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Kitchen Nightmares Prohibition Grille

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits the Prohibition Grille in Everett, Washington.

Prohibition Grill is owned and managed by belly dancer Rishi Brown, who opened the restaurant with no restaurant experience and is losing $100,000 a year.

She opened the restaurant in 2008 and hired Chef Rocky, who is lazy, has constant cigarette breaks and talks on his phone.

Rishi stands by him even though the customers say the food is bland and disgusting.

Gordon arrives at the restaurant and sees a belly dancing flyer but is more surprised that the belly dancer is the owner.

They discuss the restaurant and she tells him that she was drunk and decided she wanted to buy a restaurant and that despite the name there is no grill in the kitchen.

Gordon orders the Jalapeno Corn Chowder, Filet Mignon Medium Rare, Collared Greens, Balsamic Glazed Salmon and Pan Fried Oysters.

Rishi doesn't know what soup of the day means, she thinks that it is the soup they are serving that day but it is slop and gnarly.

The oysters are tasteless, the filet has a horrible greyness, the greens are mush and the salmon is f*ing disgusting with no seasoning.

He rates the food as a 0/10 but Rishi is in denial and refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem with the food.

Gordon arrives to observe a dinner service and is surprised to see Rishi performing a belly dance and hides in the freezer to avoid it. The customers are confused by the dancing in the restaurant.

Steaks are coming back raw instead of medium but Rishi does not know what to do when a customer complains and Gordon has to assist her.

Upon tasting the pot of gravy that they are serving the customers they discover it has gone sour after Gordon spits it out.

Gordon inspects the fridge and raw and cooked meat stored next to each other is discovered, rotten fish and old food.

Gordon tells the customers to stop eating the food and shuts down the restaurant. Rishi both defends Rocky and refuses to take any responsibility for the state of the fridges.

The next day the staff reveal that Rocky is the problem. He goes outside during a busy service and he takes 3% of the tips as he told Rishi this was standard.

She breaks down and admits she is scared to make changes especially with regards to Rocky but Gordon promises to help her find a new chef.

When Rocky arrives that evening, Rishi lets him go and he admits he had got complacent. Gordon gives Rishi a cooking lesson so she feels more comfortable in the kitchen.

The restaurant is given a makeover, changing the theme of the restaurant to Prohibition Gastropub.

The decor is modern and the bar brightens up the room. He also brings in a new chef Tyler to relaunch the menu and to help recruit a new chef.

Gordon reveals the new simple menu and the staff are impressed with the new menu items. Rishi is also given a makeover and she is dressed in a smart suit.

For relaunch night, Gordon has invited local influential bloggers to help spread the word and the customers love the food and he makes Rishi promise to put on no more dinner belly dance shows!

What Happened Next at Prohibition Grille?

In the weeks that followed, the new improvements were a big hit and Rishi felt in control of her restaurant again.

The changes Gordon made were met with a mixed response.

Both Yelp reviews and Trip Advisor reviews show both regulars preferring the old menu and new customers loving the new look and new menu.

Rishi sold to the restaurant to Brenton Holland in 2016 who kept the name and decor but focused on selling steak and whiskey.

Prohibition Grille closed in July 2017.

Rocky opened his own restaurant called Ole Soul Southern Creole and reviews were good prior to it's closure in September 2017.

Abbott’s opened in the space of Prohibition Grille in 2018 and reviews are excellent.

Prohibition Grille was aired on 26 April 2013, the episode was filmed in November 2012 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 6 episode 13.

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This post was last updated in October 2019.

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  1. Huh. Never heard of this place, and I go to school there.

    1. It's on Hewit, between Rucker and Hoyt. I used to live real close to it, but I moved to Seattle.

    2. I have. Matter of fact, my belly dance instructor appears very very briefly in the episode...

  2. I've seen every episode of Kitchen Nightmares from the UK and US, and I have to say Rishi is the biggest idiot that has ever been on this show, and that includes Amy and Samy from Amy's Baking Company. It saddens me that Rishi is a fellow Pacific Northwesterner.

    1. I know this post is older but I couldn't agree more! (watching replay of the episode now) This woman really thinks she's something doesn't she? The trying to be "oh so sexy" was hilarious. LMFAO. Does she not know how ridiculous she looks? When she comes out in that belly dancing costume she should comp all of her customers meals because they will soon be losing their lunch. I cant believe how delusional she was about the way she thinks she looks & her restaurant.

    2. I tell you what. Watching Rishi "belly dancing" gave me gastric distress. Also, I think that she had a fling with "Chef" Rocky, who had ex-con written all over him. Apparently, they are still open, but since I don't live in the area, I can't confirm that. Although, my dream has always been to live in the Pacific Northwest but the cost of living just got way too high.

    3. I have to agree. She was also flirting with Ramsey when he came in. She actually touches him on the shoulder when he orders his meal and you can see he was visibly uncomfortable with it.

      It does continue to amaze me how 'out of touch' some people can be with how they think others view them.

  3. We didn't know about this episode but happened to eat there this weekend, and it was FANTASTIC. Great food, warm decor, friendly service. We loved it and would go back.

  4. Absolutely disgusting! How can any person be that oblivious to unhealthy handling of foods, visually awful texture and colors of the food is a SURE sign of. Freshness which they didn't have.. and the CHEF wanting to serve old nasty food and. Have that under his title but live w that ..its appauling!

  5. Went here yesterday, had no idea of the KN connection or the restaurant's past. The food was amazing, the ambiance top notch and the food was tasty. We're going back for sure.

    1. You went there with no idea of the KN connection and the next day you post a glowing review on a KN fan page?

      Sure... we ALL believe that.

    2. Well if you use your brain, you can come to the conclusion that they probably heard about the connection whilst there and then went to look it up at home.

  6. I'm just getting around to viewing this KN recording. Gastropub makes me think that I'm going to get sick. I'm glad that it is still open but I am surprised that it is.

  7. Mutton dressed as lamb - and I'm not talking about the food!

  8. Gordon Ramsey RUINED this place. I loved it before he put his dirty hands on it!!!!! I will NEVER go back!!!!

  9. Gotta admit, Rocky took his firing like a champ. He admitted he screwed up and let things deteriorate and left without making a scene. Glad to see Rishi and Rocky are both doing well.

  10. My dance coach was friends with this woman, and can confirm that yes, she really is that much of an airhead.

  11. I've been binge watching the whole series. I've been living in the UK but I am italian (chef). Can someone explain to me the health and safety regulations in the States? Does anyone overwatch those restaurants? I was shocked how they get away with. I mean how is it possible that The Government doesn't protect customers from those headious restaurants?

    1. No, there is minimal health inspector oversight of restaurant kitchens in the USA. Government oversight of anything for protection of the populace is extremely unpopular and difficult to find funding for in America.

    2. As a son of a very successful restaurant owner, I'm also shocked andrea. I've seen my father and his employees clean the kitchen every day and still got one or two warning amongst the years (in France), but these places are filthy beyond belief. And filth like that can't really be faked for the show, so I don't think I'll ever eat in a restaurant in the US XD

  12. I think I'm the only one who isn't hostile to Rishi. Yes she's clueless, but that's all she is. Clueless. She has owned a belly dancing school and thought she can run a restaurant as well. But I know she doesn't mean harm to anyone.


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