was, that's why they had next to no customers....

  5. “All you need to know about a chef, you find in his refrigerator”

    Wise words

  6. Well when you insult the citizens of Nashville, mix meat and fish together in the same pan, and come across as a jerk, it is no surprise that it finally closed. Actually business was likely way down before Gordon arrived, spiked a bit afterwards, and tumbled back down when he reverted to his old ways. And now the state tax authority has seized the restaurant.

    Not his fault, though. Ramsay is to blame. Ramsay caused all the problem. Perhaps he ought to go to Arizona. Adding some Cajun zing might just what Amy's Baking Company needs!

  7. Here's the thing with guys like this Chappy dude: I'm sure that he got Kitchen Nightmares to come not just to give him a chance to save his business, but also a convenient scapegoat in case it fails afterwards. "Oh, it wasn't me that completely bungled it up, it was all Gordon's fault!"

    1. Absolutely, mang. Its a loser's win-win. He can capitalize on either the success or failure of the re-"tool"ing (heh) of this dive. But hey, let's face it; self-reflection and admissions of guilt don't exactly make papers like 'The Enquirer' fly off the counter, ja?

  8. I remember going to this place sometime in early June, maybe? Definitely late may or early June, before it closed (I live in Nashville). It wasn't that good of a meal, servers were slow (my first server disappeared entirely for the night, in the middle of my meal). Expensive as hell for mediocre food. I will admit, the decor sucked too. So yeah, there's a reason why it's closed.

  9. Folks, the story is from the NATIONAL ENQUIRER. It is probably 99% BS. So, take it with a grain of salt.

    1. A grain of salt im taking it with a dumper truck of the stuff lol,im sure chef Ramsayisnt worried about one nutty owner unless ofcourse chappy sues him

  10. I live in Nashville and went to Chappy's when it first opened. It was not what you would call Creole/Cajun food, it was only by name not taste. I ordered fish, blackened and not only was it not blackened it wasn't cooked all the way through. When Chappy's wife came over and spoke with us she said they toned down the spicey part of the food because they didn't think Nashville could handle it. She was very nice as well as the servers and food handlers. Never once did Chappy come to the dining room floor. That being said that was the last time we went due to our experience as well as similar experiences from others we know. I will also say they are plenty of places in Nashville that server Cajun style dishes/food and do and did a better job than Chappy's ever did. This is just my observation.

  11. Something's not right here. No matter where Gordon goes he hates the food he is served. Can it really all be that bad? Only on one occasion on KNUK has he actually found the food OK, when it was prepared by posh French chefs. But KNUK was a long time ago, and now I just suspect that he is deliberately going to hate everything because the show's format is now always the same.

    On another note, if Chappy's was voted No1 Cajun cuisine in Nashville and had 200 guests a night, would there be any reason to call in the KN team.

    This guy (Chappy) has had it as a restaurateur - you can see that right through. He just isn't willing to change.

    I'm surprised the new menu didn't try and preserve some of the more New Orleans-style dishes that Chappy loved so much though. Surely those could have been worked in there to sit alongside the always-present 'burgers'. The new menu seemed imposed without discussion. Note the mistake here - Chappy is accused of losing passion for cooking, yet the foods he is passionate about are removed from the menu. Does that make sense?

    I'm starting to feel that these Kitchen Nightmares are less and less about substance and more and more about melodrama and fitting into a template as they go on. It's the same thing now, every time, with the exception of ABC - who saw that one coming?!

    What a shame it went the way it did! I would like to try New Orleans food after seeing this show.

    1. Gordon also loved Momma Cherri's food, I have to say her food is still to this day the best I have seen on the show and wished I had tried it when she was open!

    2. He also enjoyed a Clam Chowder on a US ep.

    3. I'm guessing the restaurants are screened anonymously beforehand and the worst ones get on the show

    4. I suspect that Chef Ramsey palate is more sensitive to taste than the general public. It is funny though that there isn't even one dish in more of these KN that is to his liking.

      We can't forget that KN is not total reality and while I respect Chef Gordon for what he has accomplished he is not perfect. It will show Chef Ramsy in a good light and without the 'problems' of the restaurant there is no KN. I hope no one is so naive that they think that being a successful chef makes you always (I stress always)right in the restaurant business. Chef Ramsey knows what he is doing but he does not know everything that will make success.

      As for Chappy there is no way I would have eaten his food. In fact most of the restaurants on KN I would not eat there especially if those walk ins are filthy as the KN show them as.I think Chef Gordon if he is even tasting the dishes as it shows he is brave. It is more than how the food looks or tastes. It's about how clean the person who prepared it is. I don't want my meatloaf to have been instrumental in cleaning out the black underneath dirty nails. Or sweat dripping in the food as I have too often seen. Or food poisoning again...that was no awful! Or many other disgusting and nasty habits I've seen. What we may do at home should not always be done in business. Just because you "can cook" and like cooking doesn't mean that qualifies you to go out and open up a restaurant and serve food. It's only a start and should not end there.

      Something else I wonder is that Chappy had a restaurant in Mississippi. How successful was it prior to Katrina?

    5. He is careful with his order choices to make sure that the kitchen fails if its not top notch. I have seen him order French onion soup soup at least three times which turns to gross gop if you let it sit. I have seen him order calamari several times (half a dozen maybe?) and if that is 10 seconds past fresh it turns in to crewing gum or if even a moment over cooked. Eggplant is a common choice which is tricky too cook well. Good steak can't be faked, either it good meat cooked right or its not plain as day. Seafood is the biggest tested of kitchen freshness, especially in a non-seafood focused place and he'll order it almost everytime. Anything weird or just silly then that's what he gets.

      He doesn't have to lie but he is aiming high and hard.

    6. There are Production Assistants and probably some food critics that scout the places well before a show is filmed.

      I'm fairly certain the producers get thousands of KN requests and send people to scout them. The ones with horrible food and unclean conditions get the okay because the key is "Drama and disgust".

      I liked the UK KN better because it felt more real, more genuine. This is just rinse and repeat reality.

      But I do enjoy seeing Gordon lose the plot so I watch but I don't take it as a real thing. The kitchen's have to be in a sorry state, the food has to be untasty.

      There's a reason he chooses what he chooses. The people that scouted the place know what dishes are horrid and so put them down as being the ones to make it on film.

      I'm sure the criteria for being on the show is
      1) several poor menu items
      2) unsanitary kitchen and walkins
      3) Family drama (they need the family drama)

    7. If we observe from his USA KN episodes, he often ordered foods which show technical capability in cooking (such as steaks, eggplants, fish, fried calamari). He once went to an Italian restaurant who served Pasta, he disliked the pasta but he indeed liked the cakes (same goes when he went to a soul food restaurant, he only liked the cakes which also were cooked by different person, not by the owner).

  12. I fail to see how it's Gordon Ramsey's fault that Chappy didn't pay his taxes...that's why it closed.

  13. It would seem that Chappy is suffering from Depression, he has many of the symptoms associated with depression in men. Thus, he know longer cares, without some sort of help, the passion will not return.

    As for GR dislike of the food, he orders a number of dishes, but we only are shown dishes that he really is disgusted, or the rare gem.

  14. If GR comes to a restaurant and calls the food crap, it is crap. He shows the audience what exactly is wrong with the food. People have become so enamored with places such as TGI Friday's and Olive Garden and what I call the big box chains of restaurants they have no idea what real food is. Peoples standards have been lowered and their expectations are frozen or fried food, especially in the Midwest. A prime example of this is in central Pennsylvania, the expectation is to receive reconstituted frozen food, I have been to restaurants that cannot make a simple white gravy for chipped beef. Their excuse was we ran out. In this particular restaurant cited I my asked hostess if it came out of a can, and the waitress and owner replied yes. I asked if anyone in the kitchen knew how to make it and the response was it is too complicated. Five simple ingredients and it is "too complicated?" What most restaurateurs or want to be restaurateurs need to realize is that you do not open a restaurant on the basis of one recipe unless that is the primary focus of the business. I think GR exposes a lot of these types of owners and exposes them as frauds, because that is what they are. Before half of these places open their owners need to travel to Europe and try some of the restaurants that have earned rosettes and Michelin stars, and strive to at least attempt to meet those expectations, or even here Stateside try food created by a chef that earned a James Beard award, before they open.

    1. Why criticize the most profitable type of food? Hell, even in the UK TGI's is raking 48,000,000 (pounds) a quarter. Mc'Donalds makes 28 billion a year.

      There is not one rosette or Michelin star restaurant that comes close and they never will because high quality food means less profit because it costs more to buy in the first place.

      Business is about making money.

    2. "with places such as TGI Friday's and Olive Garden"

      Agree for the most part except its older than those chains / things were not better 30 years ago. I think things have slowly gotten better, not worse, since I was a kid (30 years ago). Still bad (esp central US) but there is more variety available in foods today. Available in the grocery stores too. When I was a kid the grocery store bakery would use the same dough to make different breads in different shapes and say they were different types of bread based on the shapes....

    3. I just read what 20 Dec 2013 wrote. There are places I can take you to where the food clearly comes from the can, and or is tasteless yet these places do very good business. One came highly recommended by at least half a dozen or more people as being good southern home cooking! I was shocked when I ate there good southern home cooking my foot! Greens and black eyed peas and green beans clearly came out a can. The mashed taters were dehydrated and the fried chix was overcooked. The gravy did not taste homemade. I think what makes this particular restaurant is the reputation of having good food. People believe it's good so therefore it's good.

      Furthermore people do not seem to care what is in there food as long as it is something they want. We went to a cafeteria in the mall. The servers were sweating in the food. Anyone could have seen it if they had looked up. I was sickened by this as was everyone with me. Prior to leaving the people behind us and in front of us were told why. No one left but my party and I.

      Another time I had someone serve me food she had touched with the same hand of the finger she had just got done picking here nose with. When I refused to eat there she has the audacity to get an attitude with me! Yet once again those around me who heard my exchange with the waitress stayed and ate. These are only two examples from my experience.

      On another note we have to remember that there are those people who are not use to eating food that looks like Chef Ramsey. Some people prefer to stick with what they are familiar with.

      Just because its cooking this industry is not as simple or as cut and dried as the some may think.

  15. Another poster wrote: "Something's not right here. No matter where Gordon goes he hates the food he is served. Can it really all be that bad? Only on one occasion on KNUK has he actually found the food OK, when it was prepared by posh French chefs. But KNUK was a long time ago, and now I just suspect that he is deliberately going to hate everything because the show's format is now always the same."

    I agree. He always hates everything. And I think there are also some set-ups going on so Gordon can go on a rant, whether he is in on it or not. KN has got very cheesy now - always the same format: the arrogant chef, the face-off, then the other chef backs down and gets all sweet and eats humble pie and then it all ends happily ever after (with the exception of Amy's - who saw that one coming?!).

    1. Come on, do you think these businesses would be in trouble if they served good food?

  16. The editing of the program is very similar yes, but the restaurants are real, why would they need to call Ramsey in if it were not in trouble ;-)

  17. I'm a bit mixed about this episode. I didn't like the bland decor changes, and thought the cajan menu should have stayed cajun and not be filled with generic food. That being said, the reason people stopped coming was probably because they saw how absolutely filthy the kitchen was on the show. I would never eat there after seeing how unhealthy the place was, and how little care they put into the food preparation.

    I see his new place in Gulfport has a lot of bad reviews. People who used to enjoy the old Chappy's down in MS even hate the new one. My folks live down there, and I've warned them to watch the show and see how filthy everything is before they eat there. I don't want my elderly parents getting sick from bad seafood.

  18. I'm still trying to figure out how this guy can get backing for restaurants, he has tried and failed twice to open second locations in Alabama.

    1. He seems to be good actor.

  19. Honestly, we are all adults, viewers and these restaurant owners. They have seen the show and I'm sure a lot of the drama is exaggerated sometimes. But, I fail to see how it could ever be Gordon's fault when they finally fail. The man is trying to help these people AND give us a show that we can't wait to see each week. Plus, make the show's backers happy. That's a hard thing to do. I think those of us who find fault with GR need to consider these things.

  20. I really enjoy KN! I know that it has taught me to be a lot more observant of small things when I enter a restaurant I.e. the silverware, tables, booths, window sills, etc., because if those things are'nt clean, I don't even want to guess how bad the kitchen is! Also if your server seems to have a "I don't care attityde", then more than likely the chef (cook) & owners more than likely don't care either & your gonna wind up getting served slop you wouldn't give to your dog. As far as Chappy's goes I would of left before even being seated, because the decoe before GR's remodel was hideous and had I seen Chappy himself I definitely wouldn't have stayed because not only the stupid hat but because his supposed clown pants looked more like pajama bottoms, which would tell me right off how uncaring & lazy the chef/owner really is. I believe like a lot of you all he really wanted like a lot of the people who ask for GR's help, is a free make over & someone else to blame when their businesses go under!!!

  21. it seems chappy can't take being told he was wrong. also I don't think the man deserves to be a chef

  22. He went back to serving his bad food and now he wonders why it closed.

  23. Thanks for the warning he is in New Orleans. I know where not to eat

  24. My favorite line of the show:"It looks like Chappy took a crappy in my gumbo." Lol.

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. Today, it's a very successful new bar with a lot of local buzz! I've never been inside, but the weekend has the bar's parking lot jammed packed and the decor outside looks outstanding, complete with a weekly update board sporting quippy phrases like, "We fix your weekly mistakes here on Saturday nights." lol

  27. I usually agree with and understand Gordon's menu changes, even in situations where he changes the style of the food offered; but Chappy's makes no sense at all. Why would you turn a Cajun restaurant into a generic southern/American menu? It seems like Gordon really dropped the ball on this one.

    I think he also made a big mistake with the decor. I can understand wanting to do away with tacky, but at least try to keep the fun loving New Orleans theme. To turn it into a staid white dining room makes no sense. It's not necessary. It doesn't fit with the owner, cajun food, New Orleans, or anything that would be connected with the restaurant.

    I do believe no one is to blame for the failure but chappys, but this is one of the few instances where I feel like Gordon's changes were a step back and didn't actually help the restaurant achieve it's goals at all.

    1. I totally agree. By changing the menu so drastically, Gordon disconnected Chappy from not only his passion food but potentially his palette, making it difficult to inspire and to integrate new menu items. The renovation, although "nice" was pretty insipid. Nothing really screamed New Orleans about it. It matched Gordon's new menu concept idea--southern charm with a whisper of the NOLA swag I suppose (much less of the latter).

      Still, I blame Chappy for the overall failure and still highly respect Chef Ramsay. I think it would have been better to embrace those changes and to work within them for a while before deciding to revert to his failed ways. It was ultimately about keeping the business open and profitable. But in this case, it would have been beneficial to include Chappy in the renovation/remake process.

  28. Every time I see a cook to cook fish and meat together or vegetables with meat it makes me sooo angry! Those people have no place in kitchen or food business in general!
    Same as servers that when you ask for something to be remove from your dish they let the kitchen know that you asked for extra. :/

  29. As with many owners they ask for help and advice only to completely ignore it and go back to the ways that brought their business down in the first place. Chappys record of closures highlights his lack of business acumen as well as ability in the kitchen. How much money does the tv company waste doing these makeovers that always tend to see the places close down to lack of willingness to change?

  30. He blames GR for his business failing and not because he didn't pay his taxes?
    I wonder who he blames for all his other restaurants failing?

  31. you're right he was closed down before the show aired due to non payment of taxes and wages. Not on a future reality show that has not aired yet. I was wondering were is he getting the money to keep opening restaurants. Since the show they have closed 3 restaurants and opened 4 the last one is in a hotel.

  32. I love and totally respect Mr Ramsay's view and opinions when it comes to these restaurants. These owners volunteer to come on TV and once they're exposed for they horrible cooking and nasty storing of food by a world renowned chef, they're embarrassed and take out their humiliation on Gordon. I would forget y'all.

  33. Chappy: GoRdoN rUiNeD mY bUsInEsS
    Also chappy: has numerous other restaurants close after a year

    Hmmm, did Gordon ruin those too?


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