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Windseeker Restaurant Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits Windseeker Restaurant in The Dalles, Oregon.

At Windseeker Restaurant he meets owner Veta Bingman who has owned the restaurant for more than 20 years.

She relies on general manager Patty, who admits she can lash out at staff if she isn't left to tasks.

Robert Irvine arrives and finds a dining room that is compared to a grandma's parlour as it is tired and dated and covered in cobwebs.

He tells them both that the location is one of the most picturesque he has ever seen but it isn't being used properly.

The food they serve isn't bad it is just unseasoned and bland food and Robert doesn't think a new menu will be a challenge as he has a good base to work on.

Patty has no idea about the finances of the restaurant and doesn't know the costings of opening the restaurant each day.

She does everything in the restaurant - cooking, cleaning but she doesn't manage the restaurant.

The customers love the view out of the windows but finds the decor dated and one compares it to a tea party.

There have also been some negative reviews in the local press and rumours that the area was used for drug deals.

Designer Lynn loved the view when he arrived and revamped the dining room with a new modern decor and a hostess stand.

The menu is also updated and improved to help try and pull in more locals.

Robert teaches Patty how to manage the restaurant and will assign her tasks to other members of staff.

The relaunch is a success and the customers love the new menu and decor.

What Happened Next at Windseeker Restaurant?

After a few months, business was up $30,000 but that staff and food costs had increased.

Patty had a more defined job role and was able to run the restaurant better.

The restaurant was listed for sale in November 2013.

Veta sadly passed away in October 2014.

Windseeker Restaurant closed in April 2015.

Reviews prior to closure were mostly negative with complaints on both food and service.

Recipes in this episode

Honey Dijon Chicken, Warm Potato Salad

Windseeker Restaurant was Restaurant Impossible season 5 episode 6 and aired on January 16 2013.

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