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Rising Sun Bistro Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits Rising Sun Bistro in Kalispell, Montana.

Rising Sun Bistro is owned by three feuding owners Peggy, Jennifer and Sally.

The owners cannot get along, they shout at each other and Peggy is accused of stealing, due to unaccounted for cash.

Their relationship is strained and it is affecting their ability to run the restaurant successfully and they are in nearly $500,000 of debt.

Robert actually likes the decor for a change, he loves the beams, flooring and the brickwork.

His only issue is his confusion of the french influence as they don't serve much french cuisine.

Robert observes a service and the service is slow with no leadership, which is jut as well as upon tasting the food Robert brands it inedible.

When the customers receive the food they are disappointed as the food is chewy and lacking in flavour.

Robert attempts to mend their relationship but there are discrepancies in the finances between the takings and the book keeper and this is getting in the way.

He revamps the menu to offer more authentic french dishes to match their theme.

The interior of the dining room is brightened up and there is a new communal dining table.

What Happened Next at Rising Sun Bistro?

A few months later, sales are up nearly 30% and customers love the new decor, especially the communal dining option.

They hired more staff but decided to close for breakfast so they could focus more on dinner service.

The relationships between the owners and staff are much improved.

They firstly added new dishes to Robert's menu before they fully reverting to their previous menu.

The restaurant was put up for sale for just under $500,000 .

Rising Sun Bistro closed in April 2014 after Sally decided to retire.

Both Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews prior to their closure are mixed with criticisms on off service and an overpriced and limited menu with hit and miss menu items.

Recipes in this episode

Spinach Quiche

Croque Monsieur

Rising Sun Bistro was Restaurant Impossible Season 5 episode 4 and aired on December 19 2012.

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