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Whiskey Creek Steakhouse Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits Whiskey Creek Steakhouse in Keyport, Washington.

At whiskey Creek Steakhouse he finds very poor quality, unseasoned food, a dark and dated dining room with old battered furniture.

The staff cannot be trusted and due to a lack of management they frequently let customers leave without paying for meals.

Owners Pat and Karan Ziarnik haven't moved with the times after being open 20 years and they don't keep records on a computer.

Their costs have gotten out of control and they have lost track of the finances.

Robert revamps both the dining room and the menu relaunching as a casual steakhouse.

What Happened Next at Whiskey Creek Steakhouse?

A few months after filming they had a good couple of months of business after the show was filmed and had begun to pay off their debts.

They moved from the location featured on the show to a bigger location across the road and brought back the old restaurant with the old menu, live music and the kitsch decor.

They told the local press that they had made a mistake appearing on the show and regretted many of the changes made during the show.

Reviews after the episode was filmed were mixed with complaints on service, small portions and inflated prices.

The previous location was sold, probably due to the increase in value of the space following the revamp in the episode.

Pat and Karan retired in November 2013, passing the business to their employees.

Whiskey Creek Steakhouse closed in August 2016.

They announced the closure by posting a sign in the window of the restaurant.

Recipes in this episode

Peppercorn Demi NY Strip Steak with Olive Oil Poached Mushrooms

Coconut Walnut Halibut

Whiskey Creek Steakhouse was Restaurant Impossible season 5 episode 5 and aired on January 02 2013.

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