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Sandra Dee's 24 Hours to Hell and Back

In this 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Sandra Dee's Bar-B-Que and Seafood in Sacramento.

Sandra Dee's restaurant is a creole restaurant, business has declined and Sandra Dee knows of no reason why but hidden footage shows her temper.

Her daughters work in the restaurant as managers and customers used to queue around the corner but business has declined in the previous year to almost nothing.

The staff feel Sandra has an attitude and is a bully and the food is terrible.

Gordon arrives in disguise as a construction worker with other construction workers. He hates the interior decor and they order all of their speciality dishes.

The ribs are microwaved, the calamari is soggy and greasy, the meat is unknown, the mac and cheese and beans are from a can.

Sandra goes to the table and is rude and full of attitude to the customers.

Gordon introduces himself to Sandra and asks all the staff to join him in the restaurant. He asks everyone to follow him outside to his Hell on Wheels truck.

Gordon shows them hidden footage showing unsanitary food storage and prep, microwaved chicken, Sandra ranting and many clips of Tateyanna's rudeness.

They react badly to being shown the hidden footage and Gordon reads the poor customer reviews to the staff, they complain about the food and staff behaviour.

Gordon inspects the kitchen and finds grease and old fish that was served to customers.

In the walk in, he finds a pool of stinking congealed blood and old food, including a pot of old chicken sat in blood.

The pit is caked in grease and there are gas bottles and bleach next to the furnace!

Gordon talks to Sandra Dee to find out what went wrong, she admits she nearly fired Tateyanna and that she must change.

The kitchen staff are taken to the Hell on Wheels truck to sample and cook the new menu.

Gordon asks to sit with Tateyanna and shows her footage of her rude behaviour, she is causing a lot more damage that she realises.

She goes straight to Sandra to apologise for her behaviour and they have a heart to heart chat.

The kitchen staff excel in the kitchen, David is the star in the kitchen but Sandra struggles.

The staff sample the new menu and love the food.

Sandra doesn't like the new decor and it shows! The kitchen has been cleaned and has a vast array of new equipment and there is a new POS system.

The customers arrive for relaunch night and they love the new decor.

The mood is low in the kitchen and Sandra struggles but Lena lifts their spirits with positive feedback from the customers about the food.

The staff are happier, the relaunch is a success and Gordon gives the family a pep talk before he leaves.

What Happened Next at Sandra Dee's BBQ?

After the show, Gordon reached out to Sandra but received no response and Sandra reverted to her old menu a few days after Gordon left.

Yelp Reviews were mixed, either very positive or negative and many appear to be fake reviews, which often happens after the show has aired.

Sandra Dee's closed in July 2019 to focus on the catering side of the business.

Sandra Dee's announced they were closing on Facebook, posting the below -

After careful and thoughtful consideration, we have decided to close our restaurant but will continue to offer catering service... Our last official day will be July 20, 2019. During our final month of business, we are offering 20% off to celebrate twenty wonderful years of business. July 19th - 20th will be customer appreciation days that will include additional specials and discounts...

Sandra Dee's Bar-B-Que and Seafood is 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 1 episode 8, was aired on August 15 2018 and was filmed in December 2017.

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  1. You knew this was going to happen about 30 seconds into the episode didn't you?

    1. Duds: Yup. I don't think she ever changed one bit.

  2. Sandra had such a terrible attitude and was so incredibly ungrateful. She deserved to fail.

  3. Agreed. Gordon should’ve told her to step down & let her positive daughter be in charge then let David, the cook, run the kitchen like he did to another restaurant.

  4. Her attitude makes me not want to root for her at all. She basically threatened everyones jobs saying if they didnt have her back she didnt have theirs. As if the footage didnt speak for itself. Just cant bring myself to want success for her, she is a bully.

  5. I hope the catering business is doing well. A shame she did not keep Gordon's menu...

    1. With that attitude going back to her old ways was inevitable.


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